Tips to Buy Traditional Indian Jewelry

You could buy a souvenir as a masterpiece or something you use every day. Then there are other elements that are available throughout the country, although of different textures and designs. Here we refer to traditional jewelry in India. We will explore some of the unique essentials! You can say that it is Indian jewelry simply because of the look of it, but to say what part of India it belongs to can be quite a challenge.

In any case, you should not end up buying something that is not really exclusive to India. Also, you should not buy something that does not belong to the region. For example, you do not want to end up buying tea leaves in Rajasthan, which is the specialty of Nilgiris and Darjeeling.

India is a country of many cultures. The rich heritage makes it apart from all the other places in the world. Our people are from different castes and religions making us a land of diversity. Being a thickly populated nation the people living here belong to different states. Each state has its own language, fashion, and culture. This makes us unique as the cultural diversity gives us so many options and variety when it comes to fashion, food, architecture and several other things.

Types of traditional Indian jewellery

Jewelry in India is a fundamental element of women's clothing. You will find designs of all kinds with materials as varied as wood, leather or glass. If you plan to buy jewelry in India, here are some valuable tips. Here I would be stating a list of states and the jewellery fashion adopted by them.

Traditional Assamese Jewellery

This state is known for its beauty, a small but thickly populated area widely famous for its culture is a major attraction for tourists. The people of Assam follow their old customs and traditions with a minimal touch of western culture. Their traditional values and rich heritage makes this state one of a kind. Jewellery is worn by both men and women.

Most of their ornaments are directly influenced by the rich natural habitation of the state and are purely handmade. The personal touch to the jewellery makes it special for the people purchasing and wearing it. Typically the jewelleries are made of gold and the most popular colours among the buyers are red and green. Here is a list of different ornaments widely famous.

Doog doogi, and Biri moni are the ornaments largely demanded by the people. The uniqueness of its design and pattern makes it different from other necklaces. Senpata, Horinsakua are the types of rings well known in the state. Lokaparo. Thuriya is other ornaments widely famous.

Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery

Everything about Mumbai is special and different, be it food, culture, fashion or language. The jewellery worn by the Maharashtrian ladies are special and exclusive. Red is the prime colour used in the occasion of weddings. Nath is a type of ornament generally worn by the Maharashtrian women in the event of weddings or puja.

It typically depicts their culture and makes it apart from other nose-pins worn by women in various different states. The jewellery of a Maharashtrian bride is incomplete without a Nath. Thushi is another beautiful ornament loved by the ladies. Inspired by choker it is a gold necklace usually worn at the time of weddings.

Thushi holds an important place in the state's culture and rituals. The Kolhapuri saaj is another beautiful work in the jewellery fashion which is primarily worn in Maharashtra. It is a necklace which shows the rich tradition of the state.

Traditional Bengali Jewellery

Bengali jewellery is one of a kind. The pattern or designs used to form an ornament is remarkable. Gold is primarily used in the making of any Bengali jewellery. Its rich customs and traditions are pretty visible in the type of fashion they follow in terms of jewellery and clothing. Durga Puja is one of the most important occasions in the life of a Bengali. Pati haar is a necklace generally worn by the ladies on Durga Puja and other such ceremonies. Jhumko is another jewellery in the form of earrings which is loved by the bongs.

Traditional Kerala Jewellery

Gold is the preferred metal in almost all of India with the exception of Rajasthan, where silver is most popular. Even though several new types of materials have entered the market but still, love for gold has not changed. In occasions like wedding and other religious ceremonies, people decorate themselves with beautiful gold jewellery. Thalikettu is one of the most important rituals in Kerala and it is considered very sacred.

When we talk about necklaces the first names that come to our mind are Manga Mala Necklace and Mulla Mottu. These are purely made of gold and their beautiful pattern and design never fails to attract the attention of people and tourists. Payal also holds a great significance when it comes to dressing up. Girls prefer Kolusu payal for their jewellery.

Traditiional Rajasthani Jewellery

Popular for its rich heritage and traditional customs, Rajasthan is a state of colours, rituals, food and many other things. Widely known for its alluring jewellery work, this state stands out on my list when it comes to royal and majestic work of art. People here prefer their old traditional handmade jewellery rather than latest artificial ones.

Lac bangles are very famous among ladies because of their beautiful designs and ancient significance. Another type of jewellery that is famous is jadau. These not only make you look royal but also vibrant. Jaipur in Rajasthan is the biggest tourist attraction in the north of India and, at the same time, also the biggest center of India for the cutting and polishing of precious and semi-precious stones!

The culture of accessories is deeply rooted in Indian women and jewelry is of great importance in the beautification of everyday life and in the wedding trousseau. There is more to visit Jauhari Bazar in Jaipur to observe entire families selecting the jewels of the bride and his future dowry.

The street markets are a good option to buy jewelry in India of little value. In any small town you will see the metal or crystal bracelets that tinkle with the Indian women. These bracelets or churiya are worn in combinations of different finishes and are bought by the dozens. The market in front of the Palace of the Winds of Jaipur or Sadar Bazar in Pushkar have many options.

In Rajasthan you can see how the colorful resin bracelets are made or select a wide variety of bindis, the dots that decorate the forehead. Jaipur is probably the best city to wander around and choose from all kinds of combinations with semiprecious stones, since it is the capital of carving and jewelry.

A few meters from the Palace of the Winds, the Jauhari Bazar is located where the best artisans of the city meet. It is the best place to buy dance anklets, foot rings or silver anklets. Only in Rajasthan will you find that predilection for white metal, antique pieces and classical forms.

High quality jewelry is found in more exclusive markets. Brands such as Tanishq or D'damas are very oriented to Indian taste, that is, combinations of 22 carat yellow gold and diamonds. To buy jewelry in India, ethnic and modern, first quality you should go to Indian designers who exhibit their work in the market of Khan Market in Delhi and in MI Road in Jaipur.

Types of traditional Indian jewellery

This was my list of famous jewellery and their significance in different parts of the world. These days due to the busy schedule and harsh working hours people do not get enough time to shop it offline. I have come across many online platforms where they are selling beautiful work of jewellery at a reasonable price.

Kalyan Panja