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If you have not visited India yet, chances are that your life is going to change for the better after the trip. You will see people with nothing with a big smile on their face, religious leaders encouraging people to improve themselves, and very well-mannered school kids with perfect English. India is full of the unexpected, but there are some places every traveler should experience. Below you will find five of them.

Boat Trip on the Ganges

Boat Trip on the Ganges

Ganges is considered a river Goddess, and people rever it. If you first visit the shores, you will need to take a boat trip and release a lotus flower making a wish. If you are lucky, the Goddess will listen and it will come true. There is nothing quite like a night boat ride on the Ganges, but you should be aware of the fact that it is one of the most polluted rivers in the world, too. Just because the yogis on the shores of Varanasi wash in it, it might not be safe for you.

Riding on an Elephant

If you visit any of the large forts of North India, you will be offered the chance to take an elephant ride. It is not only a great photo opportunity, but you will also see more of the town below. You can travel in comfort, but be sure to arrange your tour ahead, or you might end up paying extra for a few bananas for the beautifully decorated elephants.

Visiting the Temples

Visiting the Lotus Temple

In Delhi, you will find a special temple. The Lotus Temple is not dedicated to one god or religion, but all of them. You will see respect and positive vibes in the interior, and it is a great place to try to meditate and see clearer about your life. In Chhattisgarh you will find the Teevardev Mahavihara. Visiting the temple is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you should not miss it.

Seeing a Palmist

If you believe in Vedic astrology, you might want to find out what traditional palmists have to say about your future. Palmists do not charge an arm and a leg in India, and you will be surprised how much they will know about you in just a few minutes. You can ask them any questions and their predictions are said to be pretty accurate.

Visiting a Market

If you would like to try the local Indian cuisine, you might want to avoid the tourist areas and go to any of the local markets to taste the real street dishes offered for Indians like chhena poda. You can also shop for fabric, get a kilt or a local garment made in just a few hours to measure for much less than it would cost you to visit any tailor shop at home.

Be sure to make the most out of your money, though, and always use the local currency. Check out the Currency exchange prices and compare them as the rates vary at different locations. If you are visiting India, you need to engage with the locals and experience life through their eyes.

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