An Education for Personal and Social Evolution

The pinnacle of principles of education is the awareness of the nobility of the human being. Everyone is capable of loving one another and showing virtues and talents. What can prevent these noble qualities from manifesting is the lack of adequate education.

The education of the individual

Our teachers educate us so that every human being can know their value and help advance a progressive society. Teachers are responsible both to acquire knowledge and to reach higher levels of knowledge and to educate the younger generation of the society. The values with which young people have educated shape the character of communities and guide the progress of entire generations.

Promoting a valid model of education for humanity is a global necessity, to which no nation can escape if it wants to build prosperity and a better future. It is imperative to consider education as one of the most urgent priorities if one wants to avoid the decline of humanity, caused by ignorance, and aim at what brings prosperity, independence and freedom to the individual, and consequently to the nation and mankind.

A holistic education

Education must treat both character and behavior as well as science and the arts. Good behavior and high morality are of the utmost importance because if knowledge is refined, acquiring knowledge can be very damaging. A person of great talent and who is very educated can easily develop pride, vanity, greed or arrogance if they have not developed certain qualities such as humility, wisdom, honesty, justice, and empathy, to name a few.

Our times clearly highlight the importance of holistic education that includes a material, human and spiritual side. Material education involves the development of the body. Education is about civilization and progress and has to do with governments, administration, charitable works, trades, arts and crafts, sciences, great inventions, and discoveries. Spiritual education consists in the acquisition of divine perfections and is the true education.

The spiritual nature develops with its help, which is the highest nature of the human being. Everywhere in the world, mothers at home, school teachers, professors in the university must teach these ideas to young people, from cradle to maturity.

Compulsory education

Education must not only be compulsory but also universal. The principle of the obligation to educate every child intellectually and spiritually must be applied in every country of the world. It is not advisable to allow a person to remain ignorant and incapable, for then he is nothing but a sterile tree. If there were no educators, all souls would remain wild, and if it were not for the master, the children would be ignorant creatures. Education should be compulsory and not voluntary.

Equal educational opportunities

The great potentialities of the age in which we live will become increasingly evident as the education of girls improves. Moreover, this recognition of equality between men and women and revaluation of women's role in society is an important factor for the true progress of modern society. When education is universally widespread in all schools, a perfect relationship will be established among members of the human race. And when all will receive the same kind of education, the bases of war and dispute can be eliminated.

The role of parents and the community

The role of parents in education is of utmost importance as they are the primary educators. They must impart spiritual education to their children, and above all build their character. This sacred duty, to educate children is not just their responsibility. The community must support them in its fulfillment.

Since education is a fundamental right, the community must strive to help families ensure the best education possible for each child and child. This is essential for their development and well-being, as it allows them to develop their potential and to cultivate skills that they will then be able to make available to society, living a full life at the service of others.

If the parents are able to cover the costs of such education, it is fine, otherwise, it is the community that must provide the means to educate them. The role of parents, teachers, and educators is not to dispense with knowledge and information as if they were filling an empty glass. They must facilitate a lifelong learning process to teach children to devote life to things of great importance and inspire them to undertake studies that benefit humankind.

Children and in general humanity are a rich mine of gems of inestimable value. These gems are the virtues and great potentials that education has to evolve and develop in every human being.
Kalyan Panja