9 Best Hotels in Mumbai For Couples

Mumbai is one of the most highly visited places currently in India. Given the historical magnificence of the financial capital of India, along with the various industrial institutions to latch on to, it is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in India and even abroad.

However, in order to appreciate the beauty of the city, it is always imperative to get acquainted with some of the most apposite lodges that are at once comfortable and affordable. When choosing a hotel, the first thing you should look for is comfortable rooms. Rooms are the only part you can relax in.

A comfortable bedroom, an equipped kitchen and a clean bathroom make up a five-star hotel. In a luxury hotel, the best thing is a queen-size bed with pillows. The ambience of the rooms offers you a cozy atmosphere. Aside from the bedrooms, kitchens are another part that comes with amazing features. The fully equipped kitchen gives you the independence to cook anything you want.

Many people love cooking, for them the equipped kitchen is becoming a popular part of the hotel. A microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator give you the freedom to cook. The design and colors of the rooms are another important aspect that contributes to the creation of a luxury hotel. They use stunning curtains, contrasting wall colors and designed light to create an ideal ambience.

This helps visitors to get a luxurious feeling. Aside from these, these hotels feature some of the most impressive designs.

Best Hotels in Mumbai For Couples

Here are the top hotels in Mumbai to stay for couples while touring to one of the largest metropolis in India:

1. Shalimar Hotel

The Shalimar Hotel is one of the finest hotels and lodges to stay while on tour in Mumbai. Located in the August Kranti Marg, it currently offers the lowest price. The Shalimar Hotel provides a free internet space along with free parking facilities. It is a 4-star hotel and is also well equipped with facilities of convenient airport transportation.

Apart from the fact that is comfortable and quite affordable, it also hosts a string of non-smoking rooms in order to provide the maximum amount of convenience to non-smokers.

2. Hotel Le Sutra

Located in Off Carter Road, between Olive and Out of the Blue restaurant, hotel Le Sutra is one of the best luxury boutique hotels in Mumbai. It is among the finest hotels in the city presently. Currently priced at Rs. 9679 per day, the hotel provides facilities for Wi-Fi along with facilities for convenient airport transportation.

Apart from these features, it is interesting to know that each and every room in the hotel is furnished with air conditioners and contemporary flat screen TVs. One of the most defining factors of the Le Sutra is its emphasis on design and detail primarily using the anecdotes of the Indian Mythology.

3. Gordon House Hotel

One of the most tourist-friendly hotels in Mumbai, the Gordon House Hotel in Mumbai is located within 600 meters from the National Gallery of Modern Art, the historic Gateway of India, and the Prince of Wales Museum.

One of the finest places to sojourn while touring the exquisite city, the Gordon House Hotel provides affordable prices as well as free Wi-Fi access in the hotel premises. The Gordon House Hotel is located in the region of Colaba near the city center.

4. Waterstones Hotel

Another tourist-friendly lodging in Mumbai, the Waterstones Hotel is located only five kilometers from the Mumbai International Airport.

Equipped with a string of comfortable rooms and flat-screen cable TVs, the Waterstones Hotel is one of the finest hotels in the city. Also, it is interesting to know that the hotel features recreational activities and also a restaurant.

5. Hotel Godwin

One of the most affordable hotels in the city, Hotel Godwin is located in the Colaba Causeway near the city center. It is mainly famous for exquisite shopping malls. One of the more telling features of the Godwin Hotel is that it is equipped with an open-air rooftop restaurant. It offers some regal views of the metropolis.

6. Residency Hotel Fort

this hotel, despite not being so cheap, was the one that best fit my budget and gave me comfort and cleanliness, it is also located right in the center and very close to the CST train station, so you can Move to any part of India and visit the area without problem.

7. Four Seasons Hotel

This luxurious Four Seasons chain hotel offers a set of attractive features, including an attractive outdoor pool, a rooftop lounge with DJ sessions every night, and two restaurants serving Asian and Italian food. There is also a full spa, as well as a modern gym and free yoga classes. The 202 rooms are quite simple in terms of decoration, and some guests find them bland and do not live up to Four Seasons standards.

However, they are equipped with many modern amenities, such as flat-screen TVs, DVD players, minibars, and free Wi-Fi. Marble bathrooms have tubs and rain showers.

8. Travelers Inn Fort

The excellent location of the Travelers Inn Hotel in the Ballard Estate neighborhood of southern Mumbai makes it an excellent choice for backpackers and other budget travelers who want to stay in the heart of things but do not have the means to lose a small fortune in one of the most dazzling properties of the area.

There are 20 rooms here (including two bedrooms); Some units have air conditioning and even rain showers, but in general they are simple. Facilities are limited to free Wi-Fi connection throughout the hotel, a super simple breakfast and free parking on site, although, since the vast majority of those staying here are international backpackers, the Internet is more useful than the parking lot.

9. Diplomat Hotel

The 50-room Diplomat Hotel has a great location in the Colaba neighborhood, opposite the iconic Taj Mahal Palace hotel. Two popular restaurants occupy the ground floor, which can be a draw for guests and locals, but they are also the cause of the constant night riots for those trying to sleep in rooms that face the street.

Other units face a monotonous interior wall, and many have old bathrooms. A free buffet breakfast is included, there are two large banquet rooms and free Wi-Fi throughout.

The city that never sleeps is quite hot all year long, but February brings pleasant breezes from the sea with moderate temperatures throughout the day. This is the peak season to enjoy walks around the city. You can explore the rich colonial past of the city around its suburbs.

Walk around the busy markets, visit the happening cafes and stay out late at nights at the swanky pubs of Mumbai and for sure see the famous Mumbai beach town in its winter glory.
Kalyan Panja