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From incredible destinations to authentic experiences, Indiana is a perfect getaway that offers it all during a weekend getaway to USA. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, history buff, food lover, or a sports fan, Indiana has awe-worthy surprises that will match up to all your vibrant tastes and preferences. If you are planning a remarkable weekend getaway to Indiana, then here are some best cities of USA to visit that you will cherish!

1. Bloomington

A place that nurtures aspirations and creativity, Bloomington is a breeding ground that boasts being one of the best college towns in America. With a beautiful campus, the Indiana University Bloomington is well known for its innovation, creativity, and academic freedom. Other amazing destinations of the city include Indiana University's Eskenazi Museum of Art and WonderLab Museum.

Offering cuisine from all over the globe, Fourth Street is home to Bloomington's restaurant row and is a favorite among foodies. The city also features a few pizzerias and wonderful wineries, too. One can also enjoy a variety of arts in Bloomington, which encompasses a diverse range of performances, concerts, and movies throughout the year. Watch an ensemble at the African American Arts Institute or ballet at Indiana University's Opera and Ballet Theater.

2. Westfield

A thriving community with a rich heritage, Westfield is a perfect getaway for sports buffs. The city is well-known for Grand Park Sports Campus, a premier 400-acre facility that hosts many community and sporting events year-round. For outdoor enthusiasts, explore the 18-plus mile Monon Trail that begins in Westfield. It eventually connects to Carmel and Indianapolis. For foodies, the city also has several amazing eateries that cater to diverse taste buds. South of downtown Westfield, located on Parker Street, "Restaurant Row" features a mix of restaurants for visitors to devour.

Since there are so many attractions to explore in Westfield, it would be beneficial to find accommodations nearby.

3. French Lick

A fantastic romantic getaway, French Lick is all about fine dining, rejuvenation, and entertainment. The city is famous for its historic early 1900s French Lick Resort, located in an extravagant facility, complete with mineral springs healing waters. Other enthralling places in town include the French Lick West Baden Museum, which features a large circus diorama, and the French Lick Scenic Railway that offers beautiful scenic rides. For all the wine lovers out there, the town also has an exclusive wine trail known as Indiana Uplands Wine Trail at French Lick Winery.

4. Valparaiso

Indiana Destinations Perfect for a Weekend Getaway

Rich in culture and attractively located in a rural setting, the city of Valparaiso is a hot spot for arts, cuisine, and entertainment. Valparaiso is perfect for foodies as the city hosts many food-themed festivals. It is particularly known for its annual popcorn festival. With mouth-watering delicacies, downtown Valparaiso has an array of eateries that any foodie will crave to explore. Also, the city has a plethora of breweries that provide locally brewed craft beer to locally grown wine for every bibulous person to relish.

Gear up for a perfect weekend getaway in Indiana. Explore unique places, delicious eateries, and fascinating locales at one of these four cities in Indiana.

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  1. I haven’t been to Indiana before and neither have I researched about it during my vacation planning. But it sounds like a lovely place to be. I especially liked Valparaiso since you mentioned it’s a hub for arts, cuisine and entertainment. This choice has a lot to do with me being a foodie.

  2. It is great to be introduced to other places within the US and not just the standard ones. Truly looks like Indiana should feature on more itineraries than it does.

  3. We have not really spend any time in Indiana. So it was good to see what weekend destinations might tempt us to visit. French Link sounds like a great spot for both some healing waters and for eating and drinking the weekend away. But the foodie in me may want to head to Valparaiso. Thanks for some new getaway options.

  4. Thanks for introducing this. To be honest, never thought of visiting Indiana yet. I kinda go to the 'popular' states first like NY, FL, CA, TX, etc. I think your guide is really good for a weekend getaway so i will consider this in the future. French Link and Valparaiso sound good to me.

  5. I haven’t been to Indiana and to be honest it was never somewhere I would have thought to go. You have introduced me to some amazing looking places that has made it a place I’d love to visit one day!


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