13 Best Gift Ideas For Travel Lovers

We would prefer greeting the most respected men in our life such as the beloved father, colleague, boss or teacher on special occasions like valentines day. The most effective way to convey the affection and express the gratitude for their tremendous support in different walks of our lives would be sending most appropriate gifts.

Most of the men travel as a part of their profession or even as a passion to explore different places. If we could gift them something useful for their trips, the gift ideas would be admired by the men for sure.

Best Gift Ideas For Travel Lovers

Here are some most appealing travel gifts offered online for men:

1. Swiss Military LIG2 – Lighter

Hikers require something handy and reliable to light fire or even for a small lamp that would help them to perform various activities while camping. A stylish and durable lighter can be one of the most useful and memorable gift ideas for hikers. The receiver would be happy to get this as a special gift and can keep it in the travel kit to use during the trips.

2. Personalised Face Luggage Tag

Usually, the luggage tags are used to identify the baggage during the trips. This luggage tag has a unique feature. The face of the receiving man would be printed on one side of the luggage tag and the other side would have the space to write down the contact details. The face would make the tag and the bag to which the tag is attached totally unique. This can be among the personalized gifts for travel lovers.

3. Travel Passport Organiser

Between boarding passes, passports, credit cards, and foreign currency, there is a lot to carry when you are travelling internationally. A passport organiser keeps you, well, organised, and your documents safe.

The passport would be the most important belonging to be carried during the overseas trips. The passport holder is printed with the meaningful image and message showcasing the airplane and specifying the ideal mode of handheld devices such as the smartphone or tab. This can be used to retain the passport securely.

4. Personalised Classic Cars Calendar

This desk calendar is printed with the images of most acclaimed classic cars of different world-renowned brands. This can be a great gift to the man who is passionate to collect antiques and also to travel places driving through the exotic cars that would define his status.

5. Laptop

Are you looking for one of the top laptops for travelers along with a laptop bag to gift to your friend? A laptop can be easily carried on a backpack with several compartments to carry different belongings including a dedicated compartment to carry the laptop securely. This would allow the travel-loving men to carry their work and passion along, during their trips.

6. Action Camera

Vlogging is a great way of showing others what you're doing. But how do you achieve it? While smartphone cameras are getting better are better, they are still not suited for Vlog styled videos. That's where the action cameras come in. You can find a lot of great backpacking cameras like GoPro and others to shoot your travel experience or Vlogs too. That is why action cameras for hiking are one of the best travel gadgets to use.

7. Surfskate

For wakesurfers there is always a perfect wave. And here we are at the gift of gifts for a surfer, the surfboard! Of course it is not easy to give a surfboard as a gift extricating yourself in the jungle of models and sizes is a difficult task even for experienced surfers. If you are not, before buying, ask the person concerned or check some of the best wakesurf board ideas here!

8. Surfskate

Do you need ideas to give a surfer a gift? These surf gifts will make your friend, child or partner the happiest person in the world. The skate surfing is one of the best tools you can count on and is one of the best gift ideas for surfers. A real gift to keep fit and keep motivated. There are three essential accessories and allies for any surfer in winter: booties, gloves and a hat. Keep in mind when choosing them that they should be as tight as possible, without cutting off blood circulation, so that they can perform their calorific function while maintaining the highest level of comfort.

9. Bluetooth Speaker

This one is important, especially when you're on vacation rentals. While many rentals provide you with LCD's, how about your smartphone? You have all your songs on your smartphones. Therefore, if you want to listen to your favorite song, you can just use Bluetooth speakers. A lot of companies like JBL are providing some of the best Bluetooth speakers in this game.

10. Water Purifier Bottle

After traveling to various places, you realize the importance of water back at home. Water varies from place to place. Somewhere, you might even be drinking dirty water. To avoid that, all you need to do is just buy a decent water purifier. Water purifiers clean water for people who have difficulty in finding clean water. For the most part, you might need to change the water filter. However, everything else is just an automatic process.

11. Flask Light with GPS

This one is not important to take and is is one of the top hiking gifts for hike and trek lovers. However, especially when you're hiking and doing stuff like that, you must take all the precautions you can. That's where Flask light comes in. These lights have inbuilt GPS so security shouldn't be an issue. You can be tracked in real time. So if you're loss of having difficulty, don't worry. It's not 2002 anymore. That is why flask light with GPS is one of the best portable travel gadgets to use.

12. Thermal Imaging Monoculars

Allowing wildlife observers to spot animals that would have remained unnoticed through standard day optics, thermal imaging devices work effectively in adverse conditions, such as heavy rain and dense fog, and even through small gaps in dense foliage. These intuitive devices incorporate highly sensitive thermal sensors and powerful objective lenses to detect an animal’s metabolic heat signature at great distances.

And most importantly, they do not emit any artificial light or visible infrared illumination, meaning they won’t startle or scare off any observed wildlife.

13. Motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots have a big job to do because they have to keep you protected from both the elements and from the risk of getting crashed in haphazard situation. Most of the people are daily commuters or who ride on weekends ,whatever may be the situation a riding boots is necessary. You just cant wear a sleepers, flip-flop or casual shoes to go for a ride.

If suppose you are struck by a gravels or your foot surf on tarmac then do just imagine you feet will be like as Thanos snapped his fingers in Avengers “Endgame”. Some motorcycle boots are racing boots and its not recommended to wear for casual rides. A riding boot should be sturdy, a wide sole is recommended, molded ankle insertion, oil resistant sole, this things will be bang for your bucks.

It’s better to filter your range according to your requirements.

Happy Journey, Happy Gifting
Kalyan Panja