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If you are a person who usually travels with assiduity in airplanes, you will know that one of the best investments that you can make to make your trips calmer is to buy headphones with noise cancellation. When I talk about travel noise-canceling headphones, there are many that certainly the first name that comes to mind. Now, one of the best on the market has improved a lot as many integrate the Google assistant directly into the headphones.

For years, those travelers who were wearing a pair of headphones during an intercontinental flight were the object of my most ferocious envy. It is also because I often glimpsed them sitting in a comfortable business class armchair. While I sit sadly in tourist class (a nice euphemism to call the one that is less prosaically and more realistically appears on my ticket as 'Economy').

Recently noise-canceling headphones have become a more popular object. It has also become accessible to the public of the economy class. In general today we see them used by commuters on buses, trams, subways, and trains. The advantages of noise-canceling headphones, especially those of the latest generation, is actually very large.

Even the noisiest carriage can turn into a small oasis in which to listen to our favorite music. We can also focus on the work that we have to finish before an important meeting. We can as well relax while letting the public transport take us home.

In this sector, headphones are always surrounded by an aura of great exclusivity. Let's start by saying that there are many models in the range. They are aesthetically very similar to each other and distinguishable only to the more experienced eye.

Giving the Jump to the Wireless Headphones

Now let's go back in time. Can you tell me about the first headphones of history and how they have evolved? If you still do not know the answer, the first idea closest to headphones was born around the 19th century. Its name was Electrophone. It was a sybarite British phone service that was connected to the telephone line and was halfway between a stethoscope and headphone. It was used by the most privileged classes to listen live at the theater, the opera or even the sermon on Sundays.

But it was not until 1919, when the engineer Nathaniel Baldwin created the first headphones in the kitchen of his house and sold them to the United States Navy, producing more than 200,000 units for sale. Later, in 1937, the German company Beyerdynamic invented and produced the first dynamic headphones, DT-48, a design which is still on sale today.

After this walk through the history of hearing aids, let's keep talking about the wireless headphones. Starting from the solid foundation of the "old" QC 35, which had one of the most powerful noise cancellations ever tried, the QC 35 II play the smart card. It integrates with the Google Assistant present on your Android or iOS smartphone.

The design is the same, the sound quality has not changed, but now the Google assistant is added, which you can access directly. What does this mean? You can press the headset action button directly and talk to Google Assistant.

In theory what Google haa achieved is that there are no waiting times between when you press the button and give voice commands to the assistant. For example, you can review your calendar, get some information on the internet, make calls or receive notifications in audio. Many also updated the application to control the level of noise cancellation or what the action button should do.

It has everything you need on a modern headphone. In fact, it combines ANC technologies with Bluetooth wireless connectivity for listening to wireless music. The headphone has Bluetooth wireless connection and a very good noise cancellation. The use of a Bluetooth system in the headphone strengthens a stronger and more consistent connection. The high quality of noise cancellation is attributed to the microphones inside and outside the ear.

In addition to favoring the coupling with mobile devices, many have chosen to integrate an NFC module. Just place the phone on the headphones to perform the pairing.

There is a front where a few win hands down on the competition. It is light and does not tighten while remaining hovering anchored to the head. It has paddles and bow padded to perfection. It does not move if you lean somewhere (for example, on the headrest of the seat. It does not transmit noise or rust if the cable is moved or crawl on the clothes. And even if you lean on vibrating surfaces (like the plane's wall) it does not jump up because of the noise.

It is possible to connect the headphone at the same time to two devices that we can choose between a maximum of 8. It also informs of the battery status at each power-up. Audio playback, however, is available from only one device at a time.

By car, train or plane, noise suppression is able to guarantee considerable acoustic comfort, thus improving the listening quality. With just one click, it blocks ambient noises like the wind or the sound of crowds so that the people you talk to on the phone can hear you better - and you can hear them better. There is also a function that allows you to hear your own voice on the headphones while you are speaking so you do not have to raise your voice during your conversation. After wearing them for a few hours you understand why everyone has them in business class.

In fact, the headphones with Assistant recognize the arrival of a notification and are not limited to the simple warning sound like all the others. You can read the sender's name, and by pressing the Assistant button also read the content of the message (it works with any notification). If it is a text message, you will also have the opportunity to dictate the answer verbally, keeping the usual button pressed. There is no need to say "ok google" or other commands: it is a trivial "push to talk", which is more intuitive.

By pressing the Assistant button at any time, not only can you listen to any unread notifications, but you will also have appropriate suggestions, such as alerts to go out in time to get an appointment, information on weather, traffic, etc.

And all this works on iOS, not just on Android. The wireless headphones have a more elegant style and with the best noise cancellation technology. It comes equipped with a new digital equalization system that balances the sound if you are listening to an audio with high or low volume.

In fact, things seem more elaborate than they seemed in the beginning. But to find out how different the user experience is, I'll have to try out a new one personally. So I give you an appointment in the near future.
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So you are heading on your first long RV trip and is looking for advice for long RV vacations? Maybe you are hoping to find yourself in your travels? Or maybe you just want to create lasting memories with your family. Either way, long trips are better with good tips. Here are some RV tips for long trip.

1. Take a Practice Drive

Are you new to RV ownership? Congratulations! If you are not familiar with driving the vehicle, make sure to take it on a practice drive before hitting the road on your long trip. Test it out on sharp turns, going up hills, and practice backing up so you’re comfortable with whatever the road ahead may bring.

2. Bring a Took Kit

You don't want to halt your road trip because your RV broke down. Not only should you have a well-stocked road trip, make sure you have a good spare tire and tire changing kit, along with any other items the RV might need along the way. Some essentials are:

● Light bulbs
● Jumper cables
● Extra fuses

RV Tips For Your First Long Trip

3. Always Drive With a Full Tank

You never know when you'll hit a stretch of desert without another gas station for miles — or the station where you planned to fill up is closed or out of gas (it could happen, especially in a small rural town). Make sure to top off your tank any chance you get.

4. Take a Pre-Departure Walk Around

Check that lights and signals are working. Examine tires and check the air pressure. Check your trailer hookups and make sure the door is locked!

5. Use These Storage Hacks

You can always use more storage space in an RV, especially for long trips. Here are some RV storage hacks you will thank us for later:

● Put hanging shoe racks or spice racks on doors.
● Use hooks inside cabinets for non-fragile items.
● Use velcro to stick remotes in the entertainment center.
● Install brackets on the ceiling to store things like brooms and dustpans.
● Use suction cups instead of nails in the wall to hang cookware and small kitchen items.

6. Bring a Portable Space Heater

Use a portable space heater at night instead of the RV’s furnace to save on propane. Make sure the heater you use is safe and efficient.

7. Pack Less Than You Think You Need

That extra pair of jeans you are packing just in case isn't necessary. Practice minimalism in your RV; it will help your small space feel more comfortable. Try to only pack items that serve more than one purpose. If you’re not a minimalist, consider this part of the adventure!

8. Plan Simple Meals

Leave the gourmet cooking to the many restaurants you’ll visit along your trip. RV kitchens are small, and you might be surprised how quickly the fridge runs out of space. Plus, your trip is for getting out there and experiencing the world! Save money with simple meals when you can and splurge on dinner out when you want. Here are some simple dinner ideas:

● Burgers on the grill with baked beans.
● Pre-made pizza crust. Just add some toppings and pop it in the oven.
● Sandwiches and chips.

9. Get a Mattress Topper

Make sure to lay on the bed before purchasing your RV. But you can pretty much count on RV mattresses causing some discomfort — a mattress topper will do wonders!

10. Personalize Your RV

After a few weeks of traveling, your RV might feel less than homey. You don’t want to feel homesick on your first long road trip. Personalize your space with a few comforts before you leave. Make a bulletin board to hang some of your favorite photos with room for mementos from the road. Also, bring along some of your favorite travel pillow and blankets.

Enjoy our RV tips for first long trip and good luck on your RV adventure!
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  • Thursday, January 25, 2018
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Valentine's Day is a just a few days away! We are sure you must have planned great things for the day already. No? Well, worry no more! If you haven't yet planned any surprises for your sweet girlfriend, we have got your back! You can simply rely on us for some of the best ideas for Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend. These ideas are absolutely unique and will help you win your girlfriend's heart forever.

Swinger couple

You can spend a weekend in a hotel for adults looking for pleasure, like in Maspalomas in Canary Islands. Only people over 21 are allowed and have a regulation that must be met to be able to stay. Among other requirements, you cannot take photos and require that both members of the couple give their consent.

Culture friendly couple

We know, the options can be multiple, but if we want to get out of the classic circuits, a little known suggestion is to visit Antequera and its dolmen of Menga, a megalithic monument declared World Heritage and Cultural Interest by UNESCO, or Cordoba, the only city in the world with four UNESCO World Heritage properties.

Adventurous couple

For those looking for that extra dose of adrenaline, but without falling into mega-extreme sports or being pro surfers, the best suggestion is to do canyoning in Las Gloces (Huesca), cross the Caminito del Rey (Malaga) or jump in the longest zip line in Spain which is 1,300 meters in length and 150 meters in height in Cabezón del Pisuerga (Valladolid).

Geeky couple

No need to ask the characters of Big Bang Theory to realize that the paradise of friskiness par excellence is Tokyo. Akihabara is the neighborhood or the electronic city where you can find the most unsuspected things and in Odaiba, a group of artificial islands, is the largest ferris wheel in the world and a theme park dedicated exclusively to technology.

In the Japanese capital you can transform into a manga character from sex shops to museums, dance with robots, binge on sushi and sleep in capsule hotels. It's always good to take a route through the areas of Game of Thrones in Spain (the Bardenas Reales de Navarra, the plaza de bulls of Osuna in Seville, the Castle of Zafra in Guadalajara).

Foodie couple

Almeria is the Spanish capital of gastronomy, famous for its garden and a gastronomic offer of closeness and Moorish touches - hunting in the Alpujarra, rock fish on the coast and tapas menu to choose from in most of the bars in the city of Indalo.

It is worth noting that the city is not one of the most striking in Spain, but the easternmost province of Andalusia is home to unparalleled landscapes that we present on this route along seven beaches with crystal clear waters. Do you need any more motivation? Of course, another option is to follow your route to 'eat' through Menorca, an island that will also surprise you outside the summer season.

Night couple

Berlin, without a doubt. For something it is known as the world capital of techno. The city is a destination that satisfies the appetite of any traveler but its playful offer is an incentive of great weight. Apart from electronic music venues, if you know where to look, you will find booths of any style and secret parties where you can enter if you go hand in hand with a local. There are websites to help you.

Eco-friendly couple

If you drop by one of the most emblematic natural sanctuaries in the world, such as the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) or the Marine Park of the Great Barrier Reef (Australia) escape from your possibilities, do not despair. Lanzarote, in addition to being a Biosphere Reserve, has the Timanfaya National Park and boasts the Biosphere Responsible Tourism certification. 100% Sustainable tourism.

Shopaholic couple

New York, Hong Kong and Dubai are three sanctuaries for compulsive buyers. Closer and taking advantage of the fact that the pound has been depreciated by political uncertainties, London is the ideal place to do shopping - it takes advantage of the fact that the outcome of Brexit is not yet known.

From Mayfair luxury items and handmade Savile Row outfits to the most diverse things in Convent Garden or the markets of Portobello and Candem Town, passing through shopping centers such as Harrods or Westfield. We make special mention of Old Spitalfields Market, an enclave of antique shops, fashion, design stores and discos and restaurants that is fashionable.

Read on to know more about the greatest and the most amazing Valentines Day Gifts for Girlfriend.

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Unique Valentines Day Gifts for Girlfriend

This Valentine Day, you can win your loved one's adoration and love by using a few ideas for the perfect gifting plans. You can be the hero by sending these Valentines Day Gifts. You can add the element of surprise by opting for midnight gift delivery options that are offered by many gifting portals online. This will be a great chance to steal your girlfriend's heart!

Best Girlfriend Mug

You can surprise your girlfriend and absolutely win her heart by sending her a mug that reads 'Best girlfriend'! Imagine how pampered and proud they would feel about themselves upon seeing that mug! It is useful and beautiful at the same time. You can customize colors in the mug and send across a mug of your girlfriend's choice of color.

Beautiful Pair of Earrings

No girl would say no to accessories! Yes! We all know that! Go ahead and gift your girlfriend a beautiful pair of dazzling earrings on this Valentine Day and win their heart and love. This is a great way to pamper your girlfriend. You can select from many designs of earrings available for sale. You can select something that your girlfriend can wear on certain occasions. Send along a bouquet of roses with this gift to absolutely surprising her!

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Midnight Roses And Chocolates

You can make the Valentine Day more special for your girlfriend by sending her a big bouquet of red roses, sharp at 12 midnight! Get the flowers delivered online and let her open her door to the beautiful and romantic flowers! Her heart will surely melt! You can send along a box of her favorite chocolates and just make her sit on top of the ninth cloud!

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Beautiful Little Black Dress

The little black dress (LBD) is never out of fashion! Why not gift a trendy and classy dress to your girlfriend on this Valentine Day? She can wear it and go out for the birthday dinner with you! Make sure that you appreciate her once she wears the dress! This gesture of yours will surely win her heart and she will fall more in love with you!

A Personalized Cake

You can win your girlfriend's awe and love by sending her a tasty cake that looks brilliant too! You can get a customized note written on the cake. You can further make it exciting by getting your girlfriend's cute picture printed on the cake!

Red Bath Robe

Make your girlfriend feel really special and sensuous by sending a beautiful red colored bathrobe. It would an extremely charming and exciting gift and is sure to ignite your passion for each other! You can send along a classy and sweet-smelling perfume with the bathrobe. She surely will go crazy in love with you! Team it up with a red rose bouquet and you are all set to steal the show!

Marry Me Bouquet!

Now, this is for all of you who are serious about their relationships! If you feel you both are absolutely suitable for each other and would like to spend the rest of your lives together, you can get a huge 'Marry Me' red bouquet for your girlfriend. Order this bouquet online to be delivered to her door at 12 in the night. When she opens the door to this beautiful bouquet, can she ever say no? You can also come along and go down on your knees and ask the same! The answer HAS TO BE YES!

These are some of the best Valentines Day Gifts. You can order these amazing gifts online and get them delivered to your girlfriend's doorstep at the midnight of Valentine Day. So, what are you waiting for? Order these amazing gifts now!

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Organising an event is not a cakewalk. There are a lot of things that you need to consider at the time of arranging for an event. Everything seems to be quite vital as a result of which it becomes a challenge to prioritize things.


In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, it appears as if everything needs to be done simultaneously. You should begin with the arrangements months before the main event. This goes without saying that it is a very stressful task especially if you find out in the last moment that you have forgotten something important.


In case of every event that you plan event furniture hire is of crucial significance. There can be some venues that may come up with a few chairs and a bar, but they will not be able to provide you with everything that you need. Another problem is that their style may not match your theme.


That is why the best option is to find an event hire company that is reputed and has optimum experience in this field. They will be able to cater to your every need and can advise you what you need. Moreover, if you are going for a special event then they can provide the special pieces that you are looking for.


That is why you should sort out the event furniture hire as soon as possible. In fact, it should be the next step after you have set the date and planned the venue.


So why do you need to do this? Let’s explain.


Choices Will be Limited If Not Done Early: If you do not hire early then, then you will be forced to hire what is left. If you have envisioned how the room was going to look then you will be forced to take what is left. At this point, you won’t be able to get anything customized. As a result, you may end up with horrible chairs or certain pieces that belong to the early 80s. Since you are left with no other options you may have to end up with the ones that may spoil your otherwise perfect event planning.


Costs Will be Higher: If you leave it till late, then you will find that you won’t be able to get the pieces that you want at the right price or the price that you want to pay. You may be compelled to go where the furniture is available where you may have to pay a higher amount than you needed to if you have hired them earlier.


Reasons You Need to Hire Event Furniture in Advance


You May Not be Able to Get the Furniture at All: In the worst case, you may not even get the pieces of furniture that you need for the event. In the bigger cities, there is greater demand for furniture like if you go for furniture rental London you can find a furniture hire company at the last moment from where you will be able to scrounge a few pieces. In order to get everything you want you may have to hire and even purchase from a number of companies in bits and pieces. It is not so ideal as no one wants that stress. In case of smaller communities, you may not be able to find anything if you do not hire early and you may have to postpone the event.


The above are some of the major reasons why you have to hire event furniture in advance.

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Are you thinking of traveling to Norway? If so, Reluctant Courage - A Family's Struggle to Survive in Nazi Occupied Oslo by Rica Newbery will make good reading on the way over. It brings the Nazi occupation of 1940 to 1945 to life, through the eyes of Maria Halversen and her three daughters. It is fiction but inspired by real stories told by the authors' mother who was 8 years old when the Nazis marched into Oslo. Later a soldier was billeted into their town flat and her father, a policeman, disappeared.


Events in the novel weave in real events and situations experienced by Norwegians. Resistance fighters risked death every day with hidden radios and distribution of leaflets. Red hats became a symbol of the resistance and were banned by the Nazis. Teachers and Church leaders refused to propagate Nazi ideology, and teachers were arrested en masse, only to return later as no-one would fill their roles. Underground papers printed cartoons mocking the Nazis and graffiti abounded. The Resistance Museum in Oslo has a wonderful display which would make any Norwegian proud.


Food was scarce, and women queued for hours or pawned their belongings to afford items such as eggs or meat on the black market. Stomach complaints were common as people ate meat eked out with herring or bread with added newspaper or sawdust from unscrupulous shopkeepers. On the docks, there is a memorial to 532 Jews, arrested by Norwegian police and handed over to the Gestapo at Pier 1 in Oslo Harbour. They were sent to Auschwitz via the famous SS Donau on 26th November 1942.


Lebensborn mother and baby homes were set up as soldiers were encouraged to impregnate local girls, seen by the Nazis as good Aryans. Many of these babies were taken out of Norway to Germany for adoption, and abortion became punishable by death. If you go up to Trondheim, a visit to Falstad Prison Museum is well worth the trip. Locals used to help prisoners by leaving food parcels and medication for them, as well as helping them escape. You can also imagine the experience of a prisoner there, as you read the novel.


In the novel, Maria struggles with food rations, bickering daughters, her husband, a policeman, leaving her for another woman, a Wehrmacht officer billeted to their flat and far worse yet to come. It will bring the experience of Norwegians living through the Nazi Occupation to life, and enrich your own experience of your Norwegian journey.


Bon voyage or god reise!

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Having a travel blog is fun but how to become travel blogger! You get to pack your bags, see corners of the world you always dreamed of, and you still get a chance to showcase your trips to other people. But what happens when your travel blog needs maintenance? If you are always on the go, you clearly do not have time to manage the blog. You most certainly do not have time to work on maintenance. It is then that the under construction page mode might help you in specific situations. Luckily, there are WordPress plugins that will solve this problem.

How to quickly generate a professional page

Choose the best WordPress plugin when it comes to creating coming soon, maintenance, and under construction pages. Let us show you how to quickly create one for your travel blog, but still have everything personalized.

1. Design the page

Once you install the plugin, the first you will want to do is to design your maintenance page. If you navigate to Design tab, you will be able to create a new page or select a template that you will be able to edit. If you're in a rush, choose a template you like. Then you will just need to make a few change to make the design more personal.

By using a drag and drop editor, you will be able to quickly add elements to your page. You can add different titles, images, videos, social icons, newsletter and contact form modules, and much more. For a travel blog, having a Google Maps is a must have so don't forget to add your current location to the under construction page.

The plugin connects to Unsplash and brings you more than 300,000 free images you can use on the page! So, even before you get to your traveling destination, you can have images of the location.

If you have some extra time on your hands, the plugin allows you to customize every detail of every module. But don't worry; if you are just about to miss your flight to a new destination, templates will get you covered.

2. Allow people to see your normal site

If you have friends and colleagues who still need to access your standard site, you can quickly whitelist them. You can choose their usernames, roles or even add their IP addresses to whitelist them.

If you need more control, you can always create direct access links and send those to people who need to see your site.

3. Start the Under Construction mode

Once you're happy with your design, you can quickly put your site under construction by going to the main tab or by clicking the button in the admin bar. But if you want to schedule the mode because, for example, you won't have internet access at your new location, you can set the start date and time. In that case, the plugin will put your site under construction on the selected date.

You can also set the end date, and the entire thing will be set automatically, while you're burning your skin on that awesome beach in the middle of nowhere.

More complex pages

If you are not in a rush, you can create much more complex pages. By creating a new page, you get complete control over all elements. It is even possible to include custom HTML and CSS elements if you know how to code.

Connecting your forms to MailChimp, Zapier, or actually any other 3rd party autoresponder is a piece of cake. You need to provide API key or the form and the plugin will do the rest.

There are also some advanced settings to be found so you can change status codes of your pages, add Google Analytics, export & import settings, and do so much more.
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While it's easy to be perplexed about Barfi in the form of a diamond or a dish of syrupy Gulab Jamun, an enthusiastic adventurer quickly discovers the addictive quality of Indian sweets. Just a bite and the fragrant and exotic Indian desserts suddenly become something they crave, especially during festive occasions like Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights that takes place during the new moon, between October and November.

Traditionally, most Indian sweets are not baked, instead of being cooked on the stove or over an open fire. Which are the ? Well, it depends on the region, but the usual suspects are milk, chickpea flour, semolina, coconut and rice. By themselves, these ingredients may not sound too appetizing, but a knowledgeable cook can easily transform into delicious sweets flavored with cardamom, saffron and rose water.

Milk is very important in India, especially for the preparation of desserts. Whether in tune with cheese dumplings, chocolate, pudding, ice cream or sauce, milk acquires a number of ways to satisfy the most demanding palates. Below you will find a list of the most commonly enjoyed Indian sweets during Diwali:

Vrat Recipes images

1. Gulab Jamun

Often referred to as Indian donuts, Gulab Jamun are fried dumplings that are soaked in a sugar syrup mixed with rose water. Intensely sweet, only a small ball of dough will be enough to satisfy your craving (unless, of course, you have a great sweet tooth).

2. Jalebi

Sweet, sticky and irresistible, they are fried Indian sweets that are soaked in sugar syrup. The batter is commonly made from chickpea flour and the yellow color is derived from saffron or - sometimes - artificial colors.

3. Kheer

A creamy rice with Indian milk mixed with cardamom, kheer is often prepared with almonds and sliced ​​bleached raisins. It is commonly improved with saffron for very festive occasions, such as Diwali or weddings.

4. Ladoo

These ball-shaped sweets are often made from chickpea flour or semolina or shredded coconut depending on the region. The dough is cooked to form a paste and then small balls are formed when it cools.

5. Rasmalai

An intoxicatingly aromatic dish of cottage cheese meatballs laden with cardamom infused with milk syrup. Rasmalai comes from West Bengal, but enjoys much of India.

Vrat Recipes images

6. Barfi

Usually cut in a diamond or square shape, Barfi is a sweet Indian dough made with condensed milk and sugar (but not only). Coconut, almonds, pistachios and edible silver bread are common additions.

7. Kesar Peda

Pedas are made with condensed milk, butter and dehydrated milk. What used to be a time-consuming process, now thanks to milk powder are very easy to make.

8. Boondi Ke Ladoo

These boondi are similar to those mentioned above, with one exception: they are very fried. Small drops of the dough are dropped into the hot oil and then soaked in a simple syrup and form balls.

9. Agra Ka Petha

A specialty of the city of Agra, with its famous Taj Mahal, these translucent soft candies are made with a local pumpkin and are often flavored with spices and rose water.

10. Kulfi

Intensely sweet and dense, kulfi is for the Indians what gelato is for the Italians. Since it is not beaten, kulfi freezes as a solid mass so it is best to let it sit for a minute before being devoured.
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