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Everyone needs a break from the regular work schedules. While some are able to plan frequent holidays in India with friends and family, some just long for short weekend getaways. This is no exception for the people of Gurgaon or better I say Gurugram. If you are someone living in Gurgaon and strive to get a long holiday with your group, trust me you are still lucky.

Besides weekend getaway resorts in Gurgaon, people staying in Gurgaon, the ones living away can also have the pleasure of exploring the nearby tourist spots by booking cheap flight tickets. Even though long holidays are not an option, you have a bunch of superb weekend getaways from Gurgaon. Only have two days to relax? I have got you a list of places near Gurgaon for weekend break.

1. Damdama Lake

Among weekend trips from Gurgaon, Damdama Lake offers a peaceful atmosphere for the tourists looking forward to spend relaxing time close to Gurgaon on a fresh morning. This place serves the purpose in the best way as it is among the closest weekend getaways near Gurgaon with the magnificent view of Aravalli hills at its backdrop.

The beauty of the place attracts different kinds of travelers like families, friends and couples looking for some private time together. You can even plan a days picnic with your office colleagues.

It's not just the lake view that will impress you but the various adventure activities as well. You can try your hand in rock climbing, trekking, para sailing and even hot air ballooning. You can also enjoy paddling a boat in the lake with your partner.

Distance from Gurgaon - 25 kilometers

2. Tijara Fort

Yet another luxurious weekend getaways from Gurgaon within 100 kms, Tijara Fort has royal rooms and suites for the tourists. The palace got its name after India's 21 most known women painters like Pushpmala Mahal and Anju Mahal. The fort walls are adorned with their spectacular art work celebrating their legacy for years now.

Tijara Fort Palace is one of the best weekend getaways close to Gurgaon you can plan. You can enjoy a soothing walk on the terrace gardens and get a perfectly holistic spa treatment in the palace. Doesn't it sound like the best way to have a relaxing weekend? Also try stopping by the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary to find out if you are lucky enough to spot some tiger stripes in the thick wilderness.

Distance from Gurgaon - 80 Kilometers

things to do in Gurgaon

3. Neemrana Fort

People living in the Gurgaon area for years know how fantastic some eateries and places on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway are. If you are not one of such people, we have a magnificent place for a perfect weekend getaway from Gurgaon - Neemrana Fort Palace. The grandeur of the palace will amaze you to bits as it not only attracts a group of history buffs who want to explore ancient forts and palaces but a newly-wedded couple on honeymoon and families as well.

You can stay in the luxurious royal rooms of the grand palace, relax with a dip in the swimming pool and relieve all the stress at the spa in the palace. In addition to the daily cultural events for tourists, the palace also offers zipline tours, vintage car rides and camel safaris to the travelers.

Distance from Gurgaon - 90 Kilometers

4. Rakhigarhi, Haryana

Rakhigarhi in Haryana was established as the largest settlement of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. With evidence of settlements and homes dating back over 6,000 years, Rakhigarhi is about to become India's top destination for history buffs who visit the country.

Distance from Gurgaon - 175 Kilometers

5. Haridwar

Rishikesh and Haridwar are two of the most sacred cities in India. Here were the Beatles during the 60's, and is one of the most important yoga centers in the world. Both through Rishikesh and the Haridwar pass the Ganges, which is born from the Gaumukh glacier in the Himalayas. When the waters reach this city, they remain frozen and, although not transparent, they look cleaner than those in Varanasi.

In addition, the river runs with much flow and brings with it groups who have hired the excursion to go rafting downstream. Walk along the river to the Har Ki Pauri, the sacred ghat where the Clock Tower is located and see the Aarti ceremony at night. This sacred bath ghat is also known as Brahmakund. On the other side of the shore you can see the houses like Venice, invaded by water. In addition, Haridwar is famous for the Kumbh Mela, which is held every 3 years.

The temple of Chandi Devi, located on Neel Parvat on the other bank of the Ganges river is a 3 kilometer walk from Chandighat. Maya Devi Temple is an ancient temple of Maya Devi, the Adhisthatri deity of Haridwar, known as one of the Siddhpeethas. It is said to be the place where the heart and navel of Sati fell. The temple of the goddess Mansa Devi, is located in the upper part of Bilwa Parwat.

The ancient temple of Daksha Mahadev, is located in the south of the city Kankhal. The Rajaji National Park attracts lovers of nature with its scenic beauty and rich biodiversity. The Dargah of Sabir Hazrat Ali Ahamed Makhdum Allauddin, just outside the city of Roorkee, is worth visiting. The tomb of Piran Kaliar Shabir Shahib in Roorkee, is a living example of the religious harmony in India.

Distance from Gurgaon - 250 Kilometers

6. Lansdowne

Lansdowne at an altitude of 1,700 meters is one of the most silent and pristine mountain resorts in India and has been a popular destination since the British have come to India. Lansdowne is well connected with bicycle tracks. In fact, it is a very popular destination among bike lovers. Lansdowne is surrounded by dense forests of oaks and pines in Pauri Garhwal.

Kaleshwar Temple is the oldest temple in Lansdowne. This temple is a special draw during Shivratria and attracts devout civilians and soldiers of the famous Garhwal regiment. Bhula Tal is an artificial lake dedicated to the soldiers of the Garhwali rifles involved in its construction.

The cool atmosphere and serene beauty of this lake is a perfect and idyllic place to spend a day of fun with friends, family or just yourself. The place has a playground, Bamboo Machan (tree house), fountains and facilities for navigation, as well as the dam areas. Kanvashram is another attraction in Lansdowne visited by several pilgrims throughout the year.

The surrounding forests, the hillocks and the meandering Malini River create an idyllic setting for the ashram. Tip-in-Top is located on the ridge. On a sunny and bright day, it is ideal for a walk to admire the enchanting views of the Himalayas. Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple is an ancient temple amid dense forests of blue pine trees, deodar and oak trees. The festival of Shivaratri is celebrated here with great fervor.

Distance from Gurgaon: 280 Kilometers

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  • Monday, October 29, 2018
Kalyan Kalyan Author
I would like to share an experience with you guys of a weekend trip to Pondicherry in this travel blog. Our heart always longs for the Friday to arrive as soon as possible, isn't it? After working for the entire long week everyone of us wishes for a peaceful weekend. Well, what exactly to do in these weekends? Ever thought of that? Before you tell me that you spent most of the time sleeping, listening to music, I already feel pity for you guys.

Like how can you not consider traveling? How can you choose to stay at home after sitting hours and hours in front of the laptop for the entire week? I know there are many people out there who doesn't entertain socializing that much, but there's no harm in going for solo trips right? So, next time keep that in mind and plan a short trip. Planning a trip with your friends or your special one for a couple of days can turn out to be so amazing.

Going to various places, gathering memories, gaining experiences and being an active participant of your own adventurous life turns out to be very productive. And once you start traveling you will definitely get addicted to it.

how to plan a weekend getaway with friends

For all we know from people visited Pondicherry is that the place is mainly famous for French quarters, blue waters, bicycle tours and cheap alcohol. So, if you are looking for a trip with your friends this is one of the best place to enjoy.

There are four districts separated from each other, the two largest being those inside Tamil Nadu: Puducherry and Karaikal.

Since the journey doesn't consume too much time you can easily reach there by Friday night from Chennai or Bangalore if you start a little early. You can have a one night stay there and again return by Sunday evening. There are plenty of restaurants that offer Indian and Western dishes where you might enjoy spicy food as well as continental delicacies.

In the early morning we left for Pondicherry. Again the landscape is of small lagoons, rice fields and some river. I stop to take a picture of the rice fields and I see that from a distance a tractor starts crossing the flooded fields until it is planted in front of me. I look at the driver, the driver looks at me and I see that with the tractor in the middle the photos are over, so I go back to the car. Surreal.

After a while, I stop to take photos in a salina. The women are collecting the salt in basin-shaped containers and after a long walk, they leave it in huge mounds. All this with a sun of justice. The first passive resistance action by Gandhi against the British was a strike by the salt workers.

The entrance to Pondicherry is chaotic, but the white city is pleasant. It has a certain aroma of French (it was a French colony) but with the typical anarchy of Indian. The city is an autonomous territory dependent on Delhi (something like an autonomous city). The promenade is pedestrianized in the afternoon and people stroll up and down, as a seaside resort. In the center of the walk, there is a large statue of Gandhi, under a white temple.

We dined on the waterfront on the one recommended in the guide and TripAdvisor. I ordered rice, spicy prawns and ice cream for dessert, the best of the place. We look for the best place to stay in Pondicherry. The hotel does not have parking, which is a problem for the driver, which does not please him because he will have to sleep in front of the hotel, in the street. It has a nice restaurant, frequented by foreign clientele and a little expensive. The room is clean and decorated with a certain style. The staff is not outgoing. Almost sleepwalking, we go to sleep.


We visit Auroville and then head towards Gangaikondacholapuram unique for its rock carvings which are bold and make an impact with their keen sense of detailing and style. We will see Airavateshwara temple at Darasuram famous for its magnificent sculptors and later proceed to Kumbakonam for night stay. Today is going to be a strange day with a mix of improvisation, impulse and replanning.

We take a drive through the white city, with numerous historic houses occupied by foreigners, with bougainvillea patios and palm trees. We visit the Aurobindo Ashram, one of the tourist attractions of the city, founded by Sri Aurobindo in 1926, considered a place of calm, retreat and spirituality. He did not say anything to me. It strikes me that Sri Aurobindo is everywhere in Pondicherry and has become a merchandising object.

Sri Aurobindo was a politician, thinker, poet, great promoter of yoga and meditation. The British judiciously put him in jail, so he had time to think and the thing is that it served him, because he began to practice different forms of meditation, yoga and relaxation. After leaving prison, it seems that the British were not too happy and tried to put the glove back, but he escaped to Pondicherry, which was a French colony and here he started to create a completely peaceful and universal movement of thought.

The entrance to the Ashram is free. There are many devotees around his grave and around the courtyards, some objects of the time in a small museum and a souvenir shop. Today everything related to his name is a commercial hook, hotels, pensions, ashrams, spices, soaps that carry in some other than his name the words Sri Aurobindo or Auroville.

Auroville is a small town 10 km from Pondicherry. It was in the plan of the day, but our driver suppressed it with the excuse that it was very far. A nice church is that of the Sacred Heart. We went for a walk in the church. We stopped next to a stall that on the outside said that mobile recharges were available. We crossed a corridor with candles and at the end there were two guys seated, looking like they were doing something not very legal.

It's not just that the place was dark and claustrophobic, but that on the shelves they had the same thing, as laundry detergent or candles. The driver tells us that Pondicherry is over. We head to Gangaikondacholapuram!

The truth is that it is so hot, that all we want is to be inside the car. We take the road with horrible traffic and after a while we stop for a train-level crossing. There are two rows of cars in front, while motorcycles and pedestrians jump over the barrier en masse. No wonder the train takes them from time to time in front.

When the barrier rises a melee begins as in rugby. The two rows of cars face each other. Slowly, some return to their lane and we begin to walk and move away from Pondicherry.

how to plan a weekend getaway with friends

This is what I was talking about that always go for places that won't consume much time on traveling so that you can spend most of the time in your destination. So, how to plan a weekend getaway with friends? When you are planning a weekend trip there is certain things you need to take in account and plan accordingly.

We head towards the Thanjavur temple, also called Brihadeeswara Temple after eating a masala dosa and chai.

So, pack your bag guys because there are seven days in a week and 'someday' is not one of them.
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  • Friday, October 12, 2018
Kalyan Kalyan Author

Would you be ready to go on a blind trip? They are also called surprise trips and mystery trips. I have always been excited about the possibility of traveling and not knowing where, such as going to the airport and taking the first plane that leaves. I am seduced by this formula of going on a trip to know the destination only at the last minute. While traveling blindfolded may seem unimaginable, it is possible to buy a plane ticket or stay at an unknown destination.

I had to be strong and contain myself so as not to cheat. Two months before the scheduled date, I could have opened the website and planned an entire trip. With a click I could have made all the bookings but what grace would it have?

For 48 days I restrained my impulses, convinced that surprise was one of the best parts of the enriching experience. I want to go on a completely blind date. For my date I only knew that as it was winter I should have enough protection for it.

Delhi to Pulga trek Parvati Valley Kasol

The Blind Date Arrives

The night before, I could hardly sleep. The mind jumped across continents. In Europe I kept visualising from Portugal to Norway, from France to Italy, from Belgium to Iceland, from Germany to Finland, from Greece to Turkey. In Asia, I kept visualising from Dubai to Tokyo and Beijing to Singapore. In America it could be from Canada to Argentina, from Chile to USA, or from Mexico to Brazil.

Which would be the chosen one? I had my predilections, but I was not going to confess it. I looked at the clock on my smartphone again. It was 2.30. Did I place the umbrella in the backpack? I went back to check the alarm to make sure that the four alarms were properly set at 5:10, 5:20, 5:30 and 5:40. I left my smartphone on the bedside table, covered my blanket up to my neck, and tried to sleep.

I jumped out of bed with the first alarm of the alarm clock. I walked to the kitchen and put the coffee pot on the fire. I looked for the clothes that I had left ready on the chair and I began to dress with some awkwardness. I'm not a morning guy. The smell of coffee flooded the house and I poured myself a cup. Black, without sugar. I sat down, still with half eyes-closed and half-dressed in bed, and took a sip. It was still too hot. I looked at the clock and it was already 5.30.

How is it possible that the minutes in the morning go by so fast? Or am I so slow in those inhospitable hours! I put the coffee aside and I finished dressing. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and teeth even knowing that I would still drink coffee, but there was no time to wait. I put more cold water around the eyes to make them look more open. I took a couple of more sips of coffee in the bathroom, because the cup comes with me wherever I go.

The time had come to unveil the great mystery. The heart began to beat hard and the hands became wet. I picked up the phone, opened Google Earth and clicked on the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button to get the random destination that I will go. I looked at the large blue screen with white letters and scanned all the destinations with my eyes. What would be waiting for me? What would be my blind date?

My hands were shaking. And there that marker appeared with the information of my appointment. It is Pulga! I checked on the map where this place was located. It was somewhere in Himachal Pradesh. I tried to search the map for the major landmark and I could see the only known place to me was Manali. Automatically a chink appeared on my face.

I put one more sweater in my backpack, closed it, took a last sip of coffee and went out of the door. The early morning of that Delhi winter was freezing. I almost did not cross anyone in the streets that I walked till the auto rickshaw stand. I was lucky and I did not wait more than 5 minutes. Sitting on that yellow coach I fiddled with the idea of ​​my blind date and imagined the qualities of the chosen one from food to culture, art, and elegance.

I arrived at the bus station at 7.15 am. I was nervous, in the best sense of the word, and somewhat anxious. At 8.30 am with many illusions I take an old rickety bus that in about 14 hours, I think, will take me to the first step towards Pulga. I only know that a valley in the middle of the Himalayas has to be amazing. I kept looking at the Google Maps to try to discover the possible destination. I did not succeed.

I could not sleep all the way, a little because of the discomfort of the seat, another bit because I did not want to miss anything that I saw through the window. The dense jungles after entering Himachal never ceases to end with sounds of strange birds, monkeys of all kinds, and sounds unknown to my ears.

By the way, in that journey through the unknown I ate the most flavorful samosa of all time, and I become friend with the person who invited me to that samosa. As my mind goes in disarray my new friend sitting beside me starts narrating the legend of the place. He goes on to say that somewhere in the valley, more precisely in the village of Manikaran, Shiva rested for 10,000 years, after making love for another 10,000 years with Parvati.

As a token of gratitude, Shiva heated the rocks so that future travelers could rest and meditate in a warm and comfortable place. From there, the special and spiritual nature of the place emerges. Knowing the history, the legends and the reason of the names of the places gives an extra charm.

In the late evening the bus stopped. Most passengers slept, but not me, as I was interested a little to know what was happening. The sky was totally clear, the smell of nature pervaded the place, and the strange and diverse noises that came from the bowels of the jungle made me shudder. The first thing I thought was that it was a puncture, but it was not like that. The driver lifted a lid that was inside the coach, touched few things, and started again. I do not know how.

After about 14 hours I arrived at Bhuntar, where I took a taxi to Parvati Valley. As I reach near the valley I start feeling the magic of the place. Seeing nature in all its magnitude surprised me with huge mountains separated by the force of the river. The Parvati Valley gathers a series of towns and villages, one more beautiful than the other. Not all connected by roads.

Kasol is the first of the series. It is the entrance door. And for the first time I feel foreign in my homeland. It is Israelite land. If Manali, was the small Tel Aviv, this Kasol is Tel Aviv directly. Many there speak to me in Hebrew! Although Kasol is full of tall, green pine trees, it is also full of cars, trucks and restaurants.

Delhi to Pulga trek Parvati Valley Kasol

Road to Pulga and Beyond

The morning wakes me with a scorching sun and a blue sky with few clouds. I looked at the sky and smiled. Thanks for receiving me like that, with your best face and your best sun. I thought, but I did not say it out loud because I was still walking with surprise at every step. The nerves were breathing in the atmosphere and it was great to feel the emotion of the moment. The adventure had just begun from Kasol to Pulga.

I left for Manikaran without knowing where I would end. It is the most "Indian" village in the valley, so to speak and had the feeling of returning to the deep interiors of India after a long time. In Manikaran there were no amenities for tourists, nor does much place to stay. But it has what India has, with its mysticism of rural life.

The next town that I come across is Flea near Kalga, and near Barsheni. Already more in the Valley, and no routes to get there, Flea fascinated me. The slow walk gradually leads to Pulga. It is a peasant village, with some guest-houses lost among crops. Women harvest crops with the sickle, while men carry sheep and goats to graze. I see a beautiful view of the valley that I hope save on my eyes for a long time.

I walk along paths that cross innumerable streams around the village, lie down and observe the different forms of the mountains according to the light that reaches them or the amount of clouds that accompany me that day with rain and many chillums!

I then discover the paths that lead to Kheer Ganga, the hippie paradise of the valley that also has hot springs. I did not see homes, only guest-houses and restaurants, all prepared to receive people. Khir Ganga lends itself to contemplate nature.

Here I learn about the Rainbow Gathering. What is it about? It is a movement that was born at the end of the '60s with the idea to camp and live in community with collective cooking, shared music and a little meditation among other herbs (literally). The idea is that everyone can learn what they want and teach what they know.

In Khirganga there is nothing, or there is much. It's an amazing place, as the mountains have extra energy. Hopefully it has infected me a little. Hashish is everywhere. Even in the roads. To understand a bit how life works here, I will give you three words that define in some way what surrounds life up here that is Chillum, Charas and Chai.

I live in the house of a local. In that house there are several rooms. My room consists of a bed and nothing else. One of the best things when I travel is to meet new people. It is in the blank spaces where fortunate connections occur. The problem comes in the language, although I'm sure that after a few drinks, that barrier is definitely broken. It is always good to meet new people.

An Israelite wearing necklaces in which the main part is a stone or crystal spends the day smoking in the adjoining room. The owner starts preparing a fire to prepare something hot at 6pm. It is a pleasure to lie there a while and look at the mountains and surroundings. The magic of the place is in the river, or at least I find it in the river. The huge river, full of strength does not stop surprising me with the power and intensity. And in its flow it shows the stillness.

The water passes, wets and splashes. While the shore, stones, earth and the mountains are as perennial, static, immobile. Is it a metaphor for life? Some things that should flow, go hard as the river and some other things are fixed, seems like forever. In this contrast I live and feel, seek and balance. Or at least I try.

And after this experience I have no doubt that I will repeat the mysterious trips, since it has been exciting to live the accumulation of sensations that each time I felt before the unknown.

Read more about the places to visit in Kasol and Solo Travel Tips for Kasol.
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  • Saturday, October 06, 2018
Kalyan Kalyan Author
Are you traveling with young children and worried how will you manage with a toddler on a plane or on long haul flights? It is fun to travel with kids only when you are properly equipped and have a good idea about how to manage things. If you need some tips, do not be worried, in this about travel you will find some useful ideas and tips to make your travelling with kids a happier one.

You need to be more optimised and thoughtful when you are traveling along with your kids. Some right ways of packing of luggage and tips for travelling with kids can be very helpful for you to make your family travel an easy one.

Tips for Travelling with Kids

1. Carry your kids favourite snacks

When you are travelling it may not be possible for you to buy or may be what you need is not available at every point. Therefore, pack lots of snacks, mainly your kids favourite ones, and give it to your kid as and when he/she asks for it. Snacks can be the muffins, cookies, wafers, tetra packed fruit juice, etc.

Since everybody in your group is entitled to a carry-on, get your kids to carry cool backpacks. Furthermore they can also carry a travel first aid kit and favorite snacks that they cannot live without.

2. Engage the boredom

Kids often get bored while travelling long distance as they do not get something to entertain themselves. Therefore, carry some good and engaging material for them so that the boredom can be tackled for few hours. You can carry some good story books, worksheets, toys, boardless games to play without cards in free time depending on the age of your kid, games on your smartphones or tablets. This time you have to be lenient and give your kid some screen time. Don't bring plenty of toys but only those that your kids love. Choose simply a favorite one or two.

3. Naptime is important

Nonstop flights are always good when traveling internationally with a family. However, if they do not have the option of price or routing, then there should be at least 1.5 hours for your stopover. Make sure that you have enough time to move around the airport.

And if your long flights involves two flights of over six hours with a stop in between (for example, from New York to Los Angeles to Hong Kong), spend the night in an airport hotel. It will give comfort for everyone to travel.

It is important to allow your kid to nap for a while to have rest while travelling otherwise exertion will make them unmanageable. However, most of the time kids do not nap by themselves when they are travelling, hence make them sleepy while holding them on your lap. They will wake up fresh and enjoy the further part of the journey or activities.

4. Do not forget the Medicines

Many kids suffer from motion sickness while travelling. The symptoms include vomiting and headaches. This makes them more tired and cranky. Therefore, to avoid this unwanted condition of your child always carry some prescribed medicines for this. Always consult the pediatrician before travelling to the long distances.

Apart from this motion sickness medicine, carry some general yet important medicines for cough and cold, diarrhea, and headache.

5. Travel with Short breaks

No matter how much distance you are going to travel, plan your trip considering your kids too. A prolonged hour of journey is going to be too hectic for your and for your kids too. Kids starts behaving irritable and cranky and will spoil your planned fun. Therefore, it is suggested that if you are planning to travel long distance then consider short breaks while travelling in order to re-energise yourself and your little monsters too.

You may have preferred to travel in public transport during your backpacker days to save costs. But when you are traveling as a family, it is always good to be more comfortable and timely. So do not think twice and instead replace it with a more expensive taxi.

But for every decision you make as a family, you can get benefits that may cost a little extra, but also can save you a lot of stress. A little more cost in a hotel near the city and the theme parks and attractions you visit are valuable, so you spent less time moving between two places.

6. Pack what is NEEDED

Prepare a packing list. Carry only those stuff in your luggage which is very much needed during travel, rather than carrying unwanted stuff and making yourself overloaded. Prefer light weight clothes both for you and for your kids, so that it can be easily washed and dried. In addition, it is much easier to pack light clothes than the heavier ones. Remember, the smaller number of luggage, the more comfort and easy handling for you. Also remember that packing cloth is an art, try to know about it and adopt it. Do not forget to put together all of your hand luggage tags together with your passports.

7. Get some hotel inclusions

Prefer to have those hotels for your stay who offer morning breakfast as an inclusion of your stay. This will help you to find good meals for you and for your kid and if you want you can pack few of them with yourself while going for the sightseeing.

You can leave your favorite baby food, wipes and diapers back home as most countries has stores that stock similar stuff. So what you need for the trip is to plan the stock for the first day or two, and buy the rest after reaching. Similarly, do not worry about bringing your own portable baby bed. Most hotels can offer them free and this is another thing that you can quickly check in advance with phone calls or reading hotel reviews.

8. Give some time for rest too

The way to succeed is through exclusion of a few popular spots during a family trip abroad. An international family vacation is probably going to involve a rather serious outlay of money in transportation, passport and visa fees alone. Explore for places that has a balance of offerings from urban and nature to relaxation and arranged activities. Then you'll be able to keep your beach vacations fascinating for everybody.

Also, you do not have to be afraid about the long journey if you can save money during the journey. Bali may require some cheap flights, for example, and once you are there you will be happy to spend $ 10 saved on spa treatment to take away the jet lag. It will be good if you plan your activities for the day time and give your body to relax and rest at evening. It will give you the chance to enjoy the fun time next day as you and your kid are full energised and active.

9. Take help of Stroller

The baby strollers are the safest carrier while travelling. It helps in soothing the baby. Moreover, it will be easy for you to carry all baby accessories. Your baby can sleep comfortably as well.

Travelling with kids can be the most enriching and wonderful experience. It can be a nightmare too depending on the way you have prepared yourself for the journey. Just follow the above-mentioned tips for travelling with kids, and make your journey the most loved one.
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  • Friday, October 05, 2018
Kalyan Kalyan Author
Travelling is such an amazing experience and when you involve your family it gets even better! Whether you are a small family with two parents and one child, or you have decided to go on holiday with all your siblings, children, grandparents, you will be making memories that will last a lifetime for you all. Here are few tips to overcome travel blues and plan the dream family holiday.

When I travel, I base my plans and goals on activities that I can participate in snowboarding, biking, hiking, and snorkeling to name just a few. While it is nice to have fun and relax on vacation and not be worried, it is also important to be safe and take simple preventive measures like wearing a helmet or packing up a first aid kit.

Any situation can spin quickly or differently from out of your hands, so simple actions can make a difference! However, if you think you can be in this type of situation ever, here are a few hints regarding how to be found more quickly and easily. Is a family vacation no longer exciting? Has it become simply one more chore that must be gotten through each year? If so, it's time to mix things up.

If this sounds like something your family would enjoy, a trip of this type should definitely be planned. Following are some tips that will be helpful in planning the perfect adventure vacation for your family.

1. GPS

The best advice I have is not to get lost in the beginning. GPS is a great tool, but knowing whether condition, closest town is north, south, east or west, will help fill the gap when the batteries are empty.

If you are on the water, ensure that your boat has enough fuel or a good radio, preferably both. Another free way to find yourself is to inform someone in your home about your itinerary and the expected arrival time. It's not perfect, but, it helps us to determine the accurate location.

2. Life Jacket

When sailing, the US Coast Guard approved life jackets that I'm sure you always carry with you. They look nice on black, but black, blue, dark green and other similar shades are not so easy to see from our plane, especially at night. Make a fashion statement in international orange, start a trend!

Even with a life jacket, you only have about 7 hours in 60 degrees of water when you wear light clothing. The color of your life jacket can make a difference. An inflatable lifejacket is a great compromise between style and visibility.

3. Flashlight

A flashlight is an excellent tool. The wonders of modern science have given us incredibly bright flashlights, perfect for illuminating the dark night, pointing things out and blinding small animals and friends. If an aircraft or a rescue boat searching for you at night, it will be easier to find if you flash the light towards the search element.

An alternative choice is an actual strobe light, as it does the flashing for you. Remember the night is dark and although we have interesting objects like night vision goggles, All they do is make the night less dark.

However, if you use a flashlight or strobe, it will come out like a sore thumb. When you visit the internet, you will find impressive laser emergency signals. It sounds great, but remember that planes take lasers very seriously and you may just cause them to depart scene instead of pick you up.

Pilots, cannot distinguish the difference between a benign laser signal and a dangerously powerful laser that can affect our vision. For instance, you shouldn't ever lase a plane, regardless of how much you need to observe how far your awesome new toy goes. It's a federal crime and taken very seriously nowadays.

No less than the FBI is knocking at your door to inform you about your upcoming fines and possible prison sentences. Seriously, a man in California got 14 years jail for lasing a police helicopter and a Medevac helicopter.

4. Signal Mirror

In broad daylight, it can be difficult for your flashlight to compete with this great torch in the sky: the sun. With the signal mirror, you can take advantage of the sun in your favor. You need some practice to use them correctly, but they don't have batteries or other electronic devices that can die in difficult times.

You can also use it to make your hair perfect for the rescue selfie when help arrives. The most effective tools to be found quickly is PLB (Personal Locating Beacon) or 406 EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon). Nowadays they are a similar size to some decks of cards and are quite cheap for their abilities.

All you have to do is press a button (and perhaps lift an antenna) and send a signal with your information and your position to a satellite-monitored by the Air Force. The rescue teams will head your way. On land, reach a higher place if you're able to. While you simply need to see the sky for the satellite to receive the signal, mountains and such causes it to be difficult for an aircraft to home in on it.

If you buy one, register it according to the instructions. Registration is free Just go to the website and enter the information. That way if it goes off by chance, the company can call you besides launching the fleet. In addition to the simple EPIRB, there are many types of GPS positioning devices are available in the market. Do some research, see what is right for you.

5. Emergency Survival Blanket

Let's say, you are in trouble already and no way to help come today. A space blanket is a great thing to take with you. They are incredibly compact because of the insulation they provide. Seriously, you would not believe that a super thin reflective mylar would really do much, but it really does. They are also light reflective and shiny, can be used as a signal device.

And they came from space. Ok, no, they didn't, I made that up. But I will suggest you take one and check it out. It is not a bad idea to pack some rations in case of emergencies because nothing is more miserable than getting stuck in the middle of nowhere hungry and thirsty. Just don't drink salty water.

I would also recommend taking some first aid items with you. Because most people get in distress is caused by injury, so if you have anything to help, you can make a difference while waiting for help.

If you think of the cost of survival items, you should consider this as an insurance policy. Of course, if you get some of the luxurious things, it can cost a few hundred dollars, but wouldn't you pay a few hundred dollars to not disappearing in the ocean?

Consider the difficulty of finding flight 370 from Malaysia Air and remember that you are much smaller than a jumbo jet. There is no accurate solution for being found, even an EPIRB 406 has its limits. But something is certainly better than nothing in terms of survival. Have a look around, do your homework, and find out what best meets your needs.

Here is a list of Safety Items to Consider.
  • Waterproof Floating LED Flashlight.
  • Light and Waterproof Medical Kits.
  • Emergency Survival or Space Blanket.
  • Personal Locating Beacon with 406 MHz + ACR PLB-375 ResQLink.
  • Strobe and 121 MHz Homing Beacon, Floating PLB, Built-In GPS.
  • PA Plus Chemical Water Treatment - Coleman Potable Aqua.
  • StarFlash Emergency Signal Mirror.
  • ACR Firefly Pro Led Strobe Light.
  • UST Wetfire Tinder.
  • Inflatable Life Vest PFD-Revere ComfortMax Auto.

6. Consider the needs of the group

When traveling as a family, it is important to make sure everyone's needs are met. For example, if someone has a medical condition, have you checked that they can be cared for where you are going? It is a good idea to do some research into the country's medical care system, so you know what to do if an emergency arises.

If you have young children, you need to know that you can take enough of their milk in your case, or at least be able to get it at your destination. Does someone in your party have a food allergy? Check how easy it will be for them to find food on your holiday. It may seem like hard work, but it is important to consider everyone in the group.

It can be hard to find something the entire family enjoys doing together. Doesn't it always seem as if one person wants to be difficult and refuses to participate in fun things? When planning the trip, try to make sure everyone gets time for their favorite activity.

Tips for Planning the Dream Family Holiday

7. Do your research

The more you learn about somewhere before you go, the better time you will have. Make sure you read up about standard things like the currency and climate, but also etiquette and laws — the last thing you want is to make a faux pas on your first night — or something even worse. Find out where is cheap to eat, drink and visit. Also look up where are the safest spots or places to avoid, so you are not surprised when you arrive.

It can be hard to find something the entire family enjoys doing together. Doesn't it always seem as if one person wants to be difficult and refuses to participate in fun things? When planning the trip, try to make sure everyone gets time for their favorite activity. Don't stop here, however. Try something new while vacationing.

This may be canyoneering, zip linings, or exploring a volcano. Families that take the time to do so may find they have finally discovered an activity the entire family enjoys doing together.

Spend time learning about the host city before you travel. When the family arrives, it is interesting to know the background of major buildings and other attractions in the area. Furthermore, this research can lead the family to learn about a new food or a new type of dance found in the city. They may wish to try this dish or plan an evening out on the town to try the dance. People who overlook this step often find they miss out on one or more great things about this destination simply because they neglected to do their research.

8. Save up

If you want to go on your dream holiday you might be looking at quite a pricey trip. Look at ways you can save money in your everyday life to allow you to put more towards spending money for your holiday. For example, could you cut down the number of takeouts you have in a month? Are there any subscriptions you could give up for a few months while you save up? The little things you cut down now will allow you to have an amazing time on your trip.

9. Get excited!

One of the best parts of going on holiday is the anticipation! Let your children get involved in the research; looking at pictures of where you are going, thinking of activities they would like to do, and making a countdown. This will also help them with any anxiety about travel they may feel if this is their first trip away from home. Discuss where you will be staying and what they can expect to help them feel excited.

Tips for Planning the Dream Family Holiday

10. Plan — but not too much

Take every family member into consideration when making the travel arrangements. While it may seem wiser to try to fly non-stop to the destination, determine how long this will take and how younger children will be affected. It's hard for a young child to sit still for hours on end, even when flying on an airplane. It may be best to plan this flight for the overnight hours, so the kids sleep a portion of this time.

This means parents will spend fewer hours trying to keep them entertained so they don't annoy fellow travelers. This is only one of many ways travel arrangements play a role in the success or failure of the adventure vacation. Parents know their children best and what they can and cannot tolerate. They must keep the child's likes and dislikes in mind when planning every portion of the trip.

Setting an itinerary is a great way of making sure that everyone gets to see and do everything they want, but if you plan everything too strictly it may take the fun away from it and won't allow for any spontaneity. If you feel as though you are rushing from one thing to another you might not feel able to enjoy what you are doing at the time! Allow spaces for resting, spontaneous adventures and even time for doing nothing at all. You will be glad you did!

11. Think about what you want

Before you travel it is important to think about what it is that you want to get out of the experience. Is the primary reason to relax and recharge? Or are you looking to get active and try new things? Do you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, or get your adrenaline pumping with activities? Make sure that you all know what to expect from the holiday so that no one is disappointed.

12. Should I Buy a Full-Fare Ticket or Travel Insurance?

When flexibility is key, travel insurance may not offer complete coverage. Many individuals look to travel insurance policies to cover their travel investment in the worst case scenario. If a traveler is forced to cancel their trip due to a family emergency, work reasons, or a sick pet, they often believe that purchasing travel insurance early is their best bet.

Is there a better way to make sure travelers are covered in every scenario? Travelers who opt to purchase a full-fare ticket (also known as an unrestricted ticket) don't just get the added luxuries of being at the top of the upgrade list and preferential treatment if a flight is delayed by weather or other situations.

Those travelers who pay the higher price have the most flexibility when it comes to their travels. In many situations, full-fare fliers can change their plans without the fees many other travelers face. If flexibility is critical, which makes more sense: the full-fare ticket, or purchasing travel insurance early? Depending on your needs, both options have key advantages and disadvantages.

13. Should I buy the full-fare ticket?

Often referred to as "Y" tickets in economy, full-fare tickets are exactly what the name suggests: a ticket sold at the full price, unlike discount tickets that come from lower fare codes. In return for paying full price, the full-fare ticket comes with the most flexibility for travelers.

On many air carriers, full-fare ticket rules allow travelers to change their plans with little or no penalty, including changing dates and other plans. In addition, those who hold a full-fare and frequent flier status with their airline are immediately bumped to the front of the first class upgrade line.

However, these tickets are called "full-fare" for a reason. A "Y" ticket can often cost the same price (if not more) as a round-trip business class or first-class ticket. While some frequent fliers have found ways to skirt the issue, the full-fare ticket comes with a significantly higher price tag.

It's important to note that while "Y" tickets are more flexible than their counterparts, the tickets do not carry any form of insurance attached to them. That is, while a traveler would be able to cancel their ticket with little to no restrictions, the ticket would offer very limited assistance in the event of an extended trip delay or interruption due to weather or another qualifying event.

14. Should I buy travel insurance?

For those travelers on a budget, travel insurance is the cost-effective way to ensure assistance while far from home. For a fraction of the total trip cost, a travel insurance policy can cover qualifying situations requiring a traveler to cancel their trip, medical costs if the traveler needs to visit a hospital, and even medical evacuation if an air ambulance is required.

While travel insurance can help travelers safe, it doesn't cover every situation. For example, travelers who purchase their plans after a "known event," such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack, may not have coverage for situations related to the event.

In practice: if a traveler purchases travel insurance after a major earthquake and an aftershock happens after arrival, then the travel insurance may not cover claims resulting from the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. In addition, not all trip cancellation reasons may be covered. While an illness or injury may be covered under the trip cancellation clause, cancelling for a work reasons may not be covered.

If flexibility is a must, travelers who purchase early can often access cancel for any reason benefits from their travel insurance provider. Under this benefit, travelers can cancel their trip at their discretion and still receive some reimbursement. However, purchasing a cancel for any reason benefit can add up to 40 percent to the price of an insurance policy.

In addition, many travel insurance providers limit how much travelers can receive when canceling for any reason, meaning a full refund may not be possible.

At the end of the day, which makes more sense? While some travelers will appreciate the flexibility of a full-fare ticket, the provisions of a good travel insurance policy may provide just as much protection. By understanding how both work, travelers can make the best decisions for their next adventure.

15. Pack versatile clothing

A good rule of thumb when packing clothes for travel is to go for items that can be versatile. They will help to dress up or dress down for outdoors or indoors on their own or as part of a layered look. Neutral colors and light materials will help you save packing space and give you plenty of options. Have a think about what you will be doing whilst you are away and only pack what you need.

If you follow these tips you will have a fantastic time and before you even land at home you will all be wanting to plan your next family holiday! Explore this travel blog for more inspiring travel articles to motivate and help you for preparing your next dream trip. Do you have any other tips? Leave them in the comments!
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  • Thursday, October 04, 2018
Kalyan Kalyan Author
India is a vast expanse of stunning landscapes which is the perfect blend of age-old tradition and modernity. Filled up to the brim with architecturally magnificent monuments and gorgeous temples, India is an avid explorers paradise. But for a first-timer coming to the country on cheap flights from USA to India, the visit can seem a bit daunting.

Where to begin and what to see first are common questions that plague a first-time visitor to India. So to help you with your India trip, we have brought together an incredible list of the best India travel guidebooks. You can go through one or more of these books to read before travelling to India for a better understanding of this mystical country.

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It is a good idea to read this book before you board those last minute flights to India. Known the world over for their exceptional travel content, the Lonely Planet India Travel Guidebook is one of the best books about travel, taking its readers on a magical tour of various Indian destinations.

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books to read before travel to india


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This is one of the best India travel guidebooks through which you can explore the rich cultural heritage of the country. The book is an absolute thorough guide of do's and don'ts, what to wear, how to behave, important tourist attractions/destinations, and other major-cum-minor details.

This is one of the best Indian travelogues which is informative and engaging at the same time, providing top tips on how to handle a trip to this incredibly fascinating country. The interesting guidebook gives in detail all the information of pretty much every major travel destination in the country in a very easy-to-understand manner.

So this was all about the best books about India to read before traveling to India and if you have read this then don't hesitate to read about some of the best unseen places in India so that you will have idea as to where to go once you land here. Like, comment and share this article if you find it worthy. Don't forget to stay in touch. Adios!
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