7 Best Things to Do in Tamarindo in Costa Rica

From the scorching heights of the hill to the bottom of the sea, every place is a tourist attraction in the landscape of Costa Rica. As holiday planners, tons of questions and concerns run through our mind. First, we begin with knowing the budget to visit the countries. But would you decide the budget without knowing the famous attractions of the place?

A situation like this feeds the curious mind looking for things to do near Tamarindo in Costa Rica. And while the to do list is as long as the ocean of the country, we have some best picks to spark light on your vacation plans. The place may seem all about adventures, but the peaceful shore of the beach helps to calm your soul and body by the end of the day.

If you are wondering about what to do in Tamarindo and planning to head back to your resort or hotel room after the dawn, then you have probably not heard about the nightlife of the country.

Also. Oh wait, did we get talking too much? Enough of talking around the bush. Let's talk about some real experiences of the city. After all, you would also need an personal itinerary to explore the woods and waterfall of Costa Rica. Before we directly plunge into the activities, it would be best if you knew the weather condition of Tamarindo.

1. Make Time in the Ideal Holiday Season

Before crossing the borders of any country it is a mandate and quite natural to check upon their weather conditions. Hence, when you step foot around mid-November to April in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, the place will be brewing at a temperature of 78℉ to 100℉. Being the most ideal time of vacation, you may end up doing all the activities that we shall list down.

2. Hit the Beach with a Surf Board

The moment you have entered the country, the first thing to visit are some of the beautiful beaches of Tamarindo. Every beach in the entire coast of Costa Rica, showers with the joy of surfing. Don't worry even if you are a non-surfer. The professionals at every coast will ride along with you on the board, to chant the best and most exciting adventures of the country.

While there are plenty of beaches, Iguana Surf has the highest amount of tourists. The place is all filled with surfing boards, seafood stalls, and sea life jewelry. Thereby, urging the visitors to hit the food stalls after a tiring surf ride.

3. Kayaking in Nature's Lap

The coastal beauty isn't just for the adventures that give you goosebumps. The beach resides in itself the peace of nature and wildlife. At all the crowded beach spots, you can find locals taking the visitors on a once in a lifetime nature visit. On your way, what you will see is the playful act of monkeys, scary eyes of crocodiles, and symphony of birds chirping around you.

Making a note on your budget, the Kayaking nature tour starts from the minimum cost of $40. Hence, the only way to lose money is, if a monkey steals your wallet (just kidding) on your Pacific journey.

4. Embark on a Roadtrip with ATV

Water splashes with boat and kayaking were a great deal of adventure. Now its time to hit the road (literally) to embrace the beauty of bushes and trees along the roadmap. The ATV; i.e All-terrain vehicles are ridden by the tourists, but not without the help of an expert guide. It introduces you with the rural part of the country. Here standing in the middle of nature you can scream your name.

While all the beaches entail the ATV ride, Playa Tamarindo has the best-tailored guide taking you on a 3-hour ride, through the mountains, valleys, and viewpoints.

5. Flying along the coast of Tamarindo

Although we cannot really fly like the birds in the beautiful sky along with clouds but what if we tell you that same experience can be through wandering around the coast of Tamarindo. Yes, the beautiful city of Costa Rica makes way for Zipline activity that rushes you through the bushes of the jungle. Just hold the rope and gear up with the carabiner, it will give the same joy as flying in the sky.

Literally, sky surfing through the bushes of the jungle, you may see monkeys and other land creatures with your naked eyes and is one of the exciting and fun things to do in Tamarindo.

6. Caving into the National Parks

Tamarindo is as beautiful underneath as it is in the open sky. On one hand, all the above activities are made to enjoy the open air of the country, it all brings tourists down into a cave. The caves around the city known by the name of Barra Honda National Park offer a unique and out of the box experience to the visitors.

It is quite captivating and thrilling adventure from everything you did the entire day. The structure of the caves will leave you in wonder.

Apart from the real caves as national parks, Tamarindo brings in the wildlife nature inside the Palo Verde National Park. And if you wish to only talk with nature make way into Rincon de la Vieja National Park and experience the joy of standing under the waterfalls.

7. A Tucked Away Side of Tamarindo

Whilst, we all have seen the wild side of the country, there is a hidden peace and relaxation in the cultural life of the people. The hustle of the city finds a way to continue every day with cultural activities like concerts, rodeo or celebration of small and big festivals. The international festivals are brought into the limelight so that tourists can see the colorful side of the city.

Let's take an example of the Tamarindo Art Festival where the classic enthusiasts show their creativity. The participation in these events is open so whether it is local public or tourist, all of them can have a taste of the culture.

Are you on a family trip with the kids? Then worry no more, because the Tamarindo city is scaped with playgrounds on all the corners and is one of the fun places near Tamarindo for teenagers. The kids and teenagers enjoy a fun time playing in the soccer field, basketball court, skatepark, etc.

If you are looking for a life away from the stress of daily life, then Tamarindo is the best way to embrace exciting, thrilling and peaceful experiences. Mark you calendar in the dry season to inhale the refreshing air of Costa Rica.
Kalyan Panja