Tour the Great Lakes Region in Duluth, Minnesota

On my visit to Duluth, I enjoyed a trip full of emotions, discoveries, and unexpected places. A little rain didn't stop me from seeing the beauty this city had to offer.

Driving Old Highway 61

After a breakfast in Minneapolis with lots of bread, cheese, yogurt, chocolate, and granola bars, we start in the morning on our way to Lake Superior. Our car arrives in time to pick us up for our journey ahead. And, of course, I do not forget to keep a couple of Bob Dylan CDs on the dashboard.

We take the old Highway 61, a highly symbolic place because in crossing America, it passes through the thousand traditions of different origins that merged to give rise to American culture. Unfortunately, the weather is not great as we approach Duluth. We end up deciding at the last moment to stay here overnight and quickly book a hotel through Hotel Planner.

Like a City by the Sea

The special thing about Duluth is the big harbor and the fact that it is located on Lake Superior. The lake is the largest of the five Great Lakes and is very impressive. After taking a look at the city, I have the impression that it is by the sea and not by a lake. In the Canal Park area, restaurants, nightclubs, shops, and cruises are there to entertain tourists. But soon the rains take over, and I drive back to the hotel.

Getting Up With the Sun

The next day, I get up with the sun to go hiking north of Duluth. First of all, we drive to downtown Duluth. The first joggers are already on the shores of Lake Superior, but otherwise, it is still empty and the light is wonderful. It is only a little fresh. You can already tell that the summer is over. But the cool weather of fall doesn't bother me. As a precaution, I have my jacket with me as I walk and view the beautifully landscaped lake.

Tour the Great Lakes Region in Duluth, Minnesota

Image via Flickr by Sharon Mollerus

Exploring Lake Superior

At the harbor entrance of Duluth, there are three lighthouses and, of course, I look at all of them. Two can only be reached via a very long pier that juts out into the lake. I take a nice little walk early in the morning.

Just around the corner is the Aerial Lift Bridge. It was originally built as a transporter bridge and later rebuilt to a lift bridge. I drive over the bridge that connects Duluth with the Minnesota Point or the Park Point, the longest sandbar in a freshwater lake.

Route Provides Lovely Stopovers

There are also a lot of Canada geese resting on their way south, and I watch them for a while. We continue our visit along old Highway 61 with stopovers in Gooseberry Falls State Park, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Tettegouche State Park, and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. We choose to stay overnight at the campsite at the Boundary Waters.

Before I go to bed, I see the weather forecast. It does not look good. It's good that I still used every ray of sunshine today. But I do not quite give up the hope that it will not be so bad.

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