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If white sandy beaches, yummy tropical cocktails, breathtaking temples, and awe-inducing archaeological sites come to your mind when you think of traveling to Thailand, then you won't be wrong. You should also know that you are going to be meeting a warm and welcoming people with great food. Perhaps no other features describe Thailand better than her captivating National Parks.

At these beautiful places, you will experience refreshing encounters, especially when you can view wildlife from a safe distance and observe them in their natural habitats. Visitors and locals attest to the fact that Thailand's National parks are priceless gems that makes the country an irresistible choice for holidaymakers and tourists alike.

So if you are thinking about which national parks in Thailand are worth seeing or how many national parks in Thailand, it will be great to note that Thailand has hundreds scattered across the length and breadth of the country. So this compilation of 5 best national parks in Thailand can serve as a guide in helping your selection.

1. Khao Sok National Park

Once you visit Khao Sok, you will be welcomed by the rich, green rainforest that are arguably the oldest in the world. In addition, you will see huge limestone mountains that are very tall, deep valleys, caves, beautiful lakes and different species of plants and animals.

Located in Southern Thailand, Khao Sok Nature Resort is among the places that you must see when in-country. This nature resort, founded in 1980, forms a part of the Thailand government effort in preserving the environment, side by side with development and growth.

Want some ideas on what to do in Khao Sok Nature resort? You can engage in a number of activities in Khao Sok nature resort. If you are brave enough, you can request a not-so-close but personal encounter with an elephant, visit the surrounding jungle on foot or explore clear waters using a canoe.

If you are the bookworm, then you would love to hear the tour guides telling stories about the nature resort as well as the history of the plant and animal life in the resort. Just know that you will be held captive by the rich diversity Khao Sok nature resort offers. Thinking about how to get to Khao Sok National Park?

You can get to Khao Sok and move about the Nature Resort in a number of ways. You can reach the city via two airports; one located at Surat Thani or Phuket Airport. Phuket to Khao Sok National Park is obviously the fastest, so you should consider that when you are in-country. Moving within the city in taxis and mini buses should get you from place to place easily. You don't really need an automobile to move around the resort, so wear good trekkers.

best national parks in thailand wildlife

2. Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon is famous for hosting the highest mountain in Thailand, called the Inthanon Mountain. In addition to this, visitors can see many interesting places within the park and there are fun activities to engage in. To kick start your tour, you can engage the services of a tour guide who would likely know most things about the park.

You can start by visiting the National Park itself. Your tour will take you through some interesting spots before you get to the park. These captivating spots should include passing through scenic villages/settlements, acres of rice fields, vineyards and fruit orchards. This tour will whet your appetite.

Along the way, you will encounter some really friendly natives, who will warmly greet you with a smile. Thinking of what to do in Doi Inthanon National Park? Here are some of our best recommendations.

At the Doi Inthanon national park, you can decide to head straight to the peak (which is 8415 feet (2,565 meters) above sea level) of the mountain (it is important to follow all instructions to the letter) and enjoy great views of the surrounding landscape. Trigger the adventurer in you by embarking on a search of the remains of the previous king of Chiang Mai entombed in the park.

From there take a hike along the Angka Luang Natural trail so you can enjoy the view of the forest from above. If you have time on your hands, pay a visit to the twin pagodas (Phra Mahathat Napha Methanidon and Phra Mahathat Naphaphon Bhumisiri), erected for King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit to mark their fifth cycle birthdays. Historians note that each pagoda also enshrines Buddha's relics.

3. Doi Suthep-Pui National Park

National parks in Chiang Mai rank amongst the most important landmarks in northern Thailand if you are looking for the best national park in Thailand. These parks are home to some of the most beautiful species of plant and animal life. In addition, you will find lush-green jungles, captivating mountains, waterfalls, and other water bodies.

One of the parks found within the vicinity of Chiang Mai is the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park. The Doi Suthep has so many exciting features and landmarks. To begin with, the Doi Suthep is home to the notable Wat Phra That Doi Suthep and Bhubing Rjanives Palace. You will also find the Twin Mountains called the Doi Suthep and Doi Pui respectively.

The Doi Suthep will thrill hikers to no end. This is because of the many trails that crisscross the park; a hike should take you through numerous caves. You will catch beautiful views of the mountain points, the greenery and thunderous waterfalls.

Speaking of waterfalls, try to visit the most popular of all, the Bua Tong Sticky Waterfall. This waterfall is located about an hour and a half drive from Chiang Mai Old City. The Bua is famous for the fact that you can walk barefoot along the edge of the waterfalls without falling off as the bed of the waterfall grips or sticks to your feet, giving you a firm footing!

best national parks in thailand wildlife

4. Khao Yai National Park

Known as the third largest national park in Thailand, Khao Yai has some beautiful grasslands and forests, just as you will find in Africa. Thousands visit the Khao Yai National park yearly to enjoy what nature has to offer. If you are undecided as to what activities you should partake in while you visit the Khao Yai, let these suggestions come handy:

A. Embark on a nighttime tour of the wild. If you are fortunate, you will see deer, wild pigs, porcupines, rare Asiatic black bear and even tigers (Note that the latter are hard to spot and you should never go off into the natural habitats of these animals without expert guidance).

B. The Khao Yai National Park is home to a large number of elephants. You might as well watch these magnificent creatures go about their daily living; from a safe distance of course!

C. Visit an Italian themed park on the grounds of the Khao Yai, where you can feed sheep and alpacas like it is done in Italy.

D. You will really enjoy going wine tasting in the vineyards at the Khao Yai Park. Thanks to its high places and cooler temperatures, this region of Thailand supports the cultivation of wine grapes like Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chenin Blanc.

E. Take a tour (by foot) of the designated UNESCO world heritage site located in the park. During your tour, you can enjoy watching the waterfalls, sight beautiful and rare birds and keep tabs on a procession of large elephants!

Keep the heat at bay by swimming in the Ban Tha Chang spring. Locals have found refreshment in the spring for hundreds of years.

5. Elephant Nature Park

So you have booked yourself a place in the famous Elephant Nature Park to have unrestricted access to these imposing creatures in their natural habitat.

It is very important that you come prepared for this part of the adventure. To keep you on your feet always, you should pack your jungle ready clothes, t-shirt or tank top, shorts, long-sleeved shirt, scarf, or light jacket to protect against the weather and elements. It is important you go for light and comfortable shoes that give you a firm grip on the ground.

You should carry sandals adapted for long hikes and flip flops, if you are certain to spend the night outside your lodgings. You should also not forget your sunglasses, a hat, a small backpack, photocopy of your passport, water bottle, bug/mosquito repellent, camera (without a flash), books to read, toiletries, if you are spending the night outside your lodgings and spare batteries.

You noticed we mentioned having a photocopy of your passport handy. For travelers, this is surely not a new thing, but for the new folks around, this is important so that you don't lose important documents in a country you know little to nothing about.

In addition to the above mentioned, you should also be in high spirits and get as curious and adventurous as you can be. It's allowed.
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Seville in Spain is the passionate heart of Andalucia. A city filled with history, beauty and character, a last-minute trip here will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and desperate to return. Go to Seville and discover its magnificent Gothic cathedral.

Fall in love with the beauty and the charm of Sevilla thanks to its gastronomy, its orange trees, its patios where time seems to stop and, above all, the kindness and joy of its people. They enjoy life in its streets with a good cold beer and lots of laughs. The city ​​of light and color awaits you on the banks of the Guadalquivir so you can discover its hidden corners and its sunrises next to the Giralda.

Here are some things to see in Seville and insider tips to make the most of this unique destination.

1. Wake up and smell the...oranges!

Seville is famous for its oranges. The city streets are lined with them and their orange fruit are like baubles adorning the trees. However, the best time is before the fruit arrives.

Plan a trip from mid February to mid March and your senses will be greeted with something quite strange: a perfumed city! The orange blossom scent is just a delight to smell and as the trees blossom, their fragrance permeates every corner of the city. It is quite unforgettable. It cannot be captured in a selfie making it a truly personal experience.

2. Up on the roof

Sevilla has great views, especially from above. Because of its incredible climate, every season offers the chance to relax on a rooftop. Here, you’ll get incredible views of the city with its distinctive buildings and churches. It’s easy and affordable to access a terrace.

Many apartments offered will have access to one. It might be the place where the locals simply hang out their washing. But fight through their sheets and you will be rewarded with a great view.

If you have not got access, do not despair. Head to Santa Cruz and the EME hotel. Whilst your budget might not stretch to the cost of the accommodation here, you can certainly take their state of the art elevator to the rooftop bar. Here the view of the Giralda is unrivalled. In an evening, chill out music adds to the ambiance.

Another rooftop moment is from the Metropol Parasol, or as it is known throughout Seville, the Setas or mushrooms. This weird and wonderful wooden construction is a love or hate of modernism but the views from the top are brilliant. It allows you to get a panoramic vision of the city.

trip to Seville

3. Some like it hot!

Seville is consistently one of the hottest places in Europe in summer. Temperatures reach the mid 40s on a daily basis. Sounds too daunting? Well, it need not be.

For a last-minute trip, the months of July and August can offer some real bargains, if you know where to look. Where can you find these bargain deals? Well, one of the most popular ways is to research on our phones. With 48% of US smartphone users continue with this process by making bookings on their phones, perhaps you should join them? Seville’s sizzling summer bargains should be easy to access.

Work hours are shortened in the summer sizzle. This means that you might be able to bag a real bargain in one of the many luxury hotels dotted across the city. A good area to focus on is Nervion, home to Seville football and where there is a concentration of big name hotels.

These have the advantage of pools and air conditioning throughout. It is a chance to enjoy luxury at a fraction of the normal cost. With 30% of workers saying they would accept a lower salary in exchange for more opportunities to travel, cost effectiveness is definitely something to consider.

4. Live like the locals

If you do venture to Seville in summer, follow the life path of the locals. Shopping, walking and business need to be conducted before 1pm. After which, find somewhere air conditioned for lunch. Enjoy a Menu Del Dia for around 10€! Then head back to your accommodation to sleep. Don't even think about going out until the sun has set.

By sunset, the city comes alive. In summer, Sevilla is nocturnal. By midnight the streets are thronged with families, couples and groups having tapas, socialising and loving life. It’s an experience not to be missed. The Alameda is one of the central hubs to enjoy the night.

If it all gets too hot, do as the Sevillanos do, head to the beach! Coaches frequently leave the city from the two bus stations taking you to the coast. A day trip is affordable and easy. The last bus arrives back just before midnight allowing you to still enjoy the nightlife.

trip to Seville

Buen viaje!
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There are few better ways to see a country or continent than from the comfort of your own rolling home. RVs have long been a popular way to travel, with the structure and layout of these vehicles being reminiscent of the horsedrawn caravans of the past, and loads of people using them to save money on their trips.

When it comes to dining in a recreational vehicle, though, even the greatest cooks will face a challenge. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some meal options which work great when you’re on the road. As most RVs have some sort of cooking facilities, it will be assumed that you have at least two hob rings, along with a microwave or small oven.

You should also have a sink available, though you may have to find an alternative source for freshwater. A pan, frying pan, and baking tray will be useful, though a normal pan can be used to cover most of these jobs if you are willing to be creative. Cooking in a kitchen like this does not have to be a challenge if you choose the right ingredients.

easy make ahead camping meals food rv

1. Spaghetti & Pasta

While making fresh pasta from scratch will be too big of an ask for most RV chefs, but you can make loads of tasty dishes when you have some of the prepacked stuff. Making pasta sauces is nice and easy, too. Starting with either chopped tomatoes or a cheese, milk, and flour mix, you can begin to mix in the seasoning as you heat up your base.

At the same time, it will be worth chopping up any vegetables you plan to put inside it, along with starting to cook the meat which you will be having with it. As you only have two hob rings, you may have to do a little bit of juggling here. It’s usually best to wait for your meat to be nearly ready before mixing it with the sauce, leaving them to simmer together with the vegetables you chopped earlier.

While those ingredients mix, you can begin the process of preparing the pasta. Most pasta need only be cooked with some hot water and a little bit of salt, with periodic stirring and tests to make sure that it isn’t being overdone. You can mix your pasta and sauce together or serve them as separate items.

The beauty of spaghetti is its flexibility, with loads of meals coming out of this simple ingredient. The basic components of a pasta sauce can be found in small stores, and you can usually use them in other meals, too. One of the biggest benefits of pasta is the time it takes to cook, though.

When you are busy enjoying some time away from home, being stuck in the kitchen for hours will be very unpleasant. These ingredients should last for a good amount of time, making them good for longer trips.

easy make ahead camping meals food rv

2. Omelettes

Egg has long been a crucial ingredient in many dishes across the world, with almost every culture using this resource. There are loads of ways to prepare eggs, though few are as versatile as the humble omelette. The base for this meal is made with a simple egg and milk mix which will have been beaten together until the two have completely mixed.

This liquid can be poured into a hot frying pan with oil, and you will see it start to cook almost immediately. You need to watch your omelette, turning it if parts of it begin to turn brown. Much like a pasta dish, omelettes can have just about any ingredients you’d like inside them. In fact, a lot of people use this sort of meal to clear out their cupboards and refrigerators, as you can throw in just about anything.

Most meats work quite well, with options like ham, chicken, and salmon being popular choices. Along with the meat, you’ll also want to have some vegetables, with spinach, peppers, and tomatoes all working nicely. You may have to do a little bit of mental maths to make sure that you cook it all at the right speed.

Along with being nice and versatile, omelettes are incredibly quick to make. You will only need one hob ring and a frying pan to make this dish, giving you the chance to avoid taking out RV loans to pick up a vehicle with more cooking space. Eggs, vegetables, and meat can be found just about anywhere in the world.

While this means that you may have to compromise on your favourite ingredients, it makes it possible to buy your food from local stores on your journey.

3. Chowmein

Finally, as the last meal option on this list, it is time to go East, with Chow Mein on the menu. At its core, this meal is very simple; stir fried noodles. Alongside these noodles, though, you can create a host of interesting and varied dishes. Soy sauce is a key component in a lot of chow meins, but you can look for a sauce you prefer if you are not a fan of the brown stuff.

Most supermarkets sell some sort of stir fry vegetable mix, making it even easier to get started with it. Chicken, beef, pork, and duck are all commonly found in chowmeins. This sort of dish is good for RVs because it doesn’t take much more than a single hob ring to make. Some people will want to cook their meat a little before frying it with their noodles, but this can be done using the same pan you’ll be using for the rest of the meal.

It is hard to find meals which are as quick and easy as a chow mein, and most people will be happy to know that they can give it their own twist. Of course, though, you have to think about nutrition, and noodle dishes won’t be good to eat every day.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling inspired to start cooking better meals while you are away in your RV. Cooking on the road is always a challenge, with a lot of people relying on boring meals which will leave a lot to be desired.
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Food is not just all about the taste of mouth it is more than this. It expresses the feeling of culture and the mindset of the people belongs to it. As in the very same way Assamese food expresses, the feeling of Assamese people and the culture of this beautiful Indian state. Today, as a way of helping you to explore the Assamese culture, we will share with you some tasty and some interesting food items from Assam. We believe these food items will bring a sweet smile on your face.

assamese ethnic food

1. Pitha

When we talk about Assamese recipes, Pitha is the first name comes in front of our imagination. The chief ingredient to prepare this dish is Rice flour. In Assamese language, rice flour is called Pitha. This is why, all those recipes made with using rice flour, is called Pitha in Assam. There are several verities of Pitha's made from it by mixing various items.

At the present time, there are about 10-15 different verities of Pitha recipes available in the Assamese society.

They are:

  • Til Pitha (made by mixing melted Jaggery and Sesame seeds.
  • Tel Pitha (made through mixing Jaggery and frying in deep mustard oil)
  • Nangol Dhua Pitha (boiled through wrapping banana leaves)
  • Hutuli Pitha (Looks like Hutuli, a traditional musical instrument)
  • Kesa Pitha
  • Sungat Dia Pitha

2. Muga Leta or Silk Worm

Muga Leta recipe is very close to heart of the Assamese people. However, this is not for vegetarians. A person can never even imagine the greed who had never tasted Muga Leta recipe before. Usually, Assamese people eat this food with Apong or Haz. Apong is a type of traditional strong rice beer. To cook this recipe a few ingredients are very necessary. First is as usual Muga Leta, second is onion and the third is some salt and turmeric powder.

This food has no occasional connection with other cultural elements of Assam but we can say this is one of the best ethnic foods among all.

3. Pani Tenga

Pani Tenga is a seed food made with Indian mustard seeds. Due to using Mustard seeds, Pani Tenga recipe becomes very stronger. Assamese people also consider it as good medicine, which is useable for some common diseases, like fever and cold-cough. Every year on Bohag Bihu days, Pani Tenga recipe is highly prepared by Assamese people. This is a part of their traditional culture.

4. Aloo Pitika

Aloo Ka Bharta from North India is simply called Aloo Pitika in the Assamese language. Here first Aloo or Potato is boiled very softly and then mashed with some onion, salt, pepper, coriander, mustard oil, egg, and some peanuts. That's all. Though Aloo Pitika recipe making process is very simple but it tastes very good if it properly made. In Assam, this food is very familiar to everyone and a part of their day-to-day life.

Usually, Assamese people eat this with Ukhuaa rice, because the combination of both items matches amazingly.

5. Aamroli Tup or Red Ant Larva

Aamroli is a type of red ant, which Larva is very tasty. In each Rongali Bihu, on Goru Bihu day young people of villages in Assam collectively find Aamroli nests in jungles as a tradition. This is especially a tradition of Ahom community people of Assam but now a days almost every people do attempt to find this. The cooking process of Aamroli is also very simple (Follow the same steps as Muga Leta recipe).

Here are some necessary ingredients to make it:

  • Red Ant Larva (main ingredient)
  • Chopped onion
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Turmeric and
  • Mustard oil

6. Apong or Haz

As I mentioned earlier Apong is a strong rice beer made with rice and some Apong seeds, usually called Hazor Guti. This is a traditional food, which has been running from around 300 to 400 years in society. At very first this rice beer invented by the Ahom’s, they used it in various worship programs to satisfy their god Langdon deity.

Nowadays almost every occasional programs, this is used in the Assamese society, especially Bihu days and ancestors yearly worship programs.

7. Bilahi aru Masor Tenga

Bilahi aru Masor Tenga recipe is another amazing dish, which is made with Tomato and Fish. This is actually a fish curry, where Tomato and Fish are the main ingredients. You want to make it? Here is the simple step by step process below -

  • First of all deep fry the pieces of fish and then put it off from the pan.
  • Next, fry some chopped onions and then add some salt, pepper, turmeric with it.
  • Now add the chopped tomatoes.
  • In the fourth step, add some water and then after 5 minutes add your fried fishes to it.
  • Let it cook in a medium flame for 10 to 15 minutes. That’s all, your Bilahi aru Masor Tenga recipe is ready to go for your plate.

8. Narikolor Laru or Coconut Balls

Narikolor Laru is a sweet dessert made with mashed Coconut and Sugar or Jaggery. Usually, this recipe is made during Rongali and Bhogali Bihu days by Assamese housewives. The combination of Narikolor Laru and Assam tea becomes very delightful for every Assamese people. If you still haven't tried this dessert then don't forget to try it once.

So, these are the few delicious Assamese dishes, incredibly popular within Assamese society. I recommend you to try at least for once. You will never be able to forget Assamese cuisine.
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There are many beautiful, wildlife destinations in Rajasthan, and of course, Ranthambore National Park is one of them and one of the top National Parks in India. It is situated close to a township in Sawai Madhopur. Ranthambore National Park used to be the hunting site of Jaipur royal family several decades ago. Ranthambore is a house for tigers, leopards, marshy crocodiles and many other species of wildlife.

This place is a wildlife treasure. Apart from this, some places are worth seeing in the perimeter of the temple- the Ranthambore fort, the temple of Lord Ganesha, Padam Talao (lake) of Lily and a mountainous area. One of the historical districts of Rajasthan is Sawai Madhopur where Ranthambore National Park is situated. This is a prominent place in wildlife tourism in the world.

Ranthambore is situated in the foothills of the glorious mountainous terrain of Aravali and Vindhya ranges. Ranthambore National Park is a beautiful place and good habitat of wild animals. Ranthambore national Park is a great getaway for a thrilling holiday along with nature.

Being a witness to such a rich and extraordinary wildlife destination and spending time relaxing in the tranquil environment of the forest is a good experience with the power of nature. Between nature, seeing beautiful wild animals and the Royal Bengal Tiger is one of the best experiences of life.

Ranthambore National Park is spread over 392 sq km, in which 282 sq km is a core area and the remaining area comes under critical tiger habitat of the Tiger Reserve. Ranthambore was established by the Government of India in 1955 as the Sawai Madhopur Game Sanctuary. In 1973, Ranthambore was declared India's Project Tiger Reserve.

Ranthambore got the status of National Park in 1980. In 1984, the Indian government declared forests near Ranthambore as the Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary and the Keladevi Sanctuary. In 1991, the Tiger sanctuary was expanded to include both the Ranthambore sanctuaries - Sawai Man Singh and Keladevi.

There are many nature lakes in the park, besides, water ponds and water hole not only provide visitors an amazing view, but also nurture the flora and fauna born in Ranthambore. A powerful fort is also located in Ranthambore. The name of the National Park has been kept from this fort. Ranthambore fort is situated on a hill from which a very beautiful view of National Park is visible.

Ranthambore fort has many ancient ruins, whose residues can be seen in the forests too. Overall, Ranthambhore is a mixture of history and wildlife, which attracts tourists itself. Ranthambore National Park is home to the illustrious predators staying in imperial Rajasthan. Tigers being the basic fascination of the place actually get the attention of nature lovers and wildlife photographers.

With your Ranthambore Safari, you will be captivated by the observation of such large cats freely itinerant and absorbing in the glow of the desert. With tigers, there are various other wild creatures like sloth bears, wild boars, Sambar and many others that attract tourists.

ranthambore national park

Hotels in Ranthambore

Now, we talk about the real issue. Searching for good accommodation in a remote location can be a daunting task, but Ranthambore is always at the top of the wildlife tourism map, there is no shortage of suitable tourist accommodation in this area. If you plan to visit Ranthambore National Park then you can choose to stay in well-equipped luxury tents, wildlife resorts or hotels based on your budget.

There is a good list of Budget, Standard and Luxury Hotels in Ranthambore National Park. It should be noted that all hotels and resorts in Ranthambore are located outside the Wildlife Reserve, and there is no possibility of any wild animal trespass on the borders.

You can book a room in Deluxe Hotels, which includes - Shergarh Resort, The Pugmark Resort and Ranthambore Forest Resort, which are wonderful but a little expensive property. The Tigress, Treehouse Anuraga Palace, Nahargarh and Taj Sawai Madhopur Lodge are also very good options for staying in Ranthambore.

It is important to mention here that RTDC Castle Jhoomar Baori is probably the only property in Ranthambore National Park which is situated in the middle of a forest. Apart from this, most resorts are located on Ranthambore road.

The Castle Jhumar Baori used to be the summer rest house of the kings of Jaipur, which is now most suitable for tourists who want to enjoy views of the Aravali hills and Ranthambore forest from their rooms. However, there is no swimming pool or gym in the Jhoomar Baori premises.

Camping in Ranthambore

Apart from this, there is also a good arrangement for staying in tents in Ranthambore, in which a good option is to book air conditioned tents at Jungle View Resort Ranthambore. This is a well-rated budget resort in Ranthambore that provides luxury tents accommodation with attached spacious bathrooms, complimentary toiletries and hot and cold running water supplies.

There is a private sitting with each tent. A well-designed tent and a large bed give royal luxury experience in the wild. The overall form given for the decoration of each room is of royalties. Sherbag and Khem Vilas are located near the National Park. Therefore, it is a very good place to breathe in fresh air. This is a green, vast, and best wildlife area in Ranthambore.

The tourists who plan to visit Ranthambore can stay with their family and friends along with other options like Vanya Villas, Ranthambore National Resort, Raj Palace, Sher Vilas, Abrar Palace, Jungle Camp, Tiger Moon Resort and Tiger Heaven Spa and Resort.

Best time to Visit Ranthambore

Like other places in India, there are three seasons in Ranthambore, which include winter, summer and monsoon. Most of the parks are closed in the rainy season. Ranthambore National Park is opened for tourists on October 1, which is open till June 30. The summer season is from March to June in Ranthambore. In summer, the temperature of Ranthambhore reaches 45 degrees, sometimes even more. Night temperature lasts around 30 degrees Celsius.

In the summer season, tigers and other wildlife can be seen around the water bodies, so months of February, March and April are considered the best time to visit in Ranthambore. The time of monsoon in Ranthambore starts from July and stays till September, during which the park is closed for tourists, some of the zones in the park are open to tourists, including Zone 6 to 10.

The winter season in Ranthambore starts from November and lasts till the end of February. During winter, the day temperature in Ranthambore is around 20 degrees Celsius, while it reaches 8 degrees Celsius at night, sometimes 4-5 degrees Celsius. If you are planning to travel to Ranthambore soon, the best time to visit Ranthambhore is from November to March.
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American cuisine is famous worldwide. When we think of American classics, a number of items come into our mind like hot dogs, chocolate chips cookies and fried chicken, etc. Over the years, American food has established its marks by developing its taste and flavors. By introducing creativity in every food item, American cuisine has won the hearts of millions of citizens.

Its taste has crossed the boundaries. People love to travel long distances to get experience with American dishes. The use of fascinating food boxes adds to their attractiveness. They protect the food items from spoilage and contamination. Moreover, the food boxes are designed in a way to retain the flavor and make them last longer. Below are some of the most popular foods of the USA to experience with.

most popular food in america restaurants

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are the best example of a balanced diet and is one of the most popular foods in America. Thanks to Ruth Wakefield who came up with an idea of introducing chocolate to butter cookies. The concept became popular in the 1930s. If you are crazy about the flavor of cookies, bake a batch of crunchy cookies and sprinkle your dose of chocolate on it.

This will take your nutrition to the next level. It keeps you healthy and active all day long. Chocolate chip cookies are one of the most common food items in the USA. You can find it in a number of bakeries and American cuisines. They are presented in colorful cookie boxes to make them appealing for everyone. Cookie boxes protect the delicate creations from spoilage and mishandling.

2. Cronut

Cronut is a combination of a croissant and a doughnut. The craze of the foodies about cronuts has made it a world-famous snack. It is made with laminated dough, which is first proofed and fried at a controlled temperature. For frying, grapeseed oil is used. The fried pastry is then filled and glazed with sugar. Cronuts were the first creation of a French chef named Dominique Ansel.

The taste of the delight traveled across the borders and became a loved food item of Americans. Cronuts combine the crispiness of croissants and the goodness of donuts for getting a perfect taste. As their shape is similar to a doughnut, so they are served in attractive donut boxes to make them more tempting? Donut boxes usually come up with a window to facilitate the customers in viewing the delight.

3. Pancakes

Pancakes are one of the favorite breakfast items of Americans. Pancakes are thin flat cakes with a round shape. They come in abundant variations. The main ingredient used in starch-based butter. Pancakes are cooked on a hot surface. They are topped with a variety of condiments like bacon, egg, chocolate sauce, fruits, maple syrup or whatever you like.

People love to prepare them according to their favorite toppings. Pancakes are delicate food items. They require special care for handling and serving. For this purpose, specially designed cake boxes are used according to the size of the pancake. Most of them come up with inserts to keep the pancakes at their place. Cake boxes prevent the toppings from spreading all around as the customer carries the food item.

4. Hot Dogs

Among most popular American meals, nothing is more delightful than a basic American hot dog, sandwiched between two slices of the bun. Hot dogs are usually topped with ketchup, mustard paste or a combination of both. Hot dogs are linked to the creation of sausages in the late 1600s. They were first created by a butcher in Germany, John Geoghehner.

They popularized in Chicago by 1893. Everyone's favorite hot dogs are basically sausages which are grilled or steamed in the places to eat in Chicago. They are garnished with ketchup, mustard, cheese, relish, chilies, onions, and mayonnaise. Hot dogs are packed in a paper wrapper or custom food boxes to be used as take away food item for eating in Chicago.

5. Sesame Chicken

Sesame chicken is one of the popular food item found throughout a number of restaurants in the USA. It has a Chinese origin, being similar to Tso's chicken. Its taste is sweet rather than spicy which make it similar to Chinese food. Sesame chicken is the fried chunks of chicken. They are coated in a sweet sauce with sesame seeds.

People can get them topped with other favorite toppings as well. Most of the American cuisines have started serving it with peppercorn and toasted chili and sesame. It gives crunch like that of American-Chinese cuisine with a little more flavors. Sesame chicken has become one of the favorite choices of foodies.

Therefore they are packed in Chinese takeout boxes for taking away. Chinese takeout boxes can be easily converted to a plate. This facilitates the consumers to eat the meal anywhere anytime.

most popular food in america restaurants

6. Hamburger

Every single American will have a unique idea from where to find a perfect hamburger in the country. Hamburger is one of the most popular American foods. There are a number of options starting from fast food chains to fine dine-in restaurants. You will never miss it in an American's menu. However, the Library of Congress in New Haven, U.S. state of Connecticut was the birthplace of hamburgers.

Louis Lunch established it in the 1900s. Today five of his grandsons serve the hamburgers made from a blend of five types of meat. The meat is cooked in the century-old casted iron grill to give it a remarkable taste. The foodies can customize it with various toppings along with caramelized onions, mayonnaise, mustard paste, and relish.

Americans often combine it with two bread slices and a steak of grounded beef to make a hamburger sandwich. The hamburger is served in custom food boxes as a takeaway item.
Kalyan Kalyan Author
During winter here in Northern India, when fog and smog ruin days that already see very few hours of light available, and the cold further complicates life, it made me desperately dream of the warm and sunny beaches of the West of the country; and then what to do? I take a train, travel 30-40 hours and leave all that the North has to offer me behind?

Daman and Diu. I had read about this place in geography books, but I had never met anyone who could describe it to me in an exhaustive way. Daman, the sister of Diu, is located a little further south, still within Gujarat, but is much less known. In reality they are two very different places that have little in common, if not some Portuguese church painted white and some beautiful colonial houses.

Daman and Diu, off the coast of Gujarat promises to offer everything that the exhausted explorer of the northern states most urgently need. Sun, sea and a wide availability of beer at low cost! In addition to cheap alcohol there is not much in reality, but it is a good place off the beaten track.

Daman and Diu tourism

The Road trip to Daman from Diu

After Anand, we make a circular detour on NH 8 to bypass the city of Baroda or Vadodara which then continues straight to the south and the distance towards Mumbai goes down quickly. I feel more of the tropical air, the further I go. I remember when hundreds of miles to the north I saw the first coconut palm and I was exultant.

When I reach Daman it was evening after a very long day of driving for 300 km. I hate traveling at night because here they constantly use high beams and don't lower them when they cross other vehicles. In the evening I see boys playing football and volleyball, the fishermen repair the nets and the women dry fish and seafood. A group of elders play chess, while someone plays a guitar.

Unlike Diu, not much remains and indeed at first sight it looks like the typical seaside town. But after moving a little I immediately realize that even this is not the "usual" India. So many centuries of Portuguese domination have left their mark, and people are much more relaxed and in general seem to live a more modern life.

Here too the standard of living seems high. The supermarkets are well stocked and the restaurants full in the evening. The bars lack the atmosphere of an adventure film that is found in Diu, and I avoided them with pleasure.

I expected to find the classic "ghetto" for young Westerners, with the guys in the Bob Marley shirt who approach to sell you the good grass, the restaurants with wi-fi that make insipid fried rice, the guesthouses with the veranda and the hammock, agencies that organize tours and boat trips, the shops that sell chillum and t-shirts with coloured mushrooms.

There is no ghetto, rather I had to break my balls enough to find a cheap accommodation, as the hotels in Daman are scattered around a vast area. If, like me, you arrive on Saturday you are almost screwed because they are almost all full. In practice, after an hour of research, I found only one with free rooms.

I had a large terrace all for myself from which I could enjoy the movement of the people, enjoying the excellent chilled beer taken at the store opposite.

Daman and Diu tourism

Sunday in Daman

I was also in Daman the day after because I wanted to explore the former colony and it was worth it even though it was crowded on Sunday, but fortunately concentrated on the beaches transformed into funfairs with jet skis and other amusements. They are not like the beaches of Goa, favoured by foreign tourists for sunbathing and bathing.

At the first light of dawn I explore the environment through the windows of the tent. North side has a deep palm forest with mysterious mist and fog. In the west side is the flat sea, which recedes, and in the south side we guess is an estuary where are the fishermen and villagers.

After breakfast I go walking on the wide and long beach to relax my calves, strained like everything, that lead me to life. Approaching the small estuary, I see one sink into the mud. And then there is something left by the Portuguese there. There are two forts, some churches, and colonial houses.

The city is quite strange. There is a commercial part (Nani Daman or Little Daman), with the market, the station, the hotels and bars and the administrative (Moti Daman or Big Daman) part on the other side of the Daman Ganga river, located inside the walls of the great 16th century fort.

Obviously the biggest one is Nani Daman. The first is chaotic and colourful, while the second is quiet, silent, orderly, with beautiful tree-lined streets and a splendid cathedral. The main beach is quite bare, while the sea has a brown-brown colour that is anything but inviting.

Fishing in Daman

Fascinated, we sit on the sand and watch the show, open-mouthed. A broom unfolds before our eyes, in front, on the right and on the left. Men and women, in the mud to the thighs, evolve rhythmically and regularly, according to a well-ordered choreography, combining balance and efficiency, according to very precise lines.

It takes a while to understand their ride. Alone or in groups of 2, 3 or 4 they pack the mud before pushing into the mud a subterranean hedge of straw on the pretraced perimeter. But why? It is there that one sees forms jumping, flying and then disappearing on the surface of the water mud. Here again it will take a long time to identify the phenomenon.

Batrachians? Flying fish? Giant leeches? Mini Sea Snakes? There are all sizes, from a gray shrimp to a salamander to mini-eels, with protruding frog eyes, and two fins running behind the gills used as spring legs. And they jump and sinks under the mud, and sways on the mud.

We end up making the link between the group of men and that of these fish. All their efforts seem to tend to catch these animals in the trap. But how? We develop many theories but cannot grasp the strategy. On the other side of the estuary, on wooden racks, we see curtains of dry fish.

On the beach, from time to time, people are busy picking up something. We go back up the estuary. A little upstream a man serves as a ferryman. Following a guide rope stretched between the two banks he carries villagers in his boat and lands at the mouth of a stream in the bed.

And then again, and again, women trace their perimeter of straw in the mud, and again and again these fish appear and disappear in the mud. We turn back to the palm grove and the shade it offers us. We spend the rest of the day walking around.

Daman and Diu tourism

The Portuguese Daman

As it happened, while I was visiting the fort in Moti Daman, beyond the river that divides the city, I made friends with a gardener, of Portuguese origin, who told me several things about the history of the colony and the mini war. For over 450 years the Portuguese have controlled these ports on the Arabian Sea where they arrived in 1500 with Vasco De Gama. They even made Goa their Asian base and for a long time they monopolized the spice trade.

I learned, for example, that after the occupation Portugal had organized a (voluntary) evacuation of the Damanese. Those who had fled had been sent to the colonies of Angola and Mozambique, where even these soon became independent. In the main street, there was a monument to the fallen of the war of liberation, where in the morning they had laid garlands of flowers.

At about 20 meters, in a cemetery, instead I saw the tombs of the Portuguese who died in the struggle for resistance. He tells me that both Daman and Diu is nothing in comparison with Goa, the other famous Portuguese colony of India, which over the years has become a paradise for hippies, bums and party-goers of all kinds and finally backpackers.

Contrary to Goa, Daman and Diu lives mainly on local tourism. On the weekends many Gujarati's, come to the island to enjoy the beaches, the mild climate and spirits on free sale in bars. Diu is indeed a perfect example of the absurdities of India and the great differences that exist between states, even close to each other.

In Gujarat alcohol is even forbidden, but you just need to take a bus and go to Daman or Diu. This small territory bases its economy essentially on tourism and on the revenues deriving from the sale of alcoholic beverages, totally banned in the neighbouring state of Gujarat, from which a continuous flow of commuters of the hangover spills into dozens and dozens of retailers that dispense the coveted nectar.

It is strange to say, according to all that had been told to me, the number of drunk people staggering around the streets remains unexpectedly low, despite the hundreds of bottles of empty liquors of everything from beer, vodka, wine to whiskey that plague streets and beaches to the most remote corners of the island.

Daman and Diu tourism

In Moti Daman

By the way, among places to visit in Daman and Diu, in the historical and picturesque Moti Daman, inside the walls, near the Gama house, there are also two churches and a convent still inhabited with the ruins of a church next to it. I recognized the Baroque style of Goa.

In particular, I enter a chapel, to admire an inlaid wooden altarpiece that is one of the finest in India. The ceiling is also entirely carved with images of cherubs. I was fascinated by the expressiveness of the faces and in particular by a scene of Mary and Joseph holding a baby Jesus walking by the hand. I found it very interesting, since we are used to seeing the baby Jesus in swaddling clothes.

Westerners are not many, and almost all are travelers over thirty in search of a break from "classic" India. The sporadic western travellers who come here, most after a night on the train from Mumbai and others coming down from the north with the mirage of reaching a small Goa, find themselves having a couple of beautiful deserted beaches where they can enjoy the heat sun and the salty water of the Arabian Sea, practically undisturbed lounging all day.

The backpackers are few and strangely almost all South Asians (perhaps Koreans coming from Varanasi). But the "sinful" area where there are hotels and some resorts, but of a low level, is on the other side of the river, in Nani Daman, where nothing remains of Portuguese except a wooden house that is now hotel.

Tomorrow we leave for Bombay or rather Mumbai. We will leave early, before sunrise to be there early and be able to enjoy it to the fullest.
Kalyan Kalyan Author
Vrindavan is a city in Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. Vrindavan is considered to be one part of Brajbhoomi. There are hundreds of temples and ashrams in Vrindavan. The major temples of Vrindavan are Madan Mohan Temple Govind Dev temple, new Radha Govind Temple and Shri Radha Raman Mandir.

Braj was the name of the father of Krishna. Vrajbhoomi spreads around Mathura and Vrindavan. It is not politically defined but it is believed to be the place where Krishna spent his childhood days and made various magical activities.

The areas of Brij Bhoomi are the Mathura Jalesar, Hathras, Aligarh, Agra, Vrindavan, Farrukhabad, Dholpur, Etawah, Auraiya, Manipuri, Firozabad, Kasganj, Gokul and Etah. While you are on Delhi Agra Mathura Vrindavan tour package, you must visit as many cities as you can. Vrindavan is a place where Krishna spent his childhood days. Vrindavan is an established pilgrimage site in India with hundreds of temples along with Mathura.

Government is putting high efforts in maintaining these architectural masterpieces and these temples and ashrams are also getting constructed on a regular basis. Here are a few major temples of Vrindavan.

places to visit in vrindavan and mathura

1. Madan Mohan Temple

Madan Mohan temple was situated in the city of Vrindavan at the area called as Kalighat. It was built by Kapur Ramdas of Multan. Multan is presently in Pakistan. Madan Mohan temple was one of the oldest temples that were built in Vrindavan. Saavn Madan Mohan temple is quite closely associated with one more Lord apart from Krishna. The name of the other lord is Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's full name is Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He was basically a Bengali Hindu Mystic Saint. Mysticism is a combination of ideologies, rites, legends, magic, ethics, myths, etc. When Aurangzeb was ruling over here, he gave the orders to shift the deity of Madan Gopal to Rajasthan.

This is the reason the original idol of Madan Gopal is now in Karauli in Rajasthan. He did this for the sake of safekeeping of the original idol. Today at Madan Mohan Temple, there is a replica of Krishna's original idol.

2. Govind Dev Temple

Govind Dev temple is also called as Sri Radha Govind Temple. The name does signify that there are idols of Govind which means Krishna and Shri Radha Ji. Radha Krishna is known for true, unselfish and genuine love in the world. In fact, as per Hindu mythology, it is believed that if one wants to get true love in life one must worship Radha Krishna along with Shiva Parvati and Lakshmi Vishnu.

There are seven storeys in Govind Dev temple. It was built by Raja Man Singh in 1590. Govind Dev Ji temple is built by red sandstone and this red sandstone was donated by Akbar. It also shows there the foundation of unity in diversity was actually laid by our ancestors only.

3. New Radha Govind Temple

New Radha Govind temple is also a temple of Radha Krishna. Mentioned in the previous paragraphs that there are new temples getting continuously built, new Radha Govind temple is an example of that. The temple was built completely in 2004. The designs of this Temple are based on a very beautiful historic temple. This historic temple was a brainchild of Srila Rupa Goswami.

Srila Rupa Goswami was a disciple of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The feeling over here is completely divine and the architecture is marvelous even when it is not so old.

4. Shri Radha Raman Temple

Shri Radha Raman temple is a gaudiya temple in Vrindavan that was built in the early modern period. Radha Raman means Krishna is in deep and divine love with Radha. This temple is one of the 7 temples of the Thakur of Vrindavan. The followers of this Temple are from Gaudiya Vaishnavism.

Gaudiya Vaishnavism means the worship of Vishnu or Krishna by the people of the region called Gauda. The temple has the original idol of Krishna along with goddess Radha Rani. The idol is in the form of Shaligram, a fossilized shell and it represents Vishnu. It is an iconic symbol.

5. Radha Damodar Mandir

Radha Damodar Mandir was also constructed in the 16th century by 6 Goswami of Vrindavan. The Six Goswami of Vrindavan was basically a group of teachers from a tradition called Gaudiya Vaishnav. The names of these 6 Goswami Rupa Goswami and Sanatan Goswami, Jiva Goswami, Raghunath Bhatta Goswami, Gopal Bhatta Goswami, and Raghunath Dasa Goswami. Rupa Goswami and Sanatan Goswami were brothers and Jiva Goswami was their nephew.

6. Radha Vallabh Temple

Radha Vallabh temple was established by hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu. This was the temple which has a beautiful Crown of Radha Rani. This crown is placed exactly next to the idol of Lord Krishna. This looks very beautiful. Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna complete each other so much that it is a pleasure to watch them. Every year there are many people who come over here to worship.

7. Radha Ras Bihari Ashta Sakhi Temple

This is a temple which is dedicated to Lord Radha-Krishna and their eight friends. Radha was a girl in the village of Vrindavan during those days. She had a group of friends. Lord Krishna was also a friend to you all of them. However, Lord Krishna had a very special inclination towards goddess Radha. This temple is particularly known for their entire group as it reflected beautiful and divine friendship.

How to Reach Vrindavan

Vrindavan is only 11 kilometres away from Mathura. You can reach Vrindavan by any kind of public transport or if you have taken Delhi one day tour package, this is our responsibility to take you wherever you want, as the package is fully customized for your convenience. You can also take your private transport.

You must visit one of the Radha-Krishna temples of Vrindavan on same day Agra tour by train. However, it may take some more time, but try to plan it well and you manage to bring it on the itinerary. If you are on Delhi one day tour package sightseeing, you must choose one of these temples on your itinerary. It will really have a very positive and loving impact on your life since Radha Krishna is known for eternal love.
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A thing of beauty is a joy forever. No matter, we can touch it or just can feel but we always get benefit from it. It makes us happy! Am I right my friend? Similarly, an example of a beautiful place to travel in the world is Assam. Here one can experience a lot of things of beauty. One of them is its history. I know that today you are being quite fascinated to experience some beautiful places of Assam.

The wildlife sanctuaries at Kaziranga and Pobitora, the scenic beauty of Brahmaputra, black magic of Mayong and its culture make Assam one of the most visited tourist sites in northeastern India. Therefore, looking at your persona we created this beautiful post for you. We hope it will make you happy either as the things of beauty. So, let's right dive in to the beautiful historical places of Assam.

1. Guwahati

Guwahati is the gateway to many other places in the northeast. Nestled on the bank of River Brahmaputra, Guwahati is famous for its temples and amicable people. While the entire northeast is a treasure house of unblemished beauty and tranquillity, Guwahati can be safely the gateway to solo backpacking trips for travelers. The ancient temples like the Kamakhya temple and Umananda in Peacock Island dot the urban landscape.

Featuring as a jewel in the crown of the Seven Sisters States, Guwahati will leave you amazed with its lush natural beauty, cultural heritage, diverse collection of flora and fauna and tantalizing cuisines.

2. Sualkuchi

Home to the silk cottage industry, Sualkuchi near Guwahati is a hub of silk sarees, mekhela chadar and cane handicrafts. Don't stop from pampering yourself with an exquisite piece of silk from Sualkuchi.

3. Nagaon

A religious place without any radical element, here we can smell and experience the great cicerone of the Assamese society - Srimanta Sankardev and his great contributions. Do you know my friend, this is the very first Namghar ever built in Assam state? Yes!

In the very early of the 16th century (The year 1509), Sankardeva built it with his three companions. They were – Ramaram Guru (The childhood friend of Sankardeva), Jagatananda or Ramrai (younger brother) and Bongonyagiri. This is the pioneer of all other Namghar's, we have seen today in our societies. Borduwa Bornamghar is situated in Nagaon district, Ali Pukhuri, Borduwa.

If you visit Assam then you should visit this place, at least once a time. Believe me, it will bring a sweet smile on your face and your heart will be happier.

4. Tezpur

Tezpur is another important tourist spot in Assam because of its scenic natural beauty. The Brahmaputra River that flows through the city from Sadiya, adds to the beauty of this place. Tezpur is also the cultural center of Assam due to its theater, traditional dances and cultural events. The tea plantations around the city are also another attraction here.

In older days, have you ever watched Mahabharata, Ramayana serials on TV? If you did then you might be acquainted with the Hara-Hari war story and Agnigarh because these all are interconnected to each other. Ok, here I will not tell you the whole story of Agnigarh because it will go so long. Simply, I can tell you that according to Hindu mythology Agnigarh was a mountain jail surrounded by fire.

When Banasur captured Krishna's grandson Aniruddha then he kept him as a captive in this jail and finally, the Hara-Hari war happened due to this fact. This old story is the core factor, why it’s so famous among the travel gigs of Assam and India. This beautiful mythological place is situated in the north bank of Brahmaputra River, Sonitpur district, Tezpur city (5 kilometers from the city).

5. Kaziranga National Park

Want to visit one of the most popular wildlife attractions with the most intriguing creatures like a one horned Rhino then Kaziranga National Park is the exact location. It is home to the world's largest population of one horned Indian rhinoceros. Apart from all human habitation, the natural life thrives so perfectly here.

Along with the giant rhinos, Kaziranga National Park is also home to bears, panthers, elephants and other beautiful feathered creatures. If you are a nature enthusiasts and feel excited at the thought of travelling alone amidst dense jungles, then the Kaziranga National Park, known for its one-horned rhino, about 200 km from Guwahati, must be included in your itinerary. It is very appropriate to justify its name on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

6. Jorhat

Jorhat Gymkhana Club is the first one built in Asia and is also the third oldest in the world. You can reach Jorhat via bus from Guwahati. From here you can go to Dima Hasao hills.

7. Majuli

Majuli, located about 20 km from Jorhat, is an ecological access point and the largest river island in the world. Declared by UNESCO as a world natural heritage, this fluvial island has preserved the ancient weapons, utensils, jewelery and other elements of cultural importance. It is the world's largest river island situated on the banks of River Brahmaputra in Assam.

The island here gets submerged during rainy season due to abundant rainfall. Bird watching is a great practice here as it has over 100 species of bird. Also, enjoy the neo-Vaishnavite culture and tradition while you are here. Visit this place after monsoon and enjoy the hospitality of locals by living in the guest house or rooms. You can reach Majuli by taking a ferry ride from Jorhat.

8. Sivasagar

The very first capital of the Ahom kingdom. In 1228, the first Ahom king Chaolung Sukaphaa established the foundation of the great 600 years ruling at this place. This is an ideal place for those people or students, who want to know about the old Ahom kingdom, society, and culture. If you you are traveling to Assam and you have children then bring them to this place. It will help them to understand Assam history and to be respectful to it.

tourist places in assam things to do


The main cause, why Charaideo is famous today is its Maidams, which we call Charaideo Maidams. As you know this is none other but the graves of dead Ahom kings.

tourist places in assam things to do

Rang Ghar

Rang Ghar is incredibly famous as the first pavilion of Asia. As it is mentioned in the name Rang Ghar, here Rang means Happiness and Ghar means House. In the year 1702, it was very first built by the Ahom king Swargadeo Rudra Singha but his construction was not a very high standard. Therefore later his son and the new king Swargadeo Pramatta Singha rebuilt it with stone and brick in between 1744-50.

The composition of Rang Ghar we have seen today was built during the age of Pramatta Singha. As you know, the actual purpose of Rang Ghar was entertainment. During the Ahom age, it was used to organize various entertaining programs on some special occasions, like Bhogali Bihu and Rongali Bihu days.

Activities like Bihu dance, human wrestling, buffalo fight, bulbul bird fight were very popular. However, today these activities are still organized in those occasions.

tourist places in assam things to do

Talatal Ghar

Ahom kings were extremely conscious of their security matters. An insane example of it is the Talatal Ghar. After moving the kingdom capital from Gargaon Palace to Rangpur, they established it at Talatal Ghar. This is located in the western part of Sivasagar town. It was built by Rudra Singha in the year 1698. Do you know this is the most mysterious compositions of Ahom period, ever made?

Once there were two secret roadways in the very bottom of Talatal Ghar. Here one reached the Gargaon Palace, which is located 16 km away and the other reached to the Dikhow River, located 7 km away from it. However, at present-day both underground ways are closed due to heavy clay jam.

9. Digboi

Digboi not only has a refinery, which is more than 100 years old, but also several tea gardens. The place with misty blue hills offers several attractions, including Digboi Oil Refinery, Ridge Point and Digboi Centenary Museum. From Ridge Point, you can have a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains of the eastern Himalayas.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post. If you think it remained helpful for you then let us know by commenting below. Thank you so much.
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Have any travel plans to visit Rajasthan? One colorful Indian state, Rajasthan is known for the rich history and its cultural heritage. To ensure you keep up with the culture of the royal state and explore each and every architectural marvel, we have jotted down some significant things you should see your package also includes when planning a trip to Rajasthan. Here is our guide to travel Rajasthan.

Stunning Ways to Experience India

1. Jaisalmer

At 15 km from Jaisalmer, one of the most haunted places in the world watches the relic of the Kuldhara town that disappeared one night without any explanation. As per the mysterious stories from Rajasthan, one night without previous warning the settlers left without anyone knowing where they went. Almost 1500 villagers disappeared among them with some old and many young people. The only legend that is known about this town is that it has a curse! Every person who tries to live here dies in a brutal way.

At present, there are few people who visit this place, and much less those who stay for one night in a town where there is only one curse. For years, the abandoned Kuldhara village had the reputation of a haunted place. A few years ago it began to develop as a tourist place and is usually part of the touristic tours of the area.

There are a diversity of opinions about this place. For some it is a waste of time to come here because they are only walls of destroyed houses, although others think it is very interesting to get an idea of how they lived here in the past, visit their pretty well preserved temple and know the mystery of their abandonment.

Local people entertain visitors with music and an effort is being made to increase their popularity. The people who live nearby do not believe in haunted stories or ghost stories, but they have spread this rumor to attract tourists. In Rajasthan, there are numerous abandoned villages where it seems that the ghosts have found a home.

2. Udaipur

It was one of the places that we took the most photos in Rajasthan, along with the Patrika Gate of Jaipur. And if you go or come from Jodhpur, do not miss the Jain Temples of Ranakpur and the Kumbhalgarh Fort, which are halfway between the two cities. Kumbhalgarh fort is located on top of a mountain and from its battlements the whole region is dominated. It has 7 access doors and 36 km of wall, and is the second longest in the world after the Great Wall of China.

3. Shekhawati

Shekhawati is one of the many regions predominantly occupied by the Rajasthan merchants. It is home to several grand havelis and temples built by wealthy merchants. In fact, the Shekhawati region comprising Jhunjhunu, Sikar, Churu and Nagaur is one of the most aesthetically appealing destinations in India. Shekhawati also enjoys being referred to as an open-air museum.

4. Chittorgarh

The elements of romanticism, misfortune, courage and sacrifice makes Chittorgarh a must visit destination in Rajasthan. Get overwhelmed by the stories of love echoing through the walls of history. This Land of the braves have fascinated history enthusiasts and art lovers from all over the globe.

5. Ranakpur

This city has the largest set of Jain temples in India and one of the five holy places of pilgrimage. Chaumukha Temple dedicated to Adinath is the most beautiful and largest Jain temple in India. Parshvanath and Neminath Temples are smaller and more important than the previous one. They are also built with white marble and have carved figures.

Sun Temple is located outside the complex and is dedicated to Surya. It is of white marble and has an octagonal shape. The carved figures represent warriors and chariots of horses.

6. Bhangarh

One of the scariest places on earth, Bhangarh and its ruins are closed to visitors from dusk to dawn, reportedly the moment with the most paranormal activity in the place. This abandoned city in Rajasthan, home to a majestic fort, is one of the most haunted places in India. According to one of the horror stories about Bhangarh, a tantrik priest fell in love with the princess Ratnavati, who was described as the beauty queen of Rajasthan.

The priest planned to enchant her so that she too fell in love with him. However, when the princess learned of this plan, the priest was killed. Before he died, he cursed the city. Now, it is in ruins and is habitable for anyone. It is believed that the roofs of temples and houses fall the moment they are built.

7. Bharatpur

Lohagarh or Iron Fort remained unconquered despite several attacks by the British. Unlike fortresses in Rajasthan, it is not extravagant, but it generates an aura of strength and magnificence. It is worth visiting Kishori Mahal, Mahal Khas and Kothi Khas. Moti Mahal, Jawahar Burj and Fateh Burj were erected to commemorate the victory over Mughals and British.

Displaying the right blend of Mughal and Rajputana architecture, Bharatpur Palace is a fine piece of architecture that was built over a period of different Kings. The Palace is adorned with intricate design patterns towards its main entrance. There is a museum located in the center of the palace that exhibits the art of the 2nd century and the workmanship.

Ganga Mandir, which resides in the heart of the city of Bharatpur is one of the most beautiful temples of Rajasthan. In it stands the magnificent deity of Ganga Maharaj made of pristine white marble. Maharaja Balwant Singh began the construction of this temple in the nineteenth century. However, he had a very unique request that required all the rich inhabitants of the city to donate a month's salary to help towards the temple of creation.

Deeg is a beautiful garden city located north of Bharatpur. It has many embellished palaces that add to the beauty of the place. Known for its forts, palaces, gardens and fountains, Deeg's highlight is an impressive fortress surrounded by pits and entrances. It was built by Raja Suraj Mal and stands on a slightly elevated point. Although the interiors are almost in ruins, the clock tower containing a weapon still keeps watch over the city.
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Most people mistake Toronto to be the capital of Canada as it is the most popular city in the country. The reasons behind this are that the city is home to major sports franchises. Discover what to do in Toronto during your trip through this guide that will show you the unmissable tourist places in the city. This city is extremely active and its attractions fit perfectly with the definition of an urban style trip.

Toronto has numerous museums, shopping places, and entertainment zones. It will make your trip to the city worthwhile. Still, there are some things to do in Toronto that you should definitely check out during your vacation in Canada. The CN Tower, Lake Ontario, Art Gallery of Ontario, Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, Toronto Islands, Royal Ontario Museum, are some of the places you must visit in Canada.

Moreover, this capital city of Ontario Province is a multicultural city. Chinese, Koreans, Greek, and Italians form a part of the main population. Check the following recommended places for your trip to Toronto.

things to do in toronto

1. CN Tower

The CN Tower is the main tourist attraction of the city. CN Tower is the tallest tower in Toronto, known as the city's main icon. We are in front of the most visited tourist place in Toronto, so it is undoubtedly part of our top 10 of the unmissable walks in the city. Located in the Downtown, it is an extremely central attraction and point of reference for many people in Toronto.

The CN Tower is the fifth tallest tower in the world and the tallest in America, with 553 meters high. From the lowest part to the top is a spectacle, mainly to admire the city to its fullest, regardless of the weather in Toronto. Visiting this place is about going up to an elevator that will take you to the levels according to the type of entrance you have.

Then, in each place you will appreciate the view of Toronto, Lake Ontario and the entire harbor. It has a 360 degree view. For those who love extreme activities, the CN Tower offers at certain times and dates a walk called Edgewalk. Of course, the cost of making the Edgeywalk includes access to all other levels of the CN tower.

If you want to live a different experience we recommend a meal at the top of the tower from the 360 ​​restaurant. They serve lunch and dinner by schedule, so it is advisable to call to reserve. For diners who purchase a menu in the restaurant, they may have access to the Belveder area and the glass floor of the CN Tower.

2. Distillery district

Discover the most popular place in Toronto for a fun outing. Within an environment of an old industrial factory are trendy bars and cafes. Designer shops, seating areas, good food and vintage-style photographs are some of the attractions of the Distillery District. Formerly a whiskey distillery, the largest in the world in 1860, it is now a very picturesque area where you can do various activities.

Located in Downtown Toronto, it is a historic national site of Canada preserved for the enjoyment of locals and visitors. This area is a set of old Victorian industrial buildings that were transformed into restaurants, cafes, art galleries, clothing and decorative stores. In the Distillery district you can enjoy a walk to admire the architecture and details that are maintained to recreate the time when it was operating as a distillery.

Everything is decorated in a vintage style with an industrial touch, so you will surely take some great photos. Take your time to visit some stores as there are some very famous ones like Desigual and Canadian stores. There is a street where you can see a large Love sign with many locks, one of the most photographed places.

You can find some restaurants, cafes and pubs throughout the Distillery district, one of the most emblematic places is the Mill St. Brewery where you can enjoy a good beer. And if it is a dessert there is the famous Cacao 70 and SOMA, where chocolate is king. It's a good time to enjoy the kind of food you can get in Toronto during your trip.

In summer you can feel good atmosphere because the terraces of these places are at their best. However, at Christmas time the appeal is completely different and unique too. So no matter the time of year in Toronto, this place is a must see.

3. Ripley Aquarium

Live a Canadian marine adventure from the Toronto Ripley Aquarium that features modern facilities and an interesting number of species. It is a visit for all types of travelers through 9 rooms with different marine environments. The proximity and the level of detail is impressive. This aquarium is part of the Ripley amusement group, believe it or not!

It has another headquarters from the city of Niagara falls in Canada, where the famous Niagara Falls are located. This is a recommended place especially to visit with children, where you will discover about 13 thousand marine species of various types. The place is composed of nine galleries where you can enjoy these species in their habitats as natural as possible.

The Toronto Ripley Aquarium preserves the life of animals. You will have fun in each gallery because the truth is surprising to know the marine life so close. More than one will be impressed. The highlight of the Canadian waters area is the diversity of marine fauna that you can really find in the great and famous Canadian lakes.

The impressive part of the Dangeours lagoon is the largest area of ​​all with its transparent roof tunnel where you can see sharks and others swimming over you. Also discover very closely the striped blanket in the Ray bay area, they are really impressive.

4. Casa Loma

This is a simply spectacular place. Casa Loma is a large castle full of works of art and history. Immerse yourself in a walk where you will know the history of its former owners, its architecture, gardens and even secret passages. Discover the corners of Casa Loma, a place that was converted into a museum. Imposing and spectacular.

For the type of attraction it is one of the places you must visit during your trip to Toronto. It is not a common museum, it is quite interactive. Home of billionaire Henry Pellatt, but after going bankrupt because of the high maintenance costs of the house many years later it becomes a museum.

This is an interesting place from the outside, its neo-Gothic architecture enchants more than one, so enjoy taking photos at various angles outside. At the entrance the person who will receive you will give you a team with headphones to make the visit at your own pace. You just have to be guided by the map and listen to the audio in each place.

The audios will reveal important data of the life of the millionaire, as well as artistic details of each area of ​​the house. You can listen to the entire visit only in English and French. Do not miss the opportunity to discover the tunnels that are built internally (as is a movie) and the gardens that are really spectacular.

If you have a chance for a coffee or a dessert, do not miss the opportunity to sit in the Liberty cafe right on one of the terraces, especially if you travel with good weather in Toronto.

5. Royal Ontario Museum

The emblem museum of Toronto, we are facing the cultural icon of the city. Initially a spectacular facade will welcome you to a great place. The Royal Ontario Museum houses exhibits of natural history of great value to mankind, such as the sections of Egyptian and other dinosaur works.

6. Ontario art gallery

We are in front of the representation of art in Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario houses works of contemporary art. See an interesting variety of works made by Canadian and international artists. Facilities very well achieved.

7. St. Lawrence Market

This is Toronto's most famous market both for its architecture and for the variety of local products found within it. Located in the downtown of the city, the St. Lawrence market becomes a very central point to visit and what to do in Toronto. It is easily recognizable thanks to its vintage style architecture both outside and inside. A large sign identifies it as St. Lawrence market.

Recognized by the National geographic as the best food market in the world. This market means a lot to locals, in the environment you feel the conviviality and harmony between vendors and visitors. It is a meeting place within one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Toronto. From its entrance you can enjoy the great variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses and more foods of Canadian and international culture.

This visit connects you with the heart of Toronto, which is why we consider it the unmissable activities in the city. All workers will speak to you in English. We recommend doing this visit during one morning and you can give yourself a taste to try some of the food while you walk during the place. Within the market you can pay in cash, debit or credit cards, everything depends on each seller.

Any place you choose to eat or drink will be worth it because they are all very clean, well maintained, friendly and helpful.

8. Roger center

Toronto is the mecca of sports in Canada, proof of this is a visit to the Roger center, home of the Toronto Blue Jays. Enjoy a game of baseball or just admire this spectacular and famous place. It is one of the things to do in Toronto especially if you are a sports lover. Toronto is known as the sports city of Canada, so between the Center Rogers and the Hockey Hall of Fame, you can have plenty of fun.

The center offers its visitors a tour to tour its facilities when there are no games planned on the day. They are usually during the day. On this walk you can explore several levels of the place and discover the greatness that it saves for its visitors. Getting to the Rogers Center is not very difficult if you are staying at one of the nearby hotels.

9. Kensington Market

It is a set of streets where you can find local clothes, accessories for your home, fruits, coffees. It is the bohemian area so art and culture are everywhere. Part of the experience at the Kensington Market is walking and discovering corners of this place, where you can also take some beautiful photos.

10. Toronto City Hall

The city has a couple of buildings such as City Hall or City Hall (in English). The first is the oldest and very close is currently. A couple of curved buildings where you can enter a part of its rooms for free to discover its history a bit. It also hosts the Toronto International Film Festival.

They should be included in your itinerary while travelling Canada.
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Hong Kong attracts lacs of visitors every year with its ultimate lifestyle. The distance between Hong Kong and Macau is just 66 km if you travel by road. Well, that's just 1-hour ride. Disneyland Hong Kong and Ocean Park are 2 of the most visited spots in Hong Kong. Macau and Hong Kong are the dream places which must be visited at least once in your life.

The wonders in Hong Kong and Macau will definitely leave you in shock due to its technological advancements and enigmatic lifestyle. Hong Kong is one of the biggest business hubs for jewellers. With numerous places to visit in Hong Kong and Macau, at least a 7-day tour is recommended to cover the major tourist attraction of the place. Planning a tour abroad is not a piece of cake.

Many arrangements have to be made which increases stress. Holidays are planned to relieve stress not to build it. Choosing a Hong Kong and Macau Tour Package from India will relieve you from the arrangements to be made and will let you enjoy your holidays to the most.

things to do in Macau Places to Visit

Top 5 Places to visit in Hong Kong

Disneyland Hong Kong

Disneyland is the most famous and biggest theme park in Hong Kong. Relieve the childhood memories with Disney characters. Disneyland is spread on above 160 acres land. Disneyland offers the most thrilling rides for every age group. Disneyland is full of surprises. The fastest ride in Disneyland is Splash Mountain and not a roller coaster, this fact leaves most of the travellers in shock.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park offers the biggest oceanaria and is all about marine animals. Tour to ocean park will engage your full day. Filled with lots of fun rides Ocean Park holds 2nd position when talking about the largest theme parks in Hong Kong. Explore closely the habitat of more than 400 species of aquatic animals. This is one of the few places which lets you explore the habitat of Giant Pandas.


Sitting on the heart of Hong Kong, Mongkok is the most visited and crowded markets of Hong Kong. The amazing market is heaven for shoppers. The neon-lit streets of Mongkok Market will let you shop for toys, clothing, accessories, mementoes and everything you want. The streets of Mongkok are also famous for street food. Pleasure your taste buds with mouth-watering food of Mongkok.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the tallest peak in Hong Kong which offers the best panoramic view of Hong Kong. missing this place from your itinerary will leave you in regret. Take a cable car ride and reach the peak by 6 pm or 5 pm in winters to enjoy the most out of the tour. Waiting time for cable car ride can be up to one hour as the place attracts numerous travellers and the limitation of the number of cable cars.

Many cities have tourist sightseeing towers that are surrounded by other buildings, but it’s just not the same standing on the pavement casually looking down the mountain and see this lovely civilization that we have down there.

Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbor is the best and busiest ports in Hong Kong. Walk around Tsim Sha Tsui area by the harbour. Hong Kong has the avenue of the stars near equivalent of Hollywood but with Hong Kong movie stars. Take a walk around the newly built West Kowloon Promenade. Enjoy the night with a firecracker and light show in the night around 8 PM at Victoria Harbour with some laser shows at top of the buildings makes it a must watch the show but beware to be on time as the show lasts for only 10 minutes. Take a cruise ride from the port and enjoy the beautiful scenic views.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Macau

Without being Hong Kong or Shanghai, Macao has one of the most attractive skylines in the Far East. Constantly ferries from various companies leave from Hong Kong to Macau terminal in the central port. There are also boats to Macau that can be taken at the Hong Kong International Airport itself.

Macao is a place where fados are heard and Port wine is drunk while the incense flies over a Taoist temple on a mountain. This essential port in the spice route belonged to Portugal which now lives its own present keeping the traces of its history.

The Macao-Malacca-Goa axis was essential for the Lusitanian interests in the spice route. This Special Administrative Region also has something of Las Vegas with its clear commitment to casinos, five-star hotels, entertainment and a great offer of Asian luxury. Macau has become a wonderful option for those who travel from Hong Kong to Macau by ferry both on their own and in an organized way through a guided tour.

Macao, in addition to the peninsula, has two small islands joined by bridges such as Taipa and Coloane. In the merger of both in a land reclaimed from the sea and that already unites them completely, is the area of ​​Cotai. And it is there where the largest number of casinos and luxury hotels in the region is concentrated, being the reason why this place is called Las Vegas of the Orient.

Whether you like the game or not, at least try playing a few patacas (official currency of Macao) at roulette. It is possible to have been minutes before visiting a Confucian temple and inhaling incense to later sit inside a typical Portuguese tavern to try a rice with seafood, bacalhau a brás (grilled cod), to bake in bread the sauce of delicious amêijoas (clams) and pair with an excellent Alentejo wine preserved in a typical adega (cellar).

Rua da Felicidade is the typical Chinese street with red windows and doors that has barely been touched in decades since it was part of the Macanese red light district.

1. Ruins of St. Paul's Church

The Ruins of St. Paul's Church has been the most famous tourists' attraction in Macau with the highest footfall. With only a facade left to see, it depicts the glory of Christian culture in Macau. These historical things to see in Macau were destroyed twice in its life but still attracts tons of tourists.

The church was firstly built in 1580 and was destroyed in 1595. The first structure of St. Paul's was constructed with wood which was destroyed by fire. The history seekers will love this place. Add this place in your Hong Kong Macau Tour itinerary.

2. Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre

Macau Tower is the tallest building in Macau with a multi-cuisine revolving restaurant. The revolving restaurant covers a 360 rotation in a span of 1 hour. Macau Tower offers the best sightseeing and observation from its 732 feet height. Macau Tower offers the worlds highest 223 meters bungee jumping. Take a highly secured skywalk around the Macau Tower.

It is highly recommended to go to the other side of the bridge that crosses the Nam Van Lake, climb the Macau Tower when the afternoon falls or look for an elevated floor in one of the surrounding skyscrapers if you have the possibility.

3. The Venetian Macao

Venetian Macao is the biggest hotel in Macau. The most luxurious hotel in the world is based on the theme of Venice streets. Venetian Macao has established its monopoly in the biggest casinos in the world. The structure of the hotel is not less than a mini Venice. The best in class suites, shopping mall and all is designed on the theme of Venice.

The Venetian, for example, is to the largest hotel complex on the planet (has more than 3000 rooms), with a reproduction of the canals of Venice (there is even a gondola) and the most emblematic buildings of the Italian city in a commercial megacenter. But there is also a small Paris in The Parisian (with a Eiffel Tower half the size of the original) or a hotel-casino.

4. Monte Fort

The construction of Monte Fort was executed between 1617 and 1626 by the Jesuits. The fort was constructed to defend the effects of war and counter the enemies. Numerous canons sitting on top of the fort were used just twice in their entire lifetime. The fort is aged 400 years old and is now converted into a museum. Monte Fort attracts tons of tourist as it offers the best scenic views.

5. Taipa Island

Taipa offers great sightseeing places with a blend of history. Explore it by bike or on foot. Taipa Island consists of various religious structure, educational hubs which incorporates the traditional Macanese taste. The four-faced Buddha is the main attraction in Macau. Taipa and its atmosphere is a little slow paced compared to the fast-paced energy of Hong Kong.

6. Lou Lim Ieoc Garden

The Lou Lim Ieoc Garden is undoubtedly the most Chinese of the gardens in Macao. It has the Suzhou style with pavilions, a pond and a bridge in the shape of a dragon tail. It is one of the favorite places for the locals to go out in the morning to do tai chi, practice the dance of the fans or sing popular songs or even of Chinese opera.

Getting wifi in Macau is almost as easy as finding a signal with your mobile phone. If you are in Hong Kong and you do not want to go to Macao for free, it is possible to hire from there an organized excursion with a guide in your language.

Both Macao and its neighbor Hong Kong do not require entry visas for stays of less than 90 days. It is necessary to only be in possession of a passport with a minimum validity of six months. The Macao Tourism Office offers on its website a valuable information for travelers who wish to know not only its attractions but everything that is happening of interest in the region.

Hope that the above information was useful for you and might have helped in planning your trip and you must have added some more destinations to visit at your Hong Kong Macau trip. Now, what are you waiting for get up and pack your bags and get ready to have fun?

Enjoy your Trip!
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Sandy beaches, tropical rainforest, quaint village towns or colorful cities with cultural history pile up to make a bucket list of enriching holiday destinations. It is a pipe dream to find out a destination encompassing all the elements of the bucket list. But wait, have you thought of considering traveling to Costa Rica yet?

If not, the country with 12 distinct climate zones is a treasure trove of adrenaline rush and offers many different obscure experiences. Costa Rica blankets lush, tropical rainforest and you will find adventure around every corner of the country. It is the haven for outdoor activities and adventure lover.

If you are an eco-savvy traveler, this destination is in your prime radar. Do not worry you less adventurous folks, the enchanting hot springs, and beaches of Costa Rica would surely lure you. Pristine beaches, a plethora of wildlife, canopy tour, Costa Rica surely offers an array of breathtaking views.

Lets soak ourselves into this verdant country with miles of coastline and explore the Costa Rica adventures. First thing first, Costa Rica is located in Central America with a population of only 5 million. People out there are Spanish speaking but quite friendly and welcoming. As having a tropical climate, the temperature is mild around the year, but you can always prefer visiting this place from mid-December to mid-April. If you prefer a little quieter, try June and July.

Irrespective of the order, below is the list of some untrodden places in Costa Rica. My dear wanderlust friend, fasten up the seat belt and lets get going.

things to do in Costa Rica travel guide

1. Hiking in Costa Rica

Isn't it amazing to get along with the locals and know the place better? The green heart of Costa Rica offers an unlimited high adrenaline rush with adventurous activities like surfing, rappelling, rafting and more. Do not blink your eyes, otherwise, you may miss upon some of the rarest wildlife, birds and medicinal plants. The aww struck view lies in the beauty of a massive waterfall in a hidden cave!

2. Hot springs in Costa Rica

This is the best place to unwind yourself and relax. The famous hot springs have water heated from the volcanic rock undergrounds. You can plan to visit the hot spring in Arenal Volcano which has some jaw-dropping views of the volcano. You would be surprised to know that the water is infused with many minerals with a varying temperature from 80 to 105 degrees.

Redeem yourself after hiking and tromping around with a mud massage along with a cocktail drink at the hot spring resorts in Baldi and Tabacon.

3. Rainforests in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is all about rainforests. You have a zip line, yoga centers, wildlife and more. If you are making it to any of them, you are probably missing out on visiting the gem of the country. You will regret a Big Time surely. It doesn't matter day or night! This place has something to offer any time of the day. The day time offers wildlife galore, gentle streams, howler monkeys, three-toed sloths and much more.

But the nightlife offers you with the most tranquil views. You can have a view of some of the nocturnal species during the night walk. You can plan up a trip to Corcovado National Park of Monteverde cloud forest reserve to get the best view.

4. Volcano in Costa Rica

It is the most visited and traveled attraction in Costa Rica. We are sure you will some of the most amazing stories to share with your friends. Being a part of the infamous Pacific Ring of Fire, Costa Rica has a wealth of volcanoes. Many of the volcanoes are dormant but there are chances of them awakening.

You can literally climb over some popular attractions and massive craters. The beautiful glimpse of Arenal is the most breathtaking view ever. Surprisingly the volcano is active and unpredictable. Most of the time the place is cloudy but if it opens, you can see lava tendrils pouring down the cone. The base of Arenal has some geothermal natural springs which can turn your tiresome day into an awesome one.

5. Zipline in Costa Rica

The Zipline through the forest guarantees thrills and spills as you fly. Once a lifetime experience is zip lining out yourself over a 200' waterfall and ending up facing four smaller 60 to 0-foot waterfalls. Above this, we are sure you would have seen zip lines before but zipping over the rainforest and having the view of monkeys and birds is really new. This is quite thrilling, as you get to see everything from the air through the rainforest canopy.

Amazing fact is Zip lines were incepted in Costa Rica. It was an accidental outcome back in the 70s while studying forest canopy.

6. Surfing in Costa Rica

How about catching up some waves and relaxing later. Costa Rica is a home to many surfers who train even novice for getting into the sea and getting tanned. Needless to mention why Costa Rica got featured in the movie Endless Summer for its offshore winds, perennial dry season. So why not learn your first lesson in the mecca of surfing itself? Grab your paddleboard and start going. Get yourself a beach house in Marbella, Playas or Ostional.

things to do in Costa Rica travel guide

7. Scuba Diving in Costa Rica

The best diving locations in the Caribbean and the Atlantic ocean are the two assortments which Costa Rica boasts about. It is the perfect place for beginners to soak themselves up to see the sauna world. You can always get yourself a trained certified professional before making your first dive. The cocos island encompasses sharks, rays, dolphins and whale sharks, which is why it has catched the eyes of many.

Hope the above mentioned activities sum up your bucket list of Costa Rica adventures. Yes, do not forget to try jungle hotels while visiting Rainforest.
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