11 Best Things to Do in #Rome

@Italia @Turismoromaweb #VisitRome Rome is one of the most ancient yet admirable cities in the world. It has a very wealthy history that stretches over 2400 years, for it has been a Centre of culture, power, politics, and development since its birth. The inception of the city has been based on folk tales and legends. There are numerous different descriptions of how Rome came to be.

Different Roman emperors and Caesars have dominated the legendary Rome while, on the other hand, it is also the setting where the colossal Roman Empire lengthen. In the fullness of time, several religious places, monuments, and palaces have been built in the town, which now stands as magnificent tourist attractions that remind us of the city's eminent past.

Rome is the essence of European culture. Rome is popular for its beautiful architecture, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and Colleseum. Visit the Pantheon and the Roman Forum to learn about history. Art lovers can praise art at the Vatican Museums. They say Rome wasn't built in a day. This means that to see and experience Rome, you definitely need to spend some time there. And experiencing Rome could be one of the best things that happen to you.

Rome is a city that will take your breath away and win your whole heart over. The museums are filled with famous paintings of celebrated artists. Galleries, restaurants, and shopping districts are located in small, Italian streets. Cafes are filled with people who enjoy Italian coffee. Anywhere you go, you will be able to learn something new and exciting.

Rome is a very old city. It is rich in art and history. Painters, sculptors, kings, singers, and many other very meaningful and well-known people have lived and worked here throughout time. Rome is a modern city with luxurious hotels, designer shops, and many cafes and restaurants. Foodies can also enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine at various restaurants. Seek help from travel guides to travel around the city and enjoying attraction sites.

Rome truly is an amazing city as it is the capital of Italy. It is simply one of those Italian tourist attractions that you can't and shouldn't miss if you find yourself in Italy. And the best part about Rome is that it is suitable for people of all ages so you can plan your dream family vacation to Rome. It is a great way to bring art and history closer to children.

Not to forget to mention the sights and the hundred-year-old buildings that you are going to fall in love with as soon as you start exploring this amazing city.

best things to do in rome italy

This is the reason Rome is constantly being ranked the best tourist destination in Europe and the world at large with sites like Colosseum, the Vatican, the Pantheon, St Peter's Square, St. Peter's Basilica, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and a lot more. We shall look into some of these sites.

1. Visit the iconic Colosseum

To start with, a trip to Rome would be incomplete if you do not visit the mighty structure and most famous and iconic landmark, the Colosseum. It was built between 70-80 AD, and its pinnacle was approximated to hold over 80000 spectators. It is also called the Flavian Amphitheatre. The palace can be easily accessed as it has a metro station close to it.

It is located southwest of the central train station. The Colosseum was used to hold boxing tournaments, games, and other leisure forms and would be from time to time present with the Roman Emperors. It is the greatest tourist attraction today, with around 6 million tourists each year globally. It also became one of the Seven Wonders of Modern World. You absolutely cannot miss visiting this place if you happen to be in Rome.

Often overlooked by tourists visiting the nearby Colosseum are the remains of the Temple of Claudius. Located literally across the street and due south of the famous amphitheater, the temple complex was initiated by Claudius’s fourth wife, Agrippina the Younger, shortly after the emperor's death in 54AD.

After Nero came to power, he had most of the still unfinished temple complex demolished, and incorporated the podium into his massive 'Domus Aurea' (Golden House). In addition to starting work on the Colosseum, Emperor Vespasian also resurrected and finished Claudius's temple complex sometime between 69 and 79AD, and he and his two successor sons, Titus and Domitian, also began the long process of demolishing much of the 'Domus Aurea'.

Today, little remains above ground of the actual temple, but if you travel down Via Claudia, south of the Colosseum, you can still see the massive eastern podium wall of the temple complex to your right, including the niches where statuary would've sat when Nero converted it to a nymphaeum/fountain.

A large segment of the eastern podium was converted to a fountain and nymphaeum which drained into an artificial lake where the Colosseum now sits.

2. Visit the St. Peter's Square

Secondly, you cannot afford to miss visiting the iconic St. Peter's Square. Numerous important activities have taken place in this religious site. It is found in the Vatican, which is the smallest country in the world. The square is round, surrounded by two huge sets of an arcade with beautiful statues of different religious figures standing on those columns.

The sculptures are also of previous popes. In the middle of the square, there is a striking obelisk taken from Nero's Circus that resembles more like Egyptian rather than Roman. At the posterior of the square, your eyes will catch the sight of the renowned St. Peter's Basilica with chairs arranged in front of it set out for the papal events. You will also see crowds of people dying to catch a sight of the pope.

3. Visit the St. Peter's Basilica

Thirdly, the famous and most celebrated religious structure globally, St. Peter's Basilica. It is held as one of the holiest shrines of the catholic religion followers. It has a stunningly designed face ordained with statuses of the Apostoles and Jesus. When you go inside the Basilica, you will be amazed at the planning and ornament; it is regarded as the most stunning buildings in the world.

You can see and appreciate the good work done on the design. Individuals get to see a good aerial view of St. Peter's Square by climbing on top of the dome.

4. Visit the mighty Pantheon

Another iconic thing to do is to visit the mighty Pantheon building. The Pantheon, located on the Campus Martius, is the greatest surviving building from Ancient Rome (and arguably, one of the greatest man has ever built). Most tourists are rightfully awed by its spectacular domed interior and its grand pediment supported by those magnificent granite columns facing onto the Piazza della Rotunda.

But if you're facing that columned portico and take a short walk to the left of the building along Via della Minerva and look down to your right, you'll see the remains of a walled structure adjacent to the temple (that rectangular structure attached to the rear of the circular Pantheon are the remains of Agrippa's Basilica of Neptune).

This is all that remains of the Porticus Argonautarum (named after the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts), the western segment of a quadriporticus which once enclosed the Saepta Julia. The Saepta was a large open area where Romans traditionally assembled to deliberate before casting their votes for two of its constituent assemblies, the Comitia Centuriata and the Comitia Tributa.

The votes were actually cast in a large hall to the south of the Saepta, called the Diribitorium, and were counted by officials called Diribitores. Conceived by Julius Caesar(thus its name Saepta 'Julia'), it was intended to replace an earlier, purely functional, wooden voting structure known as the Ovile, so named because it resembled a sheep pen(presumably no pun was ever intended?), and was possibly located on or near the site of the new Saepta.

The new structure was completed by Marcus Agrippa in 26BC, but was rebuilt several times due to fires, the last in conjunction with Hadrian's rebuild of the Pantheon circa 126AD. By the time of the death of Augustus in 14AD, the powers of the two assemblies had been thoroughly transferred to the Senate, and thus ultimately to the emperor.

Its porticos, once the place of intense democratic debate and deliberation, became luxury market stalls, and during the reigns of future emperors, the Saepta was used to hold athletic competitions, gladiatorial games and was even flooded to hold mock sea battles. Though now rendered politically irrelevant, it never the less remained a popular public meeting place well into the Imperial era.

It is the most preserved old roman building which attracts the world. The building constructed in 118AD by Emperor Hadrian, commissioned by Agrippa, still stands strong today. The site where it was built was earlier a temple. You will see a rectangular entrance with huge columns built in front of the building to commit Agrippa to the gable wall.

The inside of the striking dome is a neat series of rock patterns and a median trunk that allows light rays to pass through. Its central location makes it a true climax and a must-visit destination.

5. Visit the lavish Trevi Fountain

Lastly, a trip to Rome would not be complete without visiting the lavish Trevi Fountain. You know there are not many fountains in the world that are decorated as the one in Rome. It's a unique one and must-visit. It was constructed in 1762 by Nicola Salvi; tributes are paid to the Roman God Oceanus, who you can see riding chariots pulled by Tritons.

You can see how much work was done in the art of the fountain's front face, plus the details in the statues make it more beautiful. There is this tradition where it is believed that if you throw coins into the water over your back, you will get good luck; it is, however, tough to do so in front of 100 other tourists. You are likely not to pass this fountain as you tour Rome's streets because it is positioned close to the Pantheon and Quirincle palace.

The Baths of Agrippa, constructed in 25BC, were the first of the city's great public bath complexes. Built by Marcus Agrippa, Augustus's close friend, soon to be son-in-law and victor over Mark Antony and Cleopatra at the naval 'Battle of Actium', the baths were located just south of the Pantheon.

To supply the complex with water, Agrippa also built and paid for the construction of the Aqua Virgo, which is still in use today and supplies water to the Trevi Fountain. Though destroyed by a fire in 80AD, the baths were rebuilt by Titus or his brother Domitian. By the late 6th century, the complex had been converted to a nunnery.

The majority of the complex still existed into the 16th century, but was continually mined for its marble and other architectural elements. Today, a small segment of the curved walls of the once domed rotunda, all that remains of the once grand structure, can still be seen on Via dell'Arco della Ciambella.

6. Museo Nazionale Romano

The Museo Nazionale Romano is actually a series of palaces each containing some amazing finds: the actual rooms of Livia, wife of Caesar Augustus (found, and then brought and placed), the Balbi Crypt, a Roman Mummy, stunning bronzes, the Baths of Diocletian and so many more.

7. Visit Castel Sant'Angelo

If you like castles or have kids or and want to enjoy an awesome view from the top, visit Castel Sant'Angelo! In summer, they open up the passetto - the walkway leading to the Vatican City - and you can get an extra ticket to the dungeons as well. It's pretty neat, and highly undervalued.

8. Trajan Forum

Only a stones throw from the much more popular 'Forum Romanum' are the remains of the later 'Imperial Fora'. One of these, the Trajan's Forum, is believed to have been designed by the architect Apollodorus of Damascus, and it, along with Trajan's Market, were inaugurated in 113AD.

9. Trajan's Market

The market, with its giant exedra which cuts into the slope of the Quirinal Hill, is clearly visible from the Via dei Fori Imperiale, and was a complex of enclosed, arcaded shops. In essence, it was a very early shopping mall. But just behind the curve of this exedra is an intact segment of an ancient Roman street, now referred to as Via Biberatica.

This is the best preserved street from antiquity in the city of Rome, and its basalt paving stones and sidewalks can compete with anything that Ostia Antica, Pompeii or even Herculaneum can offer. On both sides of the street are original buildings, many with their second and third stories still intact, and their ground floor shopfronts appear as though they're just getting ready for the day's business.

In ancient times, the upper floors likely contained offices and apartments. Its believed that this street contained a number of taverns, thus the name 'Biberatica', from the Latin 'bibere', meaning 'to drink'. The north end of the street today ends abruptly with a modern brick retaining wall, above which today's Via Quattro Novembre bisects it, but buried beneath modern Rome.

It's believed the street continues on before diverging at a 'y' intersection. Via Biberatica offers a remarkable glimpse of what much of workaday ancient Rome must've looked like, and it shouldn't be missed!

10. Walk along Circus Maximus

Circus Maximus was a huge building in antiquity. There is a large field covered with grass. The contours of the landscape reveals that something was there once, but it is not there anymore. At one of the two short ends (the semi-circle) the seating is partially preserved, but the area is fenced off. Place this item at the bottom of your list of attractions in Rome.

If you wish to see a Roman circus (aka a hippodrome), there is a much better way to do it: go to the south of Rome. Go to Via Appia antica. As you walk along the ancient road, the monument will be on your left hand site. It is smaller than Circus Maximus but better preserved. There is much more to see here.

11. Visiting the Vatican Museums

Visiting the Vatican Museums is one of the 'obligations' inherent in any visit to the city of Rome. This small state embedded in the western bank of the Tiber River is, in itself, a work of art. They say there are more than 80,000 works of art in the museums guarded by the Peter's in Rome.

Everything fits: archaeological remains of the greatest civilizations of antiquity; Greek and Roman sculptures; works of art signed by the greatest geniuses of humanity; old floats; frescoes signed by Miguel Angel or Rafael; Ethnographic artifacts sent by missionaries from all corners of the world. Seeing everything as it deserves is a task that takes weeks.

They say all roads lead to RomeThey say all roads lead to Rome

10 Best Weekend Getaways From Washington DC

Just seeing the US Capitol, Supreme Court and White House is alone worth the visit to Washington DC. There's also the magnificent Lincoln Memorial, solemn Vietnam memorial, impressive Korean memorial and the best of all them - WW2 memorial. There's also the many Smithsonian museums (one has the Hope Diamond). All these buildings/monuments are all in the National Mall (a big park).

You need to spend several days just to see the highlights (there's a free tour of the Supreme Court and US Capitol). The Arlington Memorial is close by, where is the tomb of the unknown soldiers buried, and JFK and other historical figures in US history. If you fly, fly into JFK airport, you're right in the city. And stay right next to National mall, so you don't have to take a cab to get to all the sites.

Are you longing for a short break from your hectic D.C. life? Washington DC or D.C. has plenty of nearby weekend escapes suited to all travel personalities.

Washington DC is a huge, bustling city, located near a ton of great places for a casual weekend getawayWashington DC is a huge, bustling city, located near a ton of great places for a casual weekend getaway

Here are the best weekend getaways from Washington DC:

1. New York City

A must-visit on the list of D.C. weekend getaways, New York City is reachable by train in only about three hours. You can look forward to having a great time here, enjoying Broadway shows and world-class cuisines. You'll also love the city's art museums - BRIC House, the Rose Museum, and the Frick, to name a few. If you're looking for luxury, the Plaza Hotel and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel are some of the best places to stay in New York City.

2. Gettysburg

If you mean to see the battlefield, Gettysburg National Military Park has maps with distances. The Billy Yank trail is about 10 mikes long, and gets you to the main points of fighting south of town, e.g. the Peach Orchard, Little Round Top, Pickett's Charge. A 14 mile itinerary will include the sites north and west of town, where they fought on the first day, as well as a walk through Gettysburg itself.

Several of these hikes start and end at the Visitors Center, where you can find parking, too. Bring binoculars, especially if you mean to go up any of the three towers for panoramic viewing. In the Park, not much in the way of food or water, so be prepared. Early to mid fall is your best bet for good weather. If you want what the soldiers experienced, sun and upper 80s temps, then Summer time is for you.

A significant battlefield site, Gettysburg, is reachable by road in less than two hours. Tour the Gettysburg Memorial Battlefield and its one-of-a-kind history museum. Complement the battlefield visit with a wonderful stay at the historic Gettysburg Hotel. You can also camp at one of the town's several campgrounds and RV sites. Stroll downtown, shop to your heart's content, and take exciting food and brewery tours.

How about taking an adventure road trip in the surrounding countryside of Adams County? Ensure that your vehicle has a roof rack to carry your luggage so that you can travel stress-free through the scenic landscape.

3. Old Town Alexandria

A short road trip from D.C., Old Town is a charming, walkable escape. It features beautiful, centuries-old architecture. Explore this vibrant district's cobbled, historic King Street. Visit the continually operating 18th-century Saturday Farmers' Market. Stay over at any of the elegant hotels on King Street, e.g., The Hilton.

4. Baltimore

Baltimore is the city of dreams. That's why it developed the nickname, Charm City! A colonial city, Baltimore got this gritty, rust-belt vibe, but it also feels like a city on the rise. It's dense and pretty walkable and chock-full of American history. The city surrounds the bay beautifully. Definitely one of America's most underrated cities.

Merely an hour's drive from D.C., Baltimore is the best escape for culture vultures. This charming city offers museums showcasing eclectic artworks - for instance, impressive 19th-century impressionist paintings. Visit the elegant Brewer's Art brewpub, famous for homemade beers. Stay over at one of the waterfront hotels here. Savor local seafood delicacies like crab cakes while taking in amazing water views from the hotel.

Maryland Blue Crabs are very popular, and are delicious steamed or boiled. Buy them by the bushel, serve them with beer, Maryland sweet corn and creamy coleslaw.

5. Middleburg Wine Country

Spend the weekend in this rolling countryside in USA, only an hour from D.C. Middleburg Wine Country offers excellent wineries and world-class wines from the local Norton grape. Visit the sprawling Chrysalis Vineyards and enjoy wine-tastings while admiring the surrounding mountainous landscape.

Check into the quaint Red Fox Inn, a relaxing retreat conveniently located in the middle of wine country. You can shop, dine, and tour local wineries within walking distance from the Inn.

6. Rehoboth Beach

Reachable in about two hours from D.C., Rehoboth Beach offers watersports, gourmet dining, and tax-free shopping. Stroll the beach's boardwalk, kayak its peaceful inlets, or indulge in deep-sea fishing. If you're traveling with kids, treat them to thrill rides and carnival games on the boardwalk. Stay at one of the hotels closest to the boardwalk.

The Victorian-style Boardwalk Plaza Hotel, situated right on it, is a charming mix of old and new, offering antique furnishings and a heated indoor pool.

7. St. Michaels

A perfect getaway for a relaxed weekend, St. Michaels is a small coastal town, less than two hours by road from D.C. The town's miles of picturesque coastline makes sailing a truly pleasurable experience. If you're a newbie at sailing, you can take an informal, 2-day course at the Sailing Academy here. Enjoy tasty seafood at the several waterfront restaurants and visit the town's history museums and an ancient lighthouse.

Stay at excellent B&B inns such as Parsonage Inn or the George Brook's House. Experience gracious hospitality during your stay in comfortable rooms.

8. Mercersburg

A perfect winter weekend escape, Whitetail Resort has more than twenty ski trails, all compatible with night skiing. From D.C., you can be on Whitetail's slopes in less than two hours. Don't worry if you're a newbie at skiing. The resort offers runs suitable for all skill grades. What's more, you can even take skiing lessons here.

Whitetail also offers three rapid lifts for snowboarding and snow tubing. You can enjoy a luxurious B&B experience at the nearby Mercersburg Inn, a baroque turn-of-the-century mansion.

9. Lancaster

How about driving through the rural country and stopping to buy fresh farm produce at roadside stands? Enjoy this rural experience in Lancaster, a mere two-hour drive from D.C. Visit the Lancaster Central Market, USA's most ancient farmers' market. Indulge in a full steam adventure by riding on a steam train through Lancaster's scenic farmland. Stay right in the middle of farmland at one of the several cozy farm-stays.

10. Middleburg

A sprawling 25-acre estate, Goodstone Inn & Restaurant has several luxurious rooms exuding country charm. Full of horse farms, this luxury country inn is just an hour from D.C. Goodstone offers delicious, French-inspired cuisine and grows most of the food on its farm. You can also enjoy trekking, biking, and bird watching at the property.


Now you know some of the best weekend getaways from Washington DC. So, where are you heading to this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below.

9 Traditional Greek Foods You Must Eat in Greece

One of our main goals while visiting a new country or destination is to try out their local cuisines and to get a taste and flavour of the place. Greece is one such country which has a rich variety of tasty and unique delicacies that everyone should try during their Greece vacation. A summer in Greece is not complete without tasting the local cuisine.

You can visit some of the many taverns on the island or buy fresh fish from local fishermen and cook it at home. Overall, Greece generally is famous for its amazing food and so is Crete. In Crete try some of the tasty Cretan Cheeses, Kalitsounia (a proper cheesy delight) and Dakos, (made from chunks of rusk, ripe tomatoes, sheep's cheese and lashings of Greek olive oil), among many others.

Greek food is a contemporary explosion of flavoursGreek food is a contemporary explosion of flavours

Here are the top must-try delicacies in Greece:

1. Moussaka

The Moussaka is an eggplant based dish which is usually served as the main course in Greece. It can often be found in the lunch and dinner menus. The dish is made with a tomato base, a ground meat casserole and the eggplant. Post this it is served with a creamy layer of Bechamel sauce on the top. Moussaka is one of those dishes which has innumerable varieties and variations with which it can be done.

Ideally every greek household has its version of the Moussaka which they would serve for their family and guests. The best place to try these dishes is via a traditional greek restaurant.

2. Gyros

Gyros is one of the most popular dishes in Greece. It is predominantly considered as a street food and can be found frequently in small cafes and shacks across Greece. The Gyros is a handheld Pita bread dish which is usually served with different types of meat. The meats that are usually served in Greece are lamb, chicken, beef or pork.

In some places across Greece and even in other countries, you can also find a vegetarian option of the Gyros being served. The Gyros is also very similar to dishes from the middle east or turkey and there is a great chance that you might have tasted the dish even before your arrival to Greece. The Gyros is also very popular in Greece as it is fast food that can be relished without having to spend too much time at a restaurant.

3. Greek Salad

We all know that you have ordered the ever so famous greek salad from your neighbourhood, but in all honesty, it probably was not prepared as an authentic greek restaurant would. The Horiatiki or the traditional Greek salad is made with the ingredients such as the Tomato, Cucumber, Green Pepper, Red Onion, Kalamata Olives and is usually served with a large brick of Feta cheese on top of the salad.

The Greek salad is then served with a drizzle of olive oil on top of it. The Greek salad is known to be one of the lightest and tastiest salads in the world. The salad is so popular that almost everyone serving international cuisine has its version of it.

4. Saganaki

Saganaki is a cheese-based dish that is had before every meal as a starter. If you are someone who loves cheese, you are going to fall in love with this dish. Saganaki is a fried cheese dish. The name of the dish - Saganaki is derived from the name of the frying pan that is used to fry the cheese.

It can be made with any kind of cheese and not just the greek cheese. It can be made with cheeses like the graviera, kasseri and halloumi as well. The dish is eaten as an appetizer, or as an evening munch or as a tasty snack for a drink. This simple yet versatile dish is a must-try in Greece.

5. Greek Bouyourdi

The Greek Bouyourdi is one of the most popular appetizers in Greek cuisine. This dish can majorly be found in parties and gatherings and makes for a perfect communal food on the plate. The dish is made with a base of tomatoes, feta and chillies like jalapenos. The dish is usually had with bread but is great to be had all by itself.

Once the ingredients are added it is baked in an oven to make it all toasty and smokey. This elevated the taste to a whole new level. While the main base of the dish is tomatoes, you can see a lot of people customize the dish with bell peppers, onions and lots of Feta.

6. Tzatziki

Tzatziki is the Greek variation of a dish found all over the Ottoman Empire, Iran, the Caucasus and Northern India. The Greek dip, like its Balkan, Turkish, Iranian and Iraqi brethren is yogurt, garlic and cucumber based. The Levantine variety called tarator is made from tahini, walnuts, garlic and vinegar.

Greek style tzatziki is a dip made from strained yogurt, shredded and strained cucumber, garlic crushed in salt, olive oil, lemon juice and dill. It is typically served as a side dish or meze to accompany alcoholic drinks. Do not forget to try the Fatourada, a cinnamon liqueur typical of the island.

7. Strapatsada

The cuisine of Corfu is very famous for the numerous and tasty dishes it offers, excellent combination of Greek cuisine and Venetian cuisine. Sample of it are Strapatsada scrambled with tomato, butter and a little brandy. It is served hot. Sofrito is a venetian dish of beef with a sauce of garlic, salt, pepper, white wine and vinegar.

8. Pastitsada

Pastitsada is the most famous dish on the island. It comes from the Venetian Spezzatino. Kumquat is the fruit of a Japanese tree similar to lemon and is very popular in Corfu.

9. Soutzoukakia me Hilopitakia

One of the other famous main course dishes in Greece are the Soutzoukakia me Hilopitakia. The dish has a base of egg pasta which is then served with meatballs and tomato sauce. It is sort of like the Greek version of spaghetti and meatballs. The pasta that is used for this dish is not always the same.

This is yet another dish where there are multiple variations of the same dish. It is a very popular dish that is served for either lunch or dinner and is also loved by the kids.

Before leaving, make sure you have tried the ladopaksimadia, a kind of toast, and to buy seeds of siempreviva, a yellow flower that only grows on the island and stays fresh for a long time after cutting it.

These are just some of the unique and tasty dishes that one can get to experience in the country of Greece. Reach out to the destination experts at Pickyourtrail.com to customize your Greece packages from India.

5 BEST Places to Visit in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Out of the 29 states of India, Gujarat holds a special place in the western most region due to its prime location. The city of Ahmedabad was considered the capital of Gujarat before 1970. It is now the administrative capital of the entire Ahmedabad district. Stretching over 464 square kilometers, it is the seventh-largest state in India brimming with many tourist places to visit in Gujarat.

The city that stands tall at the bank of the river Sabarmati is also referred to as Amdavad. The climate of Ahmedabad is considered dry with the highest recorded climatic temperature being 48.5°c. The elevation level of the city is about fifty-three meters or about a hundred and eighty feet.

Ahmedabad is the previous capital and the biggest city in the existence of Gujrat. It is also the home of the Gujarat High Court. It has grown to be one of the most important cities in India. This populated city of six million people has been a mainstay for archaeologists, architects, sociologists, and also tourists.

This city was founded by Sultan Ahmad Shah and is named after his name. Several architectural masterpieces stand tall in this beautiful city filled with history marking it as a major part of Gujarat Tourism. Harappan civilization is the first signs of civilization in the world by early humans and none other than Lothal in Gujarat is a site for this development.

This whole complex is in the form of an extensively dug up land consisting of the remains of civilization that once had thrived there. Through these excavations some light was shed into the level of development and the lifestyle early settlers used to have. Consisting of the remains of walls, dried up waterways, washrooms, common houses etc. it is an eye opening experience especially if you are history buff.

Tourist Attractions in AhmedabadTourist Attractions in Ahmedabad

Here are the best places to visit in Ahmedabad

1. Shree Swaminarayan Temple

Shri Swaminarayan is a mainstay name in the Gujarati religious community. This temple is located at Kalupur, Ahmedabad, and was founded by Sri Swaminarayan. Green and yellow decorated sculptures can be seen around the area of the temple. These sculptures represent several Hindu Gods and Goddesses and are essential to this nineteenth-century era temple.

The temple is in excellent condition with millions of tourists visiting every year. It is an architectural marvel decorated with golden accents on white marble. The concrete walls of this monument provide excellent resistance against natural calamities such as floods.

2. Bai Hari Vav

This architectural monument was built by a woman of Sultan Begara's Harem. These walls provide a great retreat in summers and protect from heat because of its construction. This tourist place in Ahmedabad gets completely filled with rain-water sometimes. It is always a pleasure to visit this place because of its spellbinding architecture.

The walls inside remain cold and flaunt beautiful carvings. Many artistic pieces can be seen in this monument. Architects and sociologists often visit this place along with tourists who love to explore heritage so that they can witness the historical magnificence that stands tall to this day.

3. Sabarmati Ashram

Why assert violence when you can ask for things nicely? Mahatma Gandhi believed in non-violence and led a march of thousands of people who thought the same. Sabarmati Ashram was the home of the legendary freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi. This is undoubtedly the most prominent tourist attraction in Ahmedabad and is located near the calm and beautiful part of the Sabarmati River.

Mahatma also began the famous 'Dandi March' from here, and that is why it got the name of 'Satyagraha Ashram'. The calmness in the air of this Ashram is parallel to no other. The museum of the Ashram is for people who want to get educated upon the history of this country and its legendary people.

4. Auto World Vintage Car Museum

Vintage cars are something that instantly captivates all of us even though we do not admit. The huge collection of vintage cars in this amazing museum draws many tourists to see the best cars in the world under one roof. The vintage beauties like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Porsche, and many more decorate the inner hall of the museum.

It also hosts several events and auctions where one can participate. The mechanical beauty of every car present here is one of its kind, and this museum is a wonderful part of the Ahmedabad excursion.

5. Kankaria Lake

This is one of the biggest lakes in existence in Ahmedabad. The lake is made to be suitable for families and children with toy trains and rides decorating its landscapes. It is also famous for a carnival held here for a week. In late December, many festivals also take place to provide holiday season entertainment. The lake has been recently revamped to beautify its landscapes making it the best place to visit in Ahmedabad.

Best time to visit Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, one of the famous travel destinations in India has three significant seasons that change throughout the year. Winter is from November to March, summer is from April to June, and monsoon is from July to October. The weather in Ahmedabad can get scorching during summers with the highest temperatures being above forty degrees Celsius.

Monsoon has a very humid climate with a rainfall average of 93.4 cm. Heavy torrential rain can cause the river to flood the nearby streets and roads. It is recommended to check the weather before travelling to Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad, like all the other cities in India, consists of a diverse community of people living and showing off their culture. The majority of big festivals that take place in Ahmedabad are of Gujrati style. The nine nights of Navratri is celebrated with people celebrating performances such as Garba, which is the folk dance of Gujrat.

The festival venues are held all across the city as millions of people are passionate about the festivals. Deepavali is also a great occasion that is celebrated with great passion in this city of amazing architectural monuments. The monuments are also a cultural masterpiece and something to behold.

Interiors shine with white marble decorating the floors and walls. Amazing artistic air fills the atmosphere of this city as dust flows slowly down its busy streets. If you are planning to visit Ahmedabad then do try the innovative and easy-to-use AI circuit planner tool by Adotrip that helps you plan your itinerary for any holiday place in India.

Ahmedabad is a fantastic place with a lot of different monuments and parks decorating its vivid cityscape. People can find monuments that are well preserved along with vibrant culture and delectable cuisines. The city in itself is a major tourist attraction with people from all around the world. Plan your trip with the circuit planner tool or grab an exclusive holiday package curated by Adotrip professionals. Happy Travelling!

20 Best Places to Visit in Florida

It is impossible to talk about the tourism sector in the US without mentioning Florida. Florida is endowed with national parks, a rich and diverse culture, awesome people, beautiful golf courses, breathtaking white-sand beaches, among many other magnificent tourist attractions sites that make the Sunshine State a darling for many Americans and foreigners alike.

That is without mentioning the attractive and fun-filled cities of Miami, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale, etc. Florida offers something for all types of visitors, all year round.

While all of us are dreaming about traveling, currently it is impossible given the new situation with Covid 19. The first lockdown has surely impeded us from enjoying the first part of the year and voting new places, however, we never thought that the second wave would be the same. Currently, we have been hit by another wave of Covid 19 which has pushed governments to impose other restrictions and ban most traveling. However, for now we can only make plans for 2021 and hope that the pandemic ends as soon as possible.

Florida is one of the most visited travel destinations in the worldFlorida is one of the most visited travel destinations in the world.

It goes without saying that Florida is a must-visit destination for any fun-loving person. If you are such a person but you don't know where to start, here are a few of the top places to visit in Florida:

1. Walt Disney World Resort

This amazing amusement park just had to top the list. If you won't mind a little crowding and noise, you will definitely fall in love with the theme parks in Orlando. You can opt to take your family to Disney World, from where you all can have fun in Universal Studios and Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Epcot is a Theme Park in Walt Disney World Resort that offers a musical journey through the cosmos.

By far the most popular place in the United States, Disney World attracts millions of visitors on an annual basis, most of whom are foreign visitors. The highlights of this place include the Magic Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, Disney Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom Park, and Blizzard Beach.

There is too much to see here and lots of fun activities to partake. And oh! The dining and shopping experiences in Disney World are simply out of this world. If you'd like affordable accommodation for you and your family, you can get a vacation rental for security and exceptional comfort.

2. Anna Maria Island

Beaches are fun until they start to get crowded. But the beaches at the small Anna Maria Island are never crowded at any time of the year. The beaches are long and breathtakingly beautiful, and you can swim and kayak with the dolphins while here. To the northern end of the island is the Bean Point Beach whose coziness will leave you begging for more.

In the interior of this hidden island are other amazing places such as Bayfront Park and countless restaurants which serve local Florida foods and drinks.

3. Miami

To the southern coast is this thriving modern happy city of Miami which, surprisingly, has never lost its unique old vibe even with all the new developments. Miami is a hotspot of Southern Florida. This is the city with the most booming real estate industry; many investors from across the world have invested heavily in the Miami real estate industry thus making it multicultural and multilingual.

The malls, entertainment halls, restaurants, and historic attractions down here are the best in the entire Florida. What's more, this City is adjacent to Miami Beach so you will have both beach life and city life experiences. It is more than a great beaching destination. Wonderful beaches extend all over Florida, but Miami offers such an atmosphere which can be seen anywhere in the United States.

4. Kennedy Space Center

If you are fascinated by rockets and everything around space exploration, The Kennedy Space Center is your place to go. This educational attraction is very accessible from Orlando and Titusville so accommodation is not a thing to worry about. While visiting here, you will have the chance to interact with rockets from ancient times to the modern ones, historic launch sites, and the deepest histories of your favorite astronauts.

5. Delray Beach

Are you looking for an exciting, entertaining destination for your whole family? Do you love music and art? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach is your ideal destination. This is the only place in the whole world where you will see a 30+ meters high Christmas tree and interact with artistic exhibitions free of charge.

You will also have the chance to buy souvenirs at very friendly prices and enjoy low-cost local delicacies. All these will help you to better understand Florida and its culture.

6. Key West

Key West used to be W*I*L*D. Key West feels and behaves like a natural island, although it is not. The architecture here is old but fancy. The economy is booming but people are never in a hurry. You will get optimally relaxed while here as you enjoy the rich and diverse cultures. The foods are mouth-watering as many recipes from all cultures across the world are represented here.

While here, remember to visit the fancy boutiques, affordable souvenir shops, historic museums, and exciting national parks. Key West is very accessible to the Miami crowd by car, by ferry from Fort Meyers and by all the nice people who live in the Keys - the Conch Republic. Different flavour of wild than the 80s, and Key West is WAAY upmarket from the other Keys.

7. Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is the coastal city, known for its fine beaches, art, culture and nightlife. Take a ride in a gondola on the canals of the Venice of Florida, sliding past the luxurious house, mariner, yachts and sailboats. Bath and shopping there indefinitely. Fort Lauderdale and Daytona Beach got tired of being the world capitals of the hangover. There are young people wanting to party, who has now moved to Panama City Beach and South Padre Island.

8. Fort Myers Beach

It is a weekend and the last thing you need is the noise and pace of the city. That is why Fort Myers Beach is among the best weekend getaways in the United States. It is a small, tranquil, and everything here moves at your pace. While here, you can choose to swim or just watch the dolphins. The water is mostly warm and ideal for swimming at any time of the year.

9. Tampa

Already experienced east coast of Florida? Travel time to the western part - Tampa. If theme parks are your thing, you’re better off going to Florida. Here you should visit Busch Gardens, a zoo and amusement park with rides, 200 species of animals and shows. Busch Gardens in Florida is one of the best theme parks anywhere ever. St. Petersburg's white beach is a must.

10. Sanibel Island

Last but not least, Sanibel and Captiva Islands: the home to the best nature trails in Florida and America as a whole. Its coastline stretches up to 15 miles and is hook-shaped which allows it to collect lots of pristine sand dollars and conch shells. If collecting shells is your thing, then you will drown in the endless fun that this island offers you.

The restaurants here serve the best pies, seafood, and cocktails in Florida. Swimming, on the other hand, is every visitor’s favorite outdoor activity here, both in the ocean and in the countless swimming pools on the island. If your time allows, you can choose to hike or bike in J. N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

Visiting Florida for vacation is the easiest thing to do because of the many accommodation options in the area. One such option is booking a vacation rental at an affordable fee. A decent vacation rental has all the furniture and infrastructure that you need to make your life comfortable. Don’t forget to book you during your next visit.

10 Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country within the Caribbean region with a rich culture and beautiful, natural sights. It makes for an excellent vacation getaway with a tropical rainforest type of climate for many people seeking warmer lands. That's why many people go to the Dominican Republic to enjoy the beach.

The smallest island in the world that is divided between two independent nations (and not just tiny sections of or remote administrative districts of larger nations) is Hispaniola, which is split between the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It is much larger than the above islands, at 76,192 km2.

Dominican Republic is one of the top beach holiday destinations in the worldDominican Republic is one of the top beach holiday destinations in the world.

Since there are many beaches in the country, it cannot be easy to figure out where you'd want to go. That's why we have narrowed down these top beaches in Dominican Republic that you should visit when you are in the country. Check them out.

1. Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a beautiful place that locals know for having multiple beautiful beaches. That's why it makes it one of the best beachside destinations when you're in the Dominican Republic. Since there are plenty of significant beaches in Punta Cana, it can be challenging to choose which one to go to. If you're not interested in going to every single one of them, you should try and get to Bávaro Beach at the very least.

You can find Bavaro Beach around the north of Punta Cana. With its gorgeous and calm turquoise waters, you can enjoy wading around in it or swimming around. You can also enjoy sailing on a boat and even engaging in parasailing if it's something that you like doing.

2. Playa Rincon, Samana

Many beaches in the Dominican Republic are picture-perfect and are what you think of when you’re picturing a tropical paradise. One beach that perfectly encapsulates this description is the beautiful Playa Rincon. You can get to Playa Rincon by hopping on a boat in Las Galeras and riding about 30 minutes away from the town.

What's excellent about Playa Rincon is that you get this feeling of isolation, but not in a lonely way. It feels secluded and exclusive. You can enjoy splashing around in the cove if you want calmer waters.

3. Encuentro Beach, Cabarete

Some people enjoy lying under the sun, getting a tan while on the beach. Others want to swim and wade in the waters when they're on a beach. On the other hand, some people enjoy doing watersports. If this is you, you’re going to want to stop by Encuentro Beach and grab your surfboard when you head there.

If you're interested in learning how to surf, Encuentro Beach is also open for beginner surfers. However, if you want to catch waves on more massive scales, certain break spots are on the beach. Encuentro Beach welcomes any surfer of any level of expertise.

4. Cayo Levantado, Samana

There's nothing quite like lounging by the beach, seeing the sunset, and having a cold glass of your choice of a drink by your side. We live for moments like this, and when you get to Cayo Levantado, you're surely going to enjoy your time there. Interestingly enough, Cayo Levantado also has another name: Bacardi Island. It holds this name because it was the star of the famous white rum Bacardi’s commercials and a series of advertisements.

You can get to this islet in the Samana Bay in the Samana Province by going on a boat ride.

5. Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata

Located north of the Dominican Republic, the Puerto Plata region is one of the most fascinating destinations in the Dominican Republic. Its numerous tourist and leisure centers (Ocean World, Cayo Arena, Ensenada Beach, Playa Dorada, Encuentro Beach) make this privileged corner of the Caribbean country, one of the most popular among tourists who choose the island to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

If you find yourself along the Amber Coast, in Puerto Plata, and are looking for a beach stay, consider stopping by Playa Dorada. Playa Dorada is the main beach and resort place of Puerto Plata. Aside from the sparkling seas and light brown sand, you can also spot the stunning view of Mt. Isabel even if you're on the beach. If the wind is right, you can even enjoy a fair bit of kite surfing if that’s your thing.

The clear and gorgeous sights of the horizon are all in part because of the regulation that buildings higher than three floors aren’t allowed in the area. That’s why you can enjoy undisturbed natural views in Playa Dorada.

6. Bahia de las Aguilas, Pedernales

Bahia de las Aguilas is Eagle Bay in English, and you can find it within the confines of the Jaragua National Park, right in the Pedernales province. This beach is probably going to feel and look like untouched nature at its finest. The waters are clear, and the views are stunning. You can get to this area by either riding a four-wheeler or going by boat.

7. Playa Boca Chica, Santo Domingo

About 20 miles or 32 km away from the largest and the capital city, Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, lies the famous Playa Boca Chica. Since this is quite popular, you might find that this beach is filled with people depending on when you go. However, that also means that there are going to be amenities and shops readily available to you. You can enjoy a swim or snorkel and look at the corals hiding beneath the sparkly blue sea.

8. Playa Minitas, La Romana

In La Romana, there lies a romantic little place in the southern part of the Dominican Republic where you can enjoy a day at the beach, and that is Playa Minitas. If you want to spend some time in a more private place, you can go to Playa Minitas because it is a private beach. Since it is a private beach, you have to get a reservation first before anything else.

Once you're there, there are plenty of activities to enjoy that are open to people of all ages.

9. Cabarete Beach

The region of Cabarete and its paradisiacal coasts are the best attraction for lovers of kite boarding, wind surfing and water sports. Its seabed can not only be enjoyed by experienced divers and divers. Cabarete is also famous for its sand castle competition and its jazz festival, which is usually held at the beginning of November.

Another beach perfect for surfers would be Cabarete Beach. It has excellent surfing conditions and a constant breeze that makes it ideal for other water sports. For example, kiteboarding and windsurfing are two popular activities at Cabarete Beach. There are even schools near the area that will teach you all about these water-based activities.

10. Sosua beach

Sosua beach is one of the most paradisiacal of the Dominican Republic and is among the main tourist spots of the Caribbean. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and protected by a large barrier reef.

There's a healthy helping of beaches for the tropically-deprived individual looking to get a tan or to enjoy some time by the waters. If you find yourself in the Dominican Republic or plan to go there soon, don't forget to drop by any of these beaches. You're surely not going to regret it.

6 Best Things to Do in Cartagena, Colombia

With all its natural and man made wonders, Colombia offers amazing experiences for tourists, travelers, expats and locals. If you want to enjoy the Caribbean sun while getting to know interesting places in Colombia and some of the most beautiful streets you'll ever see, the best idea is to go to Cartagena de Indias. This city is very popular around the world because it has a beautiful old downtown filled with colorful colonial architecture, museums, restaurants, cultural centres, etc.

With that being said, if you are ever in Colombia, don't miss Cartagena de Indias by any chance.

Before we start, keep in mind that learning some Spanish will definitely be helpful in a city like Cartagena because it's probable that locals don't speak much English. A great option for online Spanish classes is Whee. They are an online school that researches ways for students to learn very fast but have fun at the same time. They believe in the power of groups, where everyone learns from each student's questions, realizations, and mistakes. It';s a collaborative way of learning, but with teaching, an expert involved bringing out the best of each student. So, you will learn with Spanish games and fun activities, as education should be!

Cartagena de Indias is the undisputed queen of the Caribbean coastCartagena de Indias is the undisputed queen of the Caribbean coast.

Here are some of the best things to do in Cartagena. In no particular order, we have chosen these things because they are unique and popular experiences totally worth a try.

1. Discover the old walled city

The most touristic, but also one of the most beautiful places in Colombia. Cartagenas's old city has everything you ever wished for: it’s close to the beach, it has interesting museums, amazing plazas, good restaurants, a vibrant night and street life, cool hotels or hostels to stay at, mesmerizing architecture, and many small and colorful streets to walk by.

In addition, it's also enclosed by a colossal and beautiful rock wall built centuries ago by the Spaniards to protect the city from its enemies; so, it’s basically like a fortress and you can even walk through the walls and sit down to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset. If you are visiting Cartagena, this is the place to go, but be aware that it could be expensive, though definitely worth it!

2. Pay a visit to Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas

Another wonderful place to visit if you are interested in castles, fortresses and colonial history. Built between the seventeen and eighteen century and strategically located to protect the city from land and sea from pirates or enemies, San Felipe is a huge rock castle as well as a very important landmark in Cartagena.

With its impressive colonial architecture, it's filled with underground passages, maze-like tunnels, and fort's walls and battlements. When you are there, don't forget to grab a guide or an audio tour headset so you can have a better insight of San Felipe's history and its importance. It's also another great place to watch a beautiful sunset before making your way down to the old city for a nice dinner and night party!

3. Take a day trip to an island, like Islas del Rosario or Barú

The beaches in Cartagena are ok, but if you really want to visit a beautiful caribbean beach, like those you see on postcards, then you have to take a daytrip to some of the islands nearby. Two of the most popular but very beautiful islands within an hour by sea, from the city, are Islas de Rosario and Barú; both have blue clear water, soft and white sand, tall bright green palms, and local vendors selling you a nice coconut drink and a tasty caribbean fish meal.

You can also go scuba diving, snorkeling or you can simply lay down, enjoy the sun, and take a swim in the sea from time to time. The Rosario islands are actually a protected national park and archipelago and they are considered a gem for locals, so do pay a visit and enjoy!

4. Party and drink in some of the best clubs and bars in the old city

Cartagena is also known for its great and vibrant nightlife that has something for all tastes. Located in the old city, the neighbourhood of Getsemaní is known as a party center where you can find salsa clubs (Café Havana), crossover (Bazurto Social Club), merengue, bachata, techno (La Movida Club), and much more.

Dancing is a very important part of the caribbean culture and in Cartagena locals do like to party a lot, so don't stay out of the fun and have the time of your life dancing as if there is no tomorrow. You can also have a cocktail or pre-party drink watching the sunset in Café del Mar, which has a prime location because it’s situated along the walls of the old city. Every night in Cartagena is a good night, so don't miss it out!

5. Visit the Museum of Inquisition or Historical Museum

An interesting place to know more about the dark times of the Inquisition and the effect it had on a city like Cartagena as a Spanish colony back then. The museum is located in the walled city near the Cathedral, in the actual place where these questioned practices were made against anyone who did nor preach Catholic faith, and it's indeed a bit overwhelming to see.

However, the building itself is a good example of colonial architecture and everything is well displayed and informative. In the past years it has expanded its exhibitions and it's not just exclusively about the Inquisition anymore, they also have art installations and amazing photography exhibits. The entrance is around 6 USD and it's worth it if history is your thing!

6. Do a food tour and go to Mercado de Bazurto

Food is another absolute best in Colombia and it also plays an important role in the country's identity. In Cartagena you can find really good local food of all tastes, sizes, and colors. You can do a food tour around the walled city where you'll be able to try fresh fruits, fried snacks (like empanadas), sweets, and typical drinks from this part of the country.

If you are keen on local markets that exhilarate culture and traditions, visit Mercado de Bazurto, which is a 30 minute drive from the walled city; this is an exceptional place that has everything you can imagine, and where you'll be able to try many local foods for all senses and tastes while getting lost in it endless colorful stalls. It’s best to go early in the morning so you can find everything fresh.

Keep in mind that Cartagena is expensive, but not unaffordable either, just have a track of what you are spending and make sure it's within your budget. It's really an unforgettable experience and a definitive must if you are visiting the country. Good luck and safe travels!

9 Best Camping Spots in Australia

It's time to take a pause and spend some quality time with your friends and family, create memories, experience adventures like never before. Camping in Australia is always a fun idea to connect with the natural surroundings and explore different places. No doubt that Australia provides you with the best of the best camping spots, where you can pitch a tent, enjoy and adore the country's outdoor spaces even more.

You will step into paradise as soon as you choose beachside spots with white sandy beaches and blinding turquoise crystal clear waters. Offering you pretty amazing places to spend time with nature. Some of the campsites are free, and at some, you need to make a booking well in advance. Either way, you'll have a great camping experience.

Australia is renowned for its beautiful places for campingAustralia is renowned for its beautiful places for camping.

Here are a few of the most beautiful camping sites in Australia:

1. Kalbarri, Western Australia

Experience the scenic beauty of Western Australia along with river gorges, hikes, and red & white banded sandstone formation for miles. In the peak season, the wildflowers bloom creating colour-popping views as far as an eye can see. It is perched right on the cliff, and you can enjoy the incredible views of nature, thriving fishing, rafting, canoeing and a lot more.

2. Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

Horseshoe Bay in Sydney is the most picturesque camping spot with coastal views teeming with attractions surrounded by beaches, forests, and most importantly, oceans. Being a five-hour drive, the way to this beautiful destination is pretty as well. And once you reach, it offers you multiple thrilling Skydiving and Underwater adventures.

3. Millaa Millaa, Queensland

Magnificent falls surrounded by lush rainforests and highest mountain in Queensland - Mount Bartle Frere (situated at the height of 1,611 metres ~5,825 feet) above the sea level. It is the most photographed tropical paradise falls. Also, a popular swimming spot and wildlife spot. There's a grassy picnic area for camping and other activities.

4. Grampians National Park, Victoria

This unusual camping site offers stunning mountain views, exhibiting beautiful places it nurtures. Experience overnight adventures of hiking to pretty spectacular places nestled on mountain peaks. Enjoy the breath-taking view with endless nature walks. Driving through the valley region of this area is also mesmerizing in itself. The peaks give you a picture of eternal scenic beauty spread across several kilometres.

5. Jervis Bay, New South Wales

Are you fond of blinding white sandy beaches and the world's most transparent water? Jervis Bay is the perfect spot to experience that vibe in summer months, bringing sunny days and hot temperature. In winters you can enjoy the view of whales moving to northern warm channels. The dolphins are also relatively easy and pleasant to find here frolicking over the bay's seagrass meadows.

6. Margaret River, Western Australia

This place has it all, from fabulous beaches to world-class architecture, wineries and vineyards. The lush forest, the river and the surf breaks add dimension to Margaret River. There are multiple campsites to choose from; the sunsets over the ocean are something special. And the temperature in winter does not drop below five degrees, making it the ultimate camping spot year around.

7. Blue Mountains, New South Wales

For less mountainous experience, the Blue Mountain has plenty of caravan parks. It is better to camp during summer than winter because winter is super cold in the Blue Mountains. Best way to enjoy the natural beauty is to pitch a tent within its many secluded campsites. This place offers fantastic views and experience all at the cost of nothing. This campsite is free and must be on your list.

8. Flinders Ranges, South Australia

The rugged, weathered peaks and rocky gorges are some of the most dramatic and beautiful landscapes in the country. An experience that will make you feel as you are on Mars. It is suggested to camp during the winter months since summer can bring hot temperatures. The 540 million-year-old scenes at these sites are enthralling and definitely something to enjoy at least once in a lifetime.

9. Daintree National Park, Queensland

Heaven for the endless rainforest, beautiful beaches and diverse wildlife. For some not so typical camping experience visit The Noah Beach camping site situated 50m from the shore, beneath the mossy trees. Unlike other camping sites it doesn't have far-sighting scenic views. But the placement of this site surrounded by thousands of trees and bushes makes it look-alike out of the jungle movie set.

Decided where you are going to head to?

Although most of these places will provide ample facilities, the wise decision is to always be on the safer side by carrying a caravan awning porch with you. An awning is a great option to have some personal space wherever and whenever you need it.

With an anti flap kit, can be installed and used quickly. These awnings are quite helpful in extending your outdoors when you're on a caravan camping trip. You can have a space to rest and store the clutter without any worry of invasion of privacy of you and your family.

Author: Danny Smith is CEO and Founder of Xtend Outdoors Australia which manufactures and sell caravan annexes, awnings and accessories. He just love caravan holidays and frequently blog about caravanning trips, parks and tips.

13 Best Places to Visit in Luxembourg

Have you ever thought about traveling to Luxembourg and also do it cheaply? This tiny state is just under Belgium and the Netherlands and is up part of the Benelux countries. Luxembourg is a land locked country surrounded by Germany, France and Belgium. Its capital city, Luxembourg is also one of the official capital cities of the European Union.

Luxembourg has picturesque landscape and attractions within the City. The place is beautiful and really chill. It has Bambesch forests and has one major city, Luxembourg City, so the whole country can easily be seen in one or two days. It is a pretty place and easy to wander. Most definitely worth not missing out. You can visit the great monuments of the city, such as the Ducal Palace of Luxembourg and the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Luxembourg airport is located a short distance from the capital, about 7-8 kilometers away. From there it is easy to move around the country, either by renting a car, or if you go straight to the city with a bus to the central station. Luxembourg card allows to see the top places of interest in Luxembourg such as the Casemates (caves) of the city, the History Museum of the country or the fairytale castles such as Vianden with free admission.

Luxembourg may only be home to half a million people, but this small country has many beautiful sights everyone needs to see. Cradled in between France and Germany, the country was previously a battleground between the two European powers during the world wars. Luxembourg has embraced this history by incorporating remaining forts, barriers, and walls into its current architecture.

The country is a perfect mix of quaint farmland, a bustling city, and charming yet powerful odes to a different time. Culturally, Luxembourg has developed to embrace both its German and French roots as well as the influence of its other neighbors, The Netherlands, and Belgium. Ruled by a Grand Duke, Luxembourg has three official national languages: French, German, and Luxembourgish (which is described as French, German, and Dutch combined).

Luxembourg City hosts several key organizations for the European Union. This may be partially due to the fact that Luxembourg is an economic powerhouse as the wealthiest country in the European Union per capita. The country is a major center for large private banking, and its finance sector is the biggest contributor to its economy. The country's main trading partners are none other than France, Germany, and Belgium.

Because of Luxembourg's wealth, it has a great public transportation system. Getting around a new country or place can be confusing, so use their mobile bus app that shows you all the routes to your destinations. Lastly, the country is also known for its low cloud cover and high winds, so generally speaking, the cell phone reception is not the best.

If you’re looking to stay in touch with loved ones back home, make sure you have a method of communication such as Boss Revolution, a local favorite, or other app-based international calling services.

Streets in Luxembourg CityStreets in Luxembourg City

There are several things that you can do at Luxembourg. It depends on from tourist to tourist. However, there are certain things you should look into which will give you a good idea about what to do.

1. Luxembourg Old Town

One of the best ways to begin your adventure in Luxembourg is to walk around the city. The old city will take you back to historic times. Even though it’s not big in size, it comes with enough places for you to spend a day or half there. In addition to outdoor recreation there are a number of museums. You can start with the main square where the equestrian monument stands.

A little further from this point stands the Grand Duke’s Palace with the Parliament right next to it. The two of them are connected with a glass passage. Finally, you can take a break at the restaurants that the city has to offer. If you are going to visit Luxembourg, one of the best ways to get to know the country and culture is through the Old Town of Luxembourg.

Stroll through the old quarter of the city, the Grund district to get lost in its fairytale alleyways. It is an amazing place to wander around with its classic European narrow and winding alleyways. At every turn you are surrounded by historic buildings and picturesque “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants, often accompanied by a spectacular view of stone bridges near the city’s river and former fortress.

Luxembourg is notorious for fighting off big businesses and the gentrification of their town and are very selective when letting chains in, allowing smaller and family-owned stores and restaurants to continue to thrive. This creates the ideal travel experience for tourists looking for authenticity as they experience the heart of the city and its culture.

Now, with all the hopping from one castle to another or visiting the historical sites, you will want to take the much deserved break. Take a stop at the popular Chocolate House. As the name suggests, you will find everything from chocolate cakes, cookies, bars, and whatnot! Next, you might want to make sure you try the Hotchocspoon. This is where you get a spoonful of chocolate stirred in hot milk, and comes with more than 20 flavors!

However, it serves other items such as salads and quiches. Each portion is large enough for you to have a hearty meal before continuing to explore Luxembourg City. You may have or may not have heard of Luxembourgish food. What exactly is that? Well, it is a blend of French and German cuisine. The locals have often said that their cuisine is the blend of French quality with the German portions.

Some of the popular dishes are kniddelen, dumplings with butter, small sausages in wine flavor, and mustard sauce along with mashed potatoes. Trying the traditional food when visiting should crack the top ten of your what to do in Luxembourg list!

2. Place Guillaume II

Near Luxembourg Old Town should be your next stop: Place Guillaume. Place Guillaume features a statue of William II on horseback who was the King of Holland and the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. The area is famous for its Town Hall, and other landmarks to check out nearby include the Spanish Turret and a former cavalry barracks.

Place Guillaume is also known for its spacious open areas that used to be the location of a Franciscan convent. Nowadays, it is home to a fantastic flea market every Sunday where locals and tourists can shop for anything from an antique golden clock to bracelets and jewelry. The area is fully closed to vehicles as it is a true town center occupied by bustling pedestrians.

At night, there is often live music to enjoy. During big events such as the World Cup, the town will display a larger than life projection screen and people gather to share the experience. Place Guillaume is truly the heart of a city.

3. Palais Grand-Ducal

The Grand Ducal Palace, located near the two previous destinations as it is still in Luxembourg City, is a sight to see. The Palace is a spectacular piece of architecture, built in the 16th century during the Flemish Renaissance and is a visual reminder of the small country’s strength during times of conflict.

It is the official residence of the Grand Duke and the royal family and the palace’s exquisite interior design is truly only fit for royals. The Grand Ducal Palace is a fascinating and intriguing mix of Luxembourg’s cultural roots as it combines and interplays between Romantic and Medieval Gothic styles, with modern, slightly Germanic, light designs.

4. Cathedrale Notre-Dame

Luxembourg is also home to a Notre-Dame Cathedral. You might be a religious person or not, you might like to visit churches or not. However, when you're looking for things to do in Luxembourg, visit the Notre Dame Cathedral. As another historic piece of architecture, the Notre-Dame Cathedral is the type of structure that has the power to take your breath away.

Built between 1613 and 1621 by the Jesuit religious order, Luxembourg’s Notre-Dame Cathedral is the definition of a must-see, with the most memorable part of this imposing building being the Baroque-inspired north gate. Once inside, the cathedral is embellished with luxurious stained glass that was added to the building in the 19th and the 20th century.

The interior is stunning with mesmerizing stained glasses along with a miniature of Madonna and Child altarpiece. Additionally, you can visit the crypt as well. This is where the Luxembourg Grand-Ducal Family members were laid to rest. Like Luxembourg itself, the Notre-Dame Cathedral incorporates its history yet has continued to add more modern aspects like its sculptures and a tiny Madonna and Child statue above the altar. The graves of the royal family can be found in the crypt, safeguarded by two lions designed by Auguste Trémont.

5. Ardennes

If you are looking to get out of the city, Ardennes is the perfect place for a truly exceptional nature experience. The Ardens consist of a scenic highland, winding valleys, forests, and villages. With tons of hiking and cycling trails, you'll be spoiled for choice for the way you choose to explore the area and its nature parks.

Once again, Luxembourg never disappoints for those looking for authentic European experiences and sites to see, as some of the best maintained medieval ruins in all of Luxembourg can be found here. In fact, the locals emphasize Luxembourg's medieval origins in The Ardens as you can find everything here from revivals, traditional markets, and outdoor performances and concerts that transport you back to another time.

If you’re looking for proper hiking within the Ardennes, you'll find two nature parks, Naturpark Öewersauer and Our – both distinct destinations in their own right.

6. Chemin de la Corniche

Chemin de la Corniche, in the capital, is one of the streets with the best views in the world. In fact they call it the most beautiful balcony in Europe. When you are in Luxembourg City, you'll find the Walls of the Corniche overlook the city. Moreover, you’ll be able to see almost to the valley.

On this spot, you will be able to find the Gate of the Grund which was built back in 1632. Furthermore, the St. Michael's church along with the Neumunster Abbey is a site to be seen as well. Most of these sites are historic, therefore, for a history buff this destination is a must visit!

7. Casemates du Bock

You see, during the 19th century, the city had one of the complex systems for fortification. Unfortunately, most of it was destroyed. Once you visit, you'll see the basement extends to a cliff. It was upon this that the city was built. It housed the case ages and a magnificent set of can cannons were used to protect the city.

It is one of the places where the citizens of Luxembourg came to survive the attacks by the French Republican Army in 1794 and WW2. Even though most of it is destroyed, the casemates still exist. You can explore the tunnels and get lost in time! The Casemates du Bock was a refuge during the bombings of the World War II. Those of Pétrusse are located in the valley that surrounds the upper part of the city, a place that must be visited.

8. Musee national d'histoire et d'art Luxembourg

Luxembourg City features an array of museums and among them the best one is the National Museum of History and Art. You will find a series of items in the museum such as tools, weapons, coins, and other historical items such as documents and photographs. It is advised that if you're visiting with children, then to take precautions.

Most of the art work in the museum will tell you the story of the religious life that prevailed through time in the city. On the other hand, the museum features modern art as well.

9. Abbey of Echternach

If you happen to visit the town of Echternach during your trip to Luxembourg, night we recommend the Benedictine Abbey! This visit genuinely takes you back in time given that it stands from the 7th century and comes with a museum. Overall, it has four buildings along with a central courtyard. Furthermore, the basilica contains a significant amount of religious material.

Moreover, the Abbey comes with the sarcophagus of St. Willibrord made from white marbles. On the other hand, the values are colorful with paintings from as early as the 10th century.

10. Beaufort Castle

This structure is located in the Mullerthal area of Luxembourg and dates back to as early as the 12th century. Unfortunately, much of the castle is not well preserved but if you're one who is in for a rustic experience, you'll find this is a magnificent one. The footpaths around the castle run through the woodlands. You might even find some great spots for the vacation photographs!

11. Eisch

Luxembourg has more than 50 castles, many of which can be visited, since they have been restored in recent years like Beaufort, Clervaux or Bourglinster, but there are other lesser-known routes such as the Valley of the Seven Castles. The Guttland region is called the valley of Seven Castles. Interestingly, it spans over 24 kilometres.

If you're into hopping from one spot to another, then you will definitely enjoy castle hopping! This is not an experience you will find just anywhere. Just go along the trail and you'll see all seven one after the other.

12. Luxemburgo-Passerelle

This is the most significant bridge in Luxembourg history and was completed in the year 1861. The Waring Brothers of England created this structure. When you're there, you won't find much to do except look at the Luxembourg city views. Even if it doesn’t sound amazing or exhilarating, once you’re there it turns out to be an experience that is worth the visit.

13. Vianden

Vianden is a quaint town on the German border, right next to the River Our. The town of Vianden is one that you must include in your things to visit in Luxembourg. It is close to the River Our banks and is the most scenic site overall. The town is surrounded by the medieval wall which features several guard towers. On top of that, it has the feudal manor of the 9th century.

Vianden is home to the striking Vianden Castle which stands high above the river. This castle was built between the 11th and 14th centuries and was a prominent home for Luxembourg royalty for hundreds of years before falling to ruin.

Restoration has been on and off since the 1970s and it is now once again returned to its former glory. Luxembourg has its fair share of castles but the Vianden stands out as one of the most photogenic vistas in the entire country. Not only is the castle a great site to see, but there is also a fantastic restaurant, only accessible by chairlift, located on top of the structure.

Above the castle is a fantastic restaurant, accessible only by chair lift, which has the best views of Vianden and the surrounding mountains. Lastly, don't forget to visit the Victor Hugo museum located in the house he once lived in. Even if none of the above interests you, the beautiful town is one you must visit. You will come across trails that are quite popular for hiking.

On the other hand, there is a chairlift which takes you 440 metres above ground and gives you a wonderful view of the countryside.

When you’re on vacation, sometimes you need to give yourself the treatment that you don’t get during the usual busy life. This is why we say treat yourself at the thermal springs of Mondorf-les-Bains. This is one of the best ones within Europe and comes with a health centre, hotel, and gym. The water of the spa comes from the underground pumped spring water. It is said to have healing properties. This is a good way to relax whilst on vacation!

If you’re into water sports and you’re visiting during the warmer months, you can include Upper Sûre Lake in your things to do in Luxembourg list. The locals and the tourists flock here during the warmer months for swimming, sailing, and canoeing. On the other hand, for the ones with more adrenaline in them go diving or windsurfing.

If you still have time, you can also go to the border with Germany and visit Triers, one of the Roman gems of the Germanic country. The German states Rhine-palatinate and Saarland shares border with Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is home to many beautiful sites, a blend of cultures, and a great national spirit. It may be small, but it is definitely worth the stop on anyone’s trip to Europe.

Author: Jason Ortiz is a travel and entertainment blogger at Chowder Bucket. He has traveled to over 20 countries and hopes to someday visit every country on Earth. In his travels, he often gets involved with local humanitarian efforts and is a believer in open borders making for a better world.

Top 8 Tourist Attractions in Yen Bai, Vietnam

Yen Bai is a mountainous province with an area located in both the Northeast and Northwest regions of Vietnam. With an average altitude of 600 meters above sea level and steep terrain, Yen Bai is famous for its spectacular passes and many majestic natural landscapes, wild and beautiful. In this article, let's discover the famous tourist attractions of Yen Bai, which you should visit one in a lifetime.

If you are a nature lover, you should visit Vietnam. Boat ride on the sea with the cliffs around is a very nice and pleasant feeling. Vietnam also has some of the perfect cliffs for cliff jumping. Vietnam has many historical sites and vast paddy fields (rice). There are many biking clubs in Hanoi (the capital) where you can go on a trip along the country sides and get to enjoy nature and well as experience nature.

Pristine and majestic scenery of Mu Cang ChaiPristine and majestic scenery of Mu Cang Chai

Here are the top well-known tourist attractions of Yen Bai:

1. Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai is one of the most famous places to youngsters who are passionate about traveling. This is a mountainous district of Yen Bai province, about 300 km northwest of the center of Hanoi. With pristine and majestic scenery and fresh air, Mu Cang Chai is always considered a great destination for those who want to mingle with nature in the Northwest highlands.

This Famous tourist destination in Yen Bai is always crowded with tourists all the time, especially in September every year. When the terraced fields begin to ripen brilliantly, creating an impressive, enchanting landscape.

2. Muong Lo field

Located 80 kilometers away from the capital of Yen Bai to the West is Muong Lo field, one of the most well-known tourist locations which makes those who love traveling fall in love. With an area of immense, straight stork wings, Muong Lo is currently the second largest rice field in the Northwest in Vietnam.

Muong Lo is located in Nghia Lo town, which is home to a community of 10 ethnic groups. This place not only has a poetic natural landscape but also attracts tourists by its colorful and unique culture.

3. Suoi Giang

Another one of the most famous tourist places of Yen Bai, which attracts a large number of tourists is Suoi Giang. This is an upland commune located in Van Chan district, Yen Bai province. People often refer Suoi Giang to “Sapa of the Yen Bai land”. The climate here is always cool all year round, creating favorable conditions for plants to multiply and develop.

Suoi Giang is famous for its ancient snow shan tea trees that is hundred years old

Suoi Giang is famous for its immense green tea hills with ancient snow shan tea roots that are hundreds of years old. Coming here, not only can you immerse yourself in the majestic and pristine natural space, but also have the opportunity to hand-pick green tea buds and enjoy delicious and excellent tea.

4. Thac Ba Lake

Thac Ba Lake with an area of 240 km2 and 80 km long holds the record as the largest artificial lake in Vietnam. The lake was formed by the process of blocking rivers and dams serving the construction of Thac Ba hydroelectricity. Within Thac Ba Lake, there are more than 1300 different large and small islands. On these islands are caves are many pagodas for tourists to freely visit and explore.

Thac Ba Lake has an extremely impressive natural landscape

5. Cang Don Nghia Lo

Cang and Don Nghia Lo is a famous historical relic of Yen Bai province. Previously, this was the site of the group of communist soldiers who escaped prison on March 17, 1945. This place is also the place to mark the glorious victories of the army and people in the battle against the French colonial army at Nghia Lo in 1952.

6. Ngoi Tu village

Ngoi Tu village is one of the most famous tourist places in Yen Bai, which is located in Vu Linh commune, Yen Binh district. The locals around here mostly are of Dao ethnicity. Not only possessing a prime location with a vast lake in front, and a majestic rocky mountain behind, Ngoi Tu village also attracts visitors for the unique traditional cultural values of the Dao ethnic people, Cao Lan or Nung.

Coming to Ngoi Tu village, you will definitely be ecstatic with the rustic specialties bearing the flavor of the mountains or extremely unique dances. If you like adventure, you can experience trekking to Yen Mountain or Cao Bien Mountain here.

7. Hang Te Cho Waterfall

Hang Te Cho is a legendary waterfall of the Northwest, which is located in Lang Nhi commune, Tram Tau town. Due to being located deep inside the forest, in order to get to the Hang Te Cho waterfall, visitors will have to pass a difficult and challenging journey. Therefore, this place is also considered as "dangerous" in the Northwest. However, for those young people who love adventure, love to explore, the journey to conquer Hang Te Cho waterfall will definitely bring a very interesting experience.

Hang Te Cho Waterfall is considered a hidden gem of Vietnam Northwest

8. Khau Pha Pass

Khau Pha Pass is known as one of the most rugged and rugged passes in Vietnam. Therefore, it is also considered one of the famous tourist destinations in Yen Bai that you should not miss. Going along Highway 32, passing Tu Le commune, Mu Cang Chai district, you will reach Khau Pha pass. Seen from above, the whole pass is like a stretch of silk, winding through the mountains, creating a landscape that is both majestic and poetic.

So we have explored the most famous places of Yen Bai together. To fully enjoy the beauty of these landmarks, take the time to take a trip to the Northeastern Northwest and drop by Yen Bai.

Tips for First Time Visitors in Vietnam:

If you've never been to Vietnam before, here are some helpful tips to make your trip easier:

  • Prepare your passport in advance, and make sure that your passport has at least 6 months validity, with left space for visa stamping
  • Check to see whether you are a citizen of a country listed in the Vietnam visa exemption list or not. If you are required to have a Vietnam visa, and want to get a visa in very urgent case, you can use Urgent Vietnam visa to get it and fly to Vietnam on short notice
  • The currency in Vietnam is Vietnam Dong, but you can bring USD and exchange this to VND before getting onboard a plane or at one of the exchange counters at the airport, upon arrival
  • Make sure you book your flight tickets, a tour if you would prefer one, through the reliable agency